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Pseudonym: Pivall, Vincent

Vincent C. Pivall was probably a pseudonym used by CIA officer Jack Stewart in the PBSUCCESS operation in Guatemala in the 1950s.

104-10194-10009: CIA FILE ON CROZIER ROSS.

01/05/53: Memo from Chief, FI/Plans/Cover to Chief, Special Contracting Allowances and Processing Staff: Subject: MPA and PSCA Protection for Vincent C. Pivall (p): "1. Cover Division approves MPA and PSCA protection for Vincent C. Pivall (p) since a logical plan for channeling any proceeds to his beneficiaries has been agreed upon. 2. We are not in a position at this time to approve such protection for Arthur G. Vaivada under Project PBSUCCESS, since it is our understanding he is not presently operating under that project and no cover plan has been devised for him as yet. 3. Cover Division approval will be contingent upon the cover plan developed and the feasibility of secure channeling of possible proceeds to Vaivada's beneficiaries."


11/16/53, Memorandum from Withheld to DD/TR (S) (Thru: PP Training Officer, WH): Subject: Covert Training, Vincent C. Pivall: "1. Reference is made to our conversation on 13 November, regarding the covert training of contract agent Vincent C. Pivall. 2. Pivall is to be trained for the purposes of a special project which is currently receiving internal approval. 3. Before commencement of training, Pivall will be employed under a holding contract. As soon as cover arrangements have been finalized, Pivall will receive a permanent contract. This is to assure you that the permanent contract will be made. 4. It is desired to have Pivall trained under secure conditions. Training is to begin on/about 23 November and is to last for approximately six weeks. Training is desired in approximately the following subjects: a. Sabotage (military equipment, electrical equipment, railroad equipment and agricultural goods). b. Guerrilla warfare (caching, night fighting, unit organization and command, etc). c. Resistance force activities. d. Weapons (foreign makes - to be specified). e. Demolitions. f. Black-border crossing (very brief training only). 5. It is understood that this memorandum will serve only as a basis for securing approval to have Pivall's training conducted at certain secure facilities of OTR. When this approval is granted by your office, a detailed training schedule will be submitted."


02/24/54, Cable from Director to Lincoln: "Re para 5 ref is special passport in possession of Pivall..."


05/30/54, Cable from Tegucigalpa to Lincoln (Info: Director): Slugline RYBAT PBSUCCESS: FROM ONTRICH: "1. Pivall tourist card expires 6 June. Must get him special documentation from SAFFRON-1 if he to remain in WSHOOFS. 2. To date Pivall unknown to authorities here. Advise soonest. 3. Obtain special documentation."

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala Current Section: 274. 7/8/54-Memorandum From William Robertson of Operation PBSUCCESS to the Chief of the Project

07/08/54, Department of State document, Subject: PM Operation: ..."II. Staging and Pre-Operation Preparations:..1. Approximately 85 Calligeris personnel had received training in Nicaragua, 75 of these under the guidance of Pivall. Pivall graduated 30 sabotage leaders, 6 shock troop leaders, 16 organizers, 4 staff personnel and 19 incompetents. Exactly 13 radio operators graduated under the guidance of Dunavant and Middlecott..." - - Page 426: ..."VI. Recommendations for all field personnel considered as having performed in an efficient manner are being presented in separate reports. I wish at this time, however, to place in the body of this report my personal opinion that the key man to the success of this project is Vincent C. Pivall. Pivall's firm adherence to orders enabled Lincoln to rely on the fact that plans were being carried out within the realm of possibility and that Principal Agent attempts to alter these plans were minimized. The preservation of KUBARK (CIA) interests was considered a solemn duty by Pivall and it showed up the results of his work. His professional knowledge and direct manner of dealing with the indigenous personnel gained him, and CIA, their respect and spirit of camaraderie necessary to good guidance on operations of this type. In addition, Pivall's analytical and objective thinking and reporting, spotted for Lincoln many defects in the old Calligeris organization, useful in planning the operation. It is recommended that his services would be valuable in a KUHOOK (CIA Paramilitary Operations Staff) staff position within WHD if he is to remain in WHD. If released from WHD, it is recommended that KUHOOK staff consider him for training assignments or a field project assignment after completing a KUHOOK training course at (place not declassified). It would be a serious CIA/KUHOOK loss to lose this man through disinterest on the part of CIA or through allowing him to become de-motivated. (Signed) William Robertson, CPM/PBSUCCESS."

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