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Pseudonym: Pierce, Andy

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Andy Pierce was an alias used by Cedric D. Bartilucci when meeting John Thomas Duncan in August of 1968. In turn, Cedric D. Bartilucci was a pseudonym used by an unidentified CIA officer.
Also, a cable in October, 1968, stated that Cedric D. Bartilucci's true name was known to Duncan. Moreover, In June of 1973, Cedric D. Bartilucci was OGC of MHMUTUAL, and wrote a memo on a report from MHSