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Pseudonym: Renard, Nicholas

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Unknown identity. A cable in September, 1962, stated that Renard and Andrew F. Merton (probably Jack Stewart) had carried out surveillance in Mexico City to ensure Henry J. Sloman (Tony Sforza) and AMSTRUT-2 were not being followed. AMSTRUT-1 introduced Renard as "Fred."
Cables in June, and August, 1962, indicate Nicholas A. Renard was involved in CIA operations in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, during this period. In addition, A memo in August, 1962, translating a report by DEGRIP-1, mentioned that Renard had recently met the former in Mexico.


06/06/62, Cable from Director to Rio de Janeiro: Handwritten note at top of cable: "Trouchard (Note: William M. Kent), Newby (Note: George E. Joannides), Caponong (Note: Probably Evalena S. Vidal)": Slugline GYROSE: REF RIOD 7501: "Nicholas A. Renard will discuss ref upon arrival RIOD."


08/26/62, Cable from Rio de Janeiro to Director: Slugline GYROSE AMLACE: "1. AMTOAD-1 says he persuaded AMLACE-1's wife (hereafter AMLACE-2) to send him reports from Havana. Believes she would be willing act as courier for anti-Castro refugees. Reports to be sent via (REDACTION) to Maria C. Niemeyer (no record Station files) of (REDACTION) Miami. Renard and Harry V. Witherby, new GYROSE Case Officer vice Andriette, displayed no particular interest. AMTOAD-1 of course unaware our tie to AMLACE-1. AMTOAD will probably report AMLACE-2 op to AMBUD HQs and may seek trip to Miami to exploit. 2. This may be minor informal agreement on which AMLACE-2 does not intend to act, altho AMSTRUT-1 has stated AMLACE-2 strongly anti-Castro and willing work. 3. We feel this development no threat to AMLACE-1 security. Will take no corrective action unless addees instruct otherwise."

104-10308-10272: WITHHELD

08/28/62, Memorandum from William W. Tyng, DC/TFW/FI to Chief, Task Force W: Subject: DEGRIP Report (Translation): "Following is a translation of DEGRIP Report received by the undersigned during recent TDY WH area: 'As I had occasion to promise Renard (P) when he was about to leave Mexico, I would like to write you about the situation of a friend of mine in Havana. He is Vasco *Cecchi, proprietor of the Montecatini restaurant situated in the quarter Vedado of Havana, 15th St. at the corner of K. Cecchi went to Havana about 1952 under contract with Cav. Amedeo Barletta as a personal cook. Barletta met Cecchi at the Montecatini Baths in Italy where Cecchi came from, and where his parents and brothers still live. (On occasion of my last trip to Italy, which took place from 30 December 1961 to 22 January 1962, Cecchi asked me to telephone his relatives. I did this and called his brother Americo from Milano). V. Cecchi worked in the kitchen of the Hotel de la Paix, where Cav. Barletta usually went, when the latter took him under contract..."

104-10185-10265: 201 FILE OF PROTECTABLE SOURCE.

09/24/62, Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline RYBAT GYROSE AMSTRUT: "1. Sloman made telephone call to AMSTRUT-2 at 1710 hours 23 Sept...After short introduction Sloman turned phone over to AMSTRUT-1 who suggested meet 24 Sept. AMSTRUT-2 said she alone at home except for maid and free then...AMSTRUT-1 told her proceed to previously selected meeting site in front of teahouse at corner Reforma and Calle Rio Else where 'Enrique' (Sloman) would be waiting. 2. Arrangements made have Andrew F. Merton surveil AMSTRUT-2 residence beginning 1745 hours...3. AMSTRUT-2 arrived designated meeting point 1845. Renard surveillance established no one followed AMSTRUT-2 and Sloman as they walked to safe apartment along virtually deserted street. 4. AMSTRUT-2 slightly tense at onset, but after meeting AMSTRUT-1 and having drink became relaxed, affable and cooperative...6. Meeting lasted until 2300 hours...but emphasis rapport and creating atmosphere of trust on part AMSTRUT-2. Basis Sloman and AMSTRUT-1 account meet these efforts highly successful...7..Sloman explained to AMSTRUT-2 that travel Miami insecure...8. Renard telephoned apartment 2300 hours to see if AMSTRUT-2 had left and as result misunderstood telephone conversation with AMSTRUT-1 arrived at apartment while AMSTRUT-2 departing. AMSTRUT-1 introduced Renard as 'Fred' and pleasantries exchanged. Sloman escorted AMSTRUT-2 to area near residence...10. AMSTRUT-1 behaving well and anticipate no further handling problem. 11. Next meeting AMSTRUT-2 to take place afternoon 24 Sept. AMSTRUT-2 agreed our suggestion go on weekend trip with Sloman, Hibbert and AMSTRUT-1 beginning CA 27 Sept in order be available for full time debriefing and training...C/S Comment: *Requested Sloman and Hibbert proceed MEXI ASAP, take over AMSTRUT-1 from Renard and proceed with op."

Gavin McDonald

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