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Pseudonym: Recart, Carlton

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Unknown identity. A memo in August of 1959 stated that Carlton G. Recart, Lawrence R. Charron (Henry Hecksher) and Michael Choaden (David Phillips) met with Galbond (J. C. King) in the latter's office over Phillips dealings with Caines Milanes and other Cuban dissidents.
Carlton G. Recart was possibly Chief of Station (COS), Buenos Aires, between at least August to November of 1961.


08/21/59: Memo for the Record from Lawrence R. Charron: "1. Choaden, Recart, and Charron met in Galbond's office on 21 August. The matter discussed was what Choaden should tell Cuban authorities if worse came to worse and he was arrested because of suspected implication with Gustavo de Los Reyes and Caines Milanes...2. It was agreed that in the event Choaden was questioned by Cuban authorities concerning having met Caines Milanes, de Los Reyes, or Malone he would say (unintelligible) he had been approached by them on a professional basis to give them technical advice on a public relations campaign which they wish to conduct to modify the Agrarian Reform Programs. 3. If asked how he was put in touch with this group he would say that he had been put in touch with the group through Malone and give Malone's true name. 4. The next time the undersigned has an opportunity to do so, he will advise Malone of the above and counsel Malone if he is questioned by Cuban authorities he should play it straight and say that he sought out Choaden's services and put him in touch with Caines Milanes and de Los Reyes for the reason mentioned in Paragraph 2 above. Lawrence R. Charron. N.B. Immediately after having dictated the above, Malone telephoned me from Miami to report that Tash, his ranch manager, had been detained by Cuban authorities prior to departure. He was asked if he knew Caines Milanes and how much cash he had on his person. Tash said he knew Caines and that he had $20 in cash. The authorities then permitted him to board the plane. After he had embarked another group of Cuban officials questioned him concerning the (unintelligible) and took him off the plane. They soon permitted him to re-embark and he is now in Miami. Both Malone and I agree that the Cuban authorities are keeping an eye on all cattlemen...in reply to Malone's question, I said I saw no danger in his going to Havana at this time if he felt it necessary to do so."

104-10209-10017: FOLDER CREATED ON TEDECHI, LUIS, 201-289251

11/04/60: Dispatch from COS, Buenos Aires to Chief, WHD (Info: SRD): Subject: REDWOOD/IMPROVE Luis Tedechi: "1. In view of the fact that Subject dispatch presented a possible lead to an RIS agent, it was decided to do a unilateral check on Tedechi rather than refer the matter to liaison. As a result of investigations undertaken by BIPAIA-1, the Station learned that: Luis Tedechi: Is listed in the (REDACTION) files as living at El Donador 3150, with telephone number 58-3717, and has no record of police offenses. This individual was born on 2 February 1918. 2. If possible, it is requested that Headquarters attempt to confirm the above date of birth with the source of reference. The Station plans to institute a unilateral surveillance on Subject, and will keep Headquarters informed of pertinent developments. Carlton G. Recart." The name of "B. C. Heighan" was below and to the left of Recart's.


08/04/61: Dispatch from COS, Buenos Aires to Chief, WHD: "1. Station Buenos Aires agrees that the DRE student or students selected to study in Argentina should receive nominal salaries in the local currency. Depending on the final cover arrangements, the salary should be between 12,000 and 13,000 pesos (about 82 to $1 US) a month. 2. The above figure would be dictated by the student's cover. If he is to be an overt, paid representative of the DRE, then the above salary should be sufficient. The amount is higher than the salary earned by local students in their part-time jobs, but would enable the DRE representative to live and work free of financial worries and, at the same time, give him sufficient overt salary to move freely within almost any target group. If, on the other hand, the student assigned to Argentina is under cover as the recipient of a scholarship or grant, then the salary should be proportionately lower, no more than 10,000 a month. Carlton G. Recart."


11/01/61: Dispatch from COS, Buenos Aires to Chief, WHD: "1. We are forwarding herewith BIOGENESIS report No. 2467, dated 26 October 1961, which is being forwarded in the event that the contents are not already known to you. 2. The report concerns a letter sent by the Movimiento Revolucionario del Pueblo (MRP) to Dr. Jose Miro Cardona setting out the MRP's conditions for participating in a revolutionary council. Carlton G. Recart." Below and to the left: "S. D. Cartwright."

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