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Pseudonym: Reelfoot, Alan

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Alan W. Reelfoot was probably a pseudonym used by CIA officer, and JMASH Chief of Base, Raymond J. O'Mara.
Note that "Allen N. Reelfoot is identified as a pseudonym within the "Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala". See https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=145047&relPageId=20&search=reelfoot


6/2/54: Memo from LINCOLN to PBSUCCESS - Alan Reelfoot's memo on Sydney Gruson, New York Times reporter: "Gruson's leftist affiliations...caused much ill-feeling among the Mexican officials...he defended Lombardo Toledano's political campaign, violently in some cases, during informal discussions, although he never had articles reflecting this viewpoint. He even spent three hours trying to convince the writer that Lombardo Toledano was not a Communist...Gruson, himself, claimed to be a Socialist..."


07/11/60, Dispatch from Chief of Base, JMASH to Chief, WHD: "Attached is a file, the contents of which are self-explanatory although the contents cannot be evaluated. While a check is being made on the private investigator, the source of the information, it is suggested that you discuss the contents with someone in Monetary Branch and possibly show the contents to the FBI for investigation in the United States. Inasmuch as there is a time element involved, it is suggested this be handled as expediently as possible and JMASH be kept advised of results. (Signed) Alan W. Reelfoot."


07/23/60, Memorandum for the record from Patrick I. Karnley: "1. The telephone call from SA Howard Albaugh referred to in paragraph one of subject cable was received at about 1630 hours 19 July 1960. Thereafter, Karnley tried unsuccessfully to reach Parlett and Reelfoot, but they had already departed for Washington..."


07/25/60, Memorandum for the record from Raymond J. O'Mara: "1. On Friday, 15 July, a telephone call was received from Jerry Droller, at which time he requested reservations be made at the University Court Motel for a meeting of Cubans that had previously been scheduled. At that time a reservation was expressed to Droller as to the advisability of the selection inasmuch as during the previous week a considerable amount of Cubans were known to have been utilizing the premises. These Cubans were connected with the oil companies, the majority married to Americans who had been forced to leave Cuba as a result of the expropriation of the refineries by Castro. Inasmuch as Droller was not planning to meet at this time members of the Frente group and stated the same, he stated this would be the last time he planned to use this site as a meeting place. A reservation was subsequently made for Droller under alias by a member of the office staff using the fictitious name Paula Ross, without leaving a contact address or phone number. 2. Monday evening Droller arrived in the Miami area and was taken to the apartment-hotel of the writer where he met with various member of the office for a briefing, and subsequently was dropped off at the University Court Motel at 2:30 a.m. by William Kent, who proceeded there via a circuitous route. Telephone communication was maintained by the office with Droller during the meetings he transacted that day, and calls were received from him on the office unlisted number, setting up and changing a luncheon meeting. 3. On 19 July it was prearranged that Droller would remain at an inconspicuous place at the motel at 1345 hours and we would drive by and park, at which time he joined the writer and proceeded to a Howard Johnson restaurant located on Dixie Highway approximately a mile from the motel. The luncheon was attended by William Kent, Droller, and the writer, and lasted approximately one hour." (CONTINUED BELOW)


07/25/60, Memorandum for the record from Raymond J. O'Mara: "4. Shortly prior to the end of the luncheon this group was joined by Bernie Reichhardt as a result of previous arrangements made by he and Droller, and who subsequently dropped Droller off in the vicinity of the motel. 5. Subsequently, the writer departed from Miami on National Airlines flight 201 enroute to Washington on the same plane as Droller, but no contact was made with Droller on the plane due to the fact acquaintances of the writer made it unfeasible. The writer explained to this group that he was enroute to Johns Hopkins Hospital for medical treatment. He then stayed in the Washington airport until all his friends departed, then walked to the parking lot where Droller had waited and the latter took him to the Hotel Washington and remained there until approximately 12:30."


