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Pseudonym: Ponchay, Anthony

CIA officer Jacob (Jake) Esterline.

104-10307-10000: CABLE: PONCHAY MET WITH ( )SAGE-1 AT HER REQUEST 1300 NOV 22.

11/23/63, Cable from Panama City to Director: Slugline RYBAT HYSAGE: "1. Ponchay met with HYSAGE-1 at her request 1300 Nov 22. Purpose meeting HYSAGE-1 explained was to tell Ponchay she was in fact going to Red China for a period in excess of one year to study international relations and related subjects. She said was seeding assurance Ponchay would keep HYIF-1 interested in her son's welfare. 2. During her discussion of pending trip word was received of President Kennedy's assassination. H-1 was deeply moved and at HYIF-1 request wrote speech to be delivered in national assembly praising the president. 3. On HYIF-1 departure from HYSAGE-1 took her KLM tickets out of her handbag and tore them up and burned them stating she would not be making the trip."

John Newman, Countdown to Darkness, The Assassination of President Kennedy, Volume 2, p. 82

On 6 March 1961, the FI Chief in WH/4, Clark W. Simmons, wrote a memo for Chief WH / 4, Jake Esterline, about the potential damage to WH / 4 operations operations resulting from the arrest of Emilio Rodriguez/AMIRE-1.


08/06/98, CIA letter from Horace to Barry: "Barry, Per our conversation of this morning, and per Tenet's recent instruction to search once again for information relevant to JFK's assassination, I think we need to call up the entire HYSAGE-1 (Panamanian leading leftist, Thelma King) file. According to Jake Esterline, in a photo conversation on the afternoon of 5 August, he (Jake) was debriefing her and the meeting was interrupted by Sammy Boyd (Panamanian business leader) announcing JFK's assassination. King immediately broke down, began crying and said something to the effect of they said they would not do it. Jake tried to obtain more information but King regained her composure and added nothing more. Jake is convinced that as they had been talking about Fidel, Che, Raul and Piniero (head of Cuban intelligence), King was referring to them. Further, according to Jake, King at one time or another talked of meeting Oswald, possibly in Cuba or elsewhere. Jake had reported the above information, but it was very closely held at the time so it may not have moved into the JFK material. Horace." Handwritten note: "9-6-98: Note for Record: Per Michelle Combs, reviewed 201 file at HQ - found no additional material relevant to JFK assassination. No further action required. Barry Harrelson."

John Newman • MFF

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