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Pseudonym: Prallett, Horace

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Jim Noland, who served as one year as chief of station, Mexico City for one year from 1969-1970, followed by John Horton for two years from 1970-72.
Horace E. Prallett is described as Acting Chief of Station, Mexico City, in 1969-1970. As his time period perfectly overlaps Noland's time period - and that Noland's one year tenure is considered to be short - these names are undoubtedly referring to the same man.


08/11/69: Dispatch from Acting COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division (Attention: RMO): Handwritten note: Unintelligible name "for Horace E. Prallett."

104-10188-10449: LIONION PRODUCTION

08/12/69: Dispatch from Acting COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: 70 volumes of photographic take of LIONION are transferred to Headquarters, with a ten year period suggested for retention. Handwritten note: Unintelligible name "for Horace E. Prallett." Also see 104-10091-10007.

Philip Agee, Inside the Company: CIA Diary (Stonehill, 1975), p. 562

"Jim Noland replaced Win Scott as Chief of Station when Scott retired (September 1969). Scott opened an office - in his old profession as an actuary. I imagine that he continues to work for the Agency though now on contract, because his knowledge and experience in Mexico and his vast range of friends, are too valuable to lose." At page 594: Noland lasted one year as Chief of Station in Mexico City, succeeded by John Horton (pseudonym Roger Kingman) for two years.


06/25/70: Cable from Mexico City to Director (Prallett Acting): Slugline REDLEG: "1. At 0934 hours morning 24 June, man identifying self as Elmer N. Lindsey called Soviet MILATT Office (which is first number listed under Soviet Embassy in phone book) and spoke in English to Oleg A. Shevchenko. Lindsey stated he wanted to see someone in Soviet Embassy as soon as possible as he was very worried about his Russian wife. Shevchenko asked Lindsey if he wanted to come to Soviet Embassy and Lindsey said yes, adding that he was very worried and requested protection. Shevchenko said he could come to Soviet Embassy any day 0900-1300 hours, and suggested caller come in to explain his problem. Lindsey said he would go. (Foregoing from LIENVOY resumen. Station requesting tape). 2. LILYRIC reported visit of unidentified American-looking man to Soviet Embassy afternoon 24 June, possibly IDEN with subject. Man entered SOV EMB 1650 hours. Age circa 40 years, short hair, fat, big build, wearing dark glasses, was carrying something which appeared to be typewriter or tape recorder. Had not departed SOV EMB as of 1900 hrs. Same man visited SOV EMB 1000 hrs morning 25 June. Was not admitted past gate. Used taxi for both visits. Checking with LICALLA to see if caller seen by him afternoon 24 June. Will advise and will pouch photos. 3. No Station traces Lindsey. 4. Local LNERGO (FBI) advised para 1 above, also have no traces Lindsey. 5. File: 50-8-21."

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