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Pseudonym: Pollock, Kent L.

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Samuel Halpern
Samuel Halpern was the executive officer to Desmond FitzGerald, as stated in HSCA Report, Volume X, p. 163. Kent Pollock is described as the executive officer for Desmond Fitzgerald. Hence, Kent Pollock is Samuel Halpern.


7/17/62 memo from Chief, TFW to Chief of Station, JMWAVE: "At the request of HEW in Washington, a meeting was held with them on 12 July concerning the problem of duplication of payments to Cubans by HEW and the AMBUD/CRC organization. Mr. Wynkoop and Mr. Harley represented HEW and the Deputy Comptroller and Kent L. Pollock represented (CIA)..."

HSCA Report, Volume X Current Section: B. AMLASH Operation

Re autumn of 1963: "Langosch/Harold Swenson recalled: 'The AMLASH operation prior to the assassination of President Kennedy was characterized by the Special Affairs Staff, Desmond FitzGerald and other senior officers as an assassination operation initiated and sponsored by the CIA.' Langosch recollected further that it was the highly possible that the Cuban Intelligence Services were aware of AMLASH and his association with the CIA and that the information upon which he based his conclusion that the AMLASH operation was insecure was available to senior level CIA officials, including Desmond FitzGerald. In response to Langosch's sworn statements, the committee received the affidavit of Kent L. Pollock (CIA pseudonym), a former CIA employee. Pollock 'served as executive officer for Desmond FitzGerald during the entire period in which he was chief of the Special Affairs Staff...and discussed with him the AMLASH operation as it progressed.' Pollock specifically contested the assertions of Langosch, stating, 'To the best of my knowledge, Mr. FitzGerald considered the AMLASH operation to be a political action activity with the objection of organizing a group under AMLASH-1 to overthrow Castro and the Castro regime by means of a coup d'etat. I heard Mr. FitzGerald discuss the AMLASH operation frequently, and never heard him characterize it as an assassination operation. Mr. FitzGerald stated within my hearing on several occasions his awareness that coup d'etat often involves loss of life.'" See the affidavit itself at 1993.07.02.17:36:56:120310 - page 3.

Peter Dale Scott, Deep Politics III: V. THE KENNEDY-CIA DIVERGENCE OVER CUBA https://www.history-matters.com/pds/DP3_Chapter5.htm#_ftnref107

Re autumn 1963: In the affidavit, “Pollock” testified under oath that, “To the best of my knowledge, Mr. FitzGerald considered the AMLASH operation to be a political action activity with the objective of organizing a group within Cuba to overthrow Castro.” “Pollock,” who almost certainly is Halpern,[107] conceded that “The AMLASH operation could have been characterized as an assassination operation” when the lethal pen was offered to AMLASH on November 22, 1963, and rejected by him. But “Pollock” does not mention the meeting of October 29 (not authorized by RFK), when FitzGerald, Cubela, and Halpern have all agreed that assassination was discussed.[108] (In the I.G. Report, Sam Halpern confirmed FitzGerald’s recollection that at the October 29 meeting with Cubela, there was discussion of “a high-powered rifle with telescopic sights”.)[109] Thus, if “Pollock” is Halpern, his affidavit is highly misleading if not perjurious. What was so sensitive about this meeting that “Pollock” would lie about it? I would suggest that it was part of a false trail linking real CIA plots to assassinate Castro (among which I would not include the hapless and unreliable Cubela) to the CIA-hated AMTRUNK operation authorized by the Kennedys. For this purpose Cubela’s associates were just right. He was close to Juan Orta, the key figure in the unsuccessful CIA-mafia plot to poison Castro in 1961; after which Orta and Cubela had briefly planned to leave Cuba together.[110] He also knew Santo Trafficante, who had put the CIA in touch with Orta; and had worked with Trafficante’s atttorney, Rafael Garcia-Bango Dirube, to secure Trafficante’s release from prison in Cuba.[111]

Bill Simpich

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