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Pseudonym: Ratteree, Edwin

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C. Harlow Duffin.
A dispatch in January of 1969 stated that Edwin B. Ratteree lived approximately 200 yards from the home of AMAUTO-1 (Orestes Guillermo Ruiz-Perez), while two other CIA staffers, Martin B. Crymm and Conrad B. Falagiaro, lived about 50 yards from A-1's home. This was in Madrid, Spain. The attached sketch on the next page stated that IDEN F was approximately 200 yards from IDEN G's location. The identities attachment for the dispatch stated that IDEN F was C. H. Duffin and IDEN G was Guillermo Ruiz Perez. Therefore, Ratteree was a pseudonym for C. H. Duffin. In terms of the other identities: IDEN A was CALLE JEREZ, IDEN B was CALLE TRIANA, IDEN C was CALLE PIO XII, IDEN D was Ralph Seehafer, and IDEN E was Howard Ellis.

Philip Agee, in his book, Inside the Company, CIA Diary (1975), stated that C. Harlow Duffin was his desk chief in Washington, D.C., in August and September of 1960. Edwin Terrell was Agee's branch chief. Agee stated that Duffin, along with Terrell and Rudy Gomez, approved him for a operations officer assignment in Quito, Ecuador. Agee said that Duffin told him that the latter was scheduled to be Chief of Station (COS), Quito, in the summer of 1961. Agee described Duffin at the end of his book as "Chief of the Venezuelan Desk of Western Hemisphere Division. A specialist on Brazil."

An obituary to Duffin on December 26, 2009, stated that "he worked for the War Department, assigned to the Military Attaché system in Brazil during WWII...He next worked for the U.S. Foreign Service assigned to Brazil and subsequently to Nicaragua, Guatemala and Spain with Washington D.C. home base."

A cable in December of 1963 mentioned that Ratteree was involved in devising contact arrangements with Sambora (USAF Lt. Colonel Manuel Chavez) in the AMWORLD project.

In AMMUG-1's (Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez) PRQ Part II form in November, 1964, Edwin M. Ratteree was known as "Edwin" to the former.


Inside the Company, CIA Diary (1975) by Philip Agee: Pages 82, 85: "Washington DC August 1960: I must be living right - and I'm almost too afraid to think about it - but I may just get a field assignment sooner than I could ever imagine. Yesterday morning my desk chief, C. Harlow Duffin, asked me if I was interested in working overseas as he knows of an operations officer slot opening up next month in Quito, Ecuador, and if I'm interested he'll see what he can do. But he said nobody talks about field personnel assignments before they're approved so I've got to keep it secret until he says I can talk. Next month! But he said I wouldn't go right away. First, I'll have really to learn Spanish, then process into the Department of State - lots of details to take care of first...Washington DC August 1960...Duffin finally called me in and said the Branch Chief, Edwin Terrell, had approved my nomination and that the reaction in Colonel King's office was also favourable. The officer who is in the position now is being transferred to Guayaquil as Base Chief in September and the station is calling for a replacement right away...Then Duffin let me in on a secret. He said he is scheduled to go to Quito as Chief of Station (COS) next summer which is why he picked me. Meanwhile, he said, I'll be working with one of the best-liked COS's in WH Division: Jim Noland. Even with the Spanish training and the time needed for State Department integration, Duffin says I'll still be in Quito before Christmas. Duffin then set up a meeting for me with Rudy Gomez, the Deputy Division Chief who gives the final approval on all lesser personnel assignments...Without looking up he said that if I didn't have a good reason for not going to Quito, then I'd have to go. I said I wanted to go, played it real straight and got his approval..."


Inside the Company, CIA Diary (1975) by Philip Agee: Page 88: "Washington DC September 1960: For several weeks I've been studying Spanish full-time with a tutor in Arlington, and on the tapes in the language lab. I'll probably be in this routine until November when I get integrated to the State Department and take the two-week orientation course at the Foreign Service Institute. Meanwhile I stop in each morning to see Duffin and read more background material at the Ecuadorean desk..." - - - Page 527: ..."DUFFIN, C. HARLOW, Chief of the Venezuelan Desk of Western Hemisphere Division. A specialist on Brazil..."


10/28/63: Report Cover Sheet from Managua, Nicaragua: Reporting Officer: Humphrey I. Eberwein. Reports Officer: Peter R. Halesnik. Approving Officer: Edwin M. Ratteree:


12/03/63: Cable from Director to Mexico City: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC YOBITE AMWORLD: "1. Please advise when Sambora (USAF Lt. Colonel Manuel Chavez) sent letter to AMBIDDY-1 (Manuel Artime Buesa) offering services, and gist of letter. 2. Per MEXI 6913 (IN 61943) para 1 expect finalized legend for initiation PBPRIME (U.S.) documentation. Advise when pouched. 3. For Ratteree: In devising contact arrangements, bear in mind Sambora to be fully integrated member of AMWORLD. Sambora not primarily viewed as KUBARK (CIA) penetration of AMWORLD. In helping AMWORLD to plan security safeguards, counter intelligence and vetting procedures and to execute necessary countermeasures, Sambora will be discharging his responsibilities vis-a-vis KUBARK which vitally concerned with security AMWORLD. Hence his KUBARK instructions are to concentrate on high professional performance and gain confidence of AMWORLD principals. Only if Sambora has reason for believing that certain important info pertaining to AMWORLD security may be withheld by AMBIDDY-1 and that KUBARK has to know in order protect overriding ODYOKE (U.S. Government) interests, should Sambora be (unintelligible) avail self MANA emergency contact. In similar circumstances HQs may wish get in touch with him. 3. From 4 Dec including 7 Dec send reply paras 1 and 2 info PACY attention Beckhoff (Henry Hecksher)."


