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Pseudonym: Pino, Asbaldo

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Osvaldo Aureliano Pino Pino

124-90078-10002: [No Title]

This 5/20/63 memo about how Asbaldo Aureliano Pino aka Osvaldo Aureliano Pino Pino offered "informant possibilities" focusing on his time in Cuba is one of Dallas FBI agent Wallace Heitman's string of pre-11/22 memos about the Cuban activists with ties to No Name Key chief Oscar Pino: also see 124-90078-10006, p. 11 - a number of 5/14/63 interviews with other El Chico employees; see 124-90078-10003, 6/4/63 response to the 5/20/63 memo; 124-90078-10006, p. 4 - 6/14/63 memo wondering what this "stranger" Pino is doing in Dallas. Heitman also pointed out that Pino confessed to working with both Castro's Cuban G-2 and the right-wing Christian Liberation Army during the 62-63 period.

124-90078-10006: No Title

6/14/63 memo - SA Wallace Heitman wanted to know why Osvaldo Pino fled Cuba. Informant was PSI Enrique Varona (2017 release, p. 3). See page 4 -Osvaldo Pino-Pino lived at a rooming house at 719 N. Bishop (and would soon serve on the Board of Directors to the SNFE meetings, held at their House on Harlandale) and worked at El Chico - adjacent to the spot where Lee Oswald exited the taxicab on 11/22 from Dealey Plaza to Oak Cliff.

124-90078-10007: No Title

7/1/63 interview with Aristides Caldevilla in Miami - he believed that Pino's original statement was true when he said that he fled Cuba after he was fired from his position as a Fuel Chief.

Bill Simpich

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