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Pseudonym: Probert, John

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Jim Noland, who served as one year as Chief of Station, Mexico City for one year from 1969-1970, followed by John Horton for two years from 1970-72.


11/01/60: Dispatch from COS, Quito to Chief, WHD: "The Station appreciates the information forwarded under reference. We doubt however that we will have any particular need for Identity, inasmuch as the Station already maintains fairly close contact with all of the individuals mentioned in his report. We are also aware of the radio idea (which has TV overtones), discussed same with COS Panama during the recent Station Chiefs conference in Buenos Aires, and hope to put Nebot in contact with Panama assets who may be able to help in this field. We do not feel that an individual KUBARK (CIA) effort is warranted at this time. John A. Probert."

104-10224-10008: BENADUM, JEREMY K., OP

05/07/69: Cable from Director to Mexico City (Orig: Renehan/Withheld, Unit: WH/Contracts): Page 2: "2. HQs believes it best for WOFIRM and Station to now come to an amicable parting of the way and therefore requests Curtis' frank appraisal of what effect the involuntary and possibly disgruntled retirement Benadum would have on John A. Probert's future relationships (REDACTION). 3. HQs also feels that the decision regarding Benadum should be made prior to the arrival of Probert and all necessary steps be taken to expedite this. Accordingly, Curtis' comments and recommendations would be most appreciated..."

104-10188-10020: ( )AFGHAN OPERATIONS (VOL I).

11/07/69: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: Operational/PBRUMEN/LIONION/LIONION Progress Report, 1 July through 31 October 1969: Page 3: ..."9. In addition to planning an increase in the technical capability of LIONION-1, the Station plans to utilize Nadine B. Scocoza, the PBRUMEN (Cuban) Section's new Intelligence Assistant, to actively pursue the leads developed by the LIONION operation. By using the Station capability to resolve license plates, telephone numbers, to conduct pretense investigations, and surveillance, it is hoped to develop leads to new access agents to LIRING. Once certain targets have been spotted and identified, and available background information gathered to form a preliminary assessment as to their suitability for approach, it is planned to furnish these leads to Henry J. Sloman and other Station case officers for subsequent development and possible recruitment. Andrew R. Pellement for/John A. Probert."


03/02/70: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WOMUSE/Research and Analysis (Chief, WH Division): "Forwarded herewith are the complete Mexico City personality files on Subject. Much of the material herein is no doubt available at Headquarters, but it is believed that your staff may find a complete review of the field file of interest and of historical significance. (Signature) for/John A. Probert."


07/10/72: CIA report from Elsie I. Scaletti: Pages 5-6: ..."During his tour in Mexico, Phil remained pleasant but was certainly hard to find to talk to. After Phil resigned I saw him once. After John Probert arrived as COS, I saw Phil along the side of the Embassy. We just greeted each other, he said he heard Probert was coming to Mexico and asked if he were here. He wanted to call and say hello. I said yes. I immediately informed Probert, and suggested the latter, read Phil's file at the Station as it was my understanding there was some problem about his resignation, but did not know all the details. (This was true as personnel matters in the Station were kept very close by the front office). I do not know if, when, or how many times Probert might have met with Phil. At this time Phil looked neat and well kept, as I recall..."

Philip Agee, Inside the Company: CIA Diary (Stonehill, 1975), p. 562

"Jim Noland replaced Win Scott as Chief of Station when Scott retired (September 1969). Scott opened an office - in his old profession as an actuary. I imagine that he continues to work for the Agency though now on contract, because his knowledge and experience in Mexico and his vast range of friends, are too valuable to lose." At page 594: Noland lasted one year as Chief of Station in Mexico City, succeeded by John Horton (pseudonym Roger Kingman) for two years.

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