10/09/64: Dispatch from COS, Managua to Chief, WHD: Subject: DYVOUR/PBRUMEN/AMMUG - Document Concerning Elicio Gonzalez Moreno: (Note: "Dick Tansing" unredacted at the very top of the page): "Attached is the envelope forwarded to Station under reference. Edwin W. Ratteree."


11/12/64: AMMUG-1 PRQ Part II from CI/OA to C/WH/SA/CI: ..."3. List other case officers who have handled subject or whom he knows...Edwin M. Ratteree as Edwin..."


06/20/67: Dispatch from COS, Madrid to Deputy Chief, WH/C (Info: Chief, European Division, COS, JMWAVE): Page 2: Edwin M. Ratteree.


05/07/68: Cable/Dispatch from COS, Madrid to Chief, European Division (Info: Chief, Western Hemisphere Division): Slug QUDOZE: In the name of Edwin M. Ratteree.


01/24/69: Dispatch from COS, Madrid to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division (Info: C/EUR Div., C/WOACRE: COB/Frankfurt MKNOVA): Subject: TYPIC/TECHS/AMAUTO-1: "1. On 16 January 1969 QUTIMID reported a discussion between Subject and the Chief of the Rumanian Trade delegation in Spain, during which the Rumanian asked when they could meet. Subject invited the Rumanian to his home where, he said, he has set up a small office and was beginning to work more at home than in the office, because of the added comfort. (We wouldn't be surprised if this was suggested by his wife who is very jealous of her husband). The meeting was arranged for 1130 hours on 17 January. AMAUTO-1 (Orestes Guillermo Ruiz-Perez) commented that he is up quite early in the morning, presumably to begin work in his office. 2. The above report is the first we have received on Subject's use of his home as an office. The invitation to the Rumanian, of course, casts suspicion on the nature of the conversation. 3. Since his move to new quarters, AMAUTO-1's home is about 50 yards from two WOFIRM (CIA) staffers - Martin B. Crymm and Conrad B. Falagiaro. (See attached sketch). Edwin B. Ratteree lives approximately 200 yards from the AMAUTO home. This proximity to AMAUTO's home by three staffers brings up the question of the use of an RF device to monitor conversations in AMAUTO's office at home, assuming at this time, that he has a phone in the office, most likely an extension of the home phone. For planning purposes, we would appreciate from MKNOVA a list of requirements for a target study in the use of an RF device. If other means are available for external penetration of his home we would welcome your suggestions and comments...(Signed) Howard R. Sacoder."


SEPARATE COVER ATT. OSMA-24746: "IDEN A: CALLE JEREZ. IDEN B: CALLE TRIANA. IDEN C: CALLE PIO XII. IDEN D: Ralph Seehafer. IDEN E: Howard Ellis. IDEN F: C. H. Duffin. IDEN G: Guillermo Ruiz Perez." - - - Page 50 has a sketch mentioned in the dispatch on 01/24/69: IDEN F is furthest away and there is a note on the sketch which said that IDEN F was approximately 200 yards from IDEN G's location. IDEN D and E are closer to IDEN G's location. Therefore C. H. Duffin was Edwin Ratteree.


12/26/2009: Obituary to C. Harlow Duffin on legacy.com website (published by Robertson Funeral Home & Crematory - Port Charlotte): "Mr. C. Harlow (Duff) Duffin, 90, of Punta Gorda, Florida, passed away Saturday, December 26, 2009. He was born November 1, 1919 in Springfield, Idaho. He worked for the War Department, assigned to the Military Attaché system in Brazil during WWII. He met Marjorie Horton in the U.S. Embassy in Rio de Janeiro in December 1945. They were married in Rio one year later. He returned to the U.S. in 1947 and completed work on his bachelor of Arts degree in economics. He next worked for the U.S. Foreign Service assigned to Brazil and subsequently to Nicaragua, Guatemala and Spain with Washington D.C. home base. He loved languages and was proficient in Portuguese and Spanish and later acquired facility in reading French and Italian. On retirement to Punta Gorda in October 1973 he became involved in sailing and golf which lead him to participate in the founding of the Isles Yacht Club and the St. Andrews South golf Club. He was Commodore of the Isles Yacht Club 1981-82. He served two years on the Board of the PGI Civic Association and a brief stint on the Punta Gorda City Planning Commission. During his final years he did intensive reading in the fields of world history, literature, philosophy and languages. He believed that the learning process should continue to the last moment of life. He is survived by his wife, Marjorie H. Duffin and his son Gregory W. Duffin, both of Punta Gorda, FL. He has one surviving sister, Sharol (Grant) Wilson of Driggs, Idaho, and two surviving brothers, Keith Duffin and Dr. Richard (Betty) Duffin, both of Salt Lake City, Utah."

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