08/02/60, CIA document: File No.: #219000: Page 2: "On 22 and 25 July 1960, (REDACTION) Chief, Forward Operating Base (FOB), was interviewed in his office relative to the security violation at Coral Gables (see Exhibit #1). (REDACTION) indicated that he was on his way to Washington, D.C., at the time that the incident was reported to the FBI to Bernard Reichhardt, a staff employee who maintains his office outside of FOB. O'Mara further stated that he had been briefed on the security leak while he was in Washington, D.C. (REDACTION) who did not attend the meeting where the security violation occurred, prepared a memorandum for the record (see Exhibit #2) setting forth the details of the arrangements and discussions leading up to the meeting which was held in Room 209 at the University Court Resort Motel, 1390 South Dixie Highway, Coral Gables, Florida..."


08/02/60, Memorandum from Sheffield Edwards to Chief, WH Division (Attention: Joseph Langan, Room 1013, Barton Hall, Director of Security): Subject: Project JMARC (Security Leak) #219000: "1. Reference is made to your verbal request of 21 July 1960 wherein this Office was asked to conduct a limited investigation of a security leak which occurred at Coral Gables, Florida, on 19 July 1960. 2. Attached herewith is a copy of our investigative report, together with the statements of Fravel Brown, (REDACTION), John J. Sullivan, Bernard Reichhardt and Gerard Droller. 3. Attention is invited to the fact that Mrs. Clark Valentiner did take copious notes of the meeting. Consideration should be given as to how these notes should be recovered or destroyed. 4. This Office contemplates no further action in this matter unless requested by you."

John Newman, Countdown to Darkness, p. 138

Late 1960: "Another valuable identification becomes apparent in the fallout from the Miami security flap. It concerns the identity of the JMASH Chief of Base (COB). For years I have wondered who the first COB was inasmuch as Al Cox (aka Robert Reynolds) did not arrive to take over that job until September or October of 1960. The security investigation report speicified that exhibit #2 was the memorandum prepared by the COB. It provided details about arrangements before the incident...The name of the COB is in the clear in exhibit #2, Raymond J. O'Mara, and in his memorandum O'Mara explains that both he and Droller were on the plane to Washington. Droller's Exhibit 8 indicates that he checked out of the motel 'at about 16:45', and Karnley/Reichardt's exhibit #4 indicates that the time of his phone conversation with the FBI began at 'the hour of 16:30'. These details fit well enough with the details in the security investigation report to firmly establish that Raymond O'Mara was the JMASH COB. Exhibit #4 is helpful for another reason. Karnley/Reichardt said he 'tried unsuccessfully to reach Parlett and Reelfoot' as they 'had already departed for Washington'. Wallace A. Parlett is a proven pseudonym for Gerry Droller...Therefore, Reelfoot is a pseudonym for O'Mara. His full pseudonym - Alan W. Reelfoot - can also be found in the JMASH COB on an 11 July 1960 JMASH dispatch. (See 104-10193-10419).


03/26/61, Cable from JMWAVE to BELL (very faded): ..."CS Comment: *Queried military capability WAVE re planned uprising Pinar del Rio Province for support purposes."

104-10172-10441: CABLE: TEJANA DEPARTED KEY WEST 290104Z

03/29/61, Cable from JMWAVE to BELL: "1. Tejana departed Key West...Felix Rodriguez who exfiltrated via OPN SANDRA III will infil with cargo. 2. Cargo consisted of following: 300 M-1 rifles, 100 carbines, 100 pistols, 4 recoilless rifles, 5 EAR's, 5 LNG cal 33 and 5 mortars 60 mm all with basic load ammo; 250 pounds demolition and equipment: 400 fragmentation grenades, 100 incendiary grenades, 6 medical kits, 10 cases cod fish and 200 pounds rice plus remainder cargo not infiltrated on OPN JEAN III (approx to 3 tons)..." Page 2: ...C/S Comment: *Altman and Reelfoot request NOTLOX be queried re 'which military post or commanders could be defected either for money or otherwise.'"


05/25/68, CIA Cable (Kruskall acting): Slugline MHSPAWN: "6. Defer to HQs to fill in other stations on background this case. 7. Since as per para 4 above Station is aware of possible political repercussion which 24 May El Tiempo article may produce on President, Station is keeping LNPURE closely informed on case and has alerted Reelfoot and other Station sources with access to palace to keep us informed on Lleras' reactions. 8. Clips being sent KMFORGET."

John Newman • MFF • Bill Simpich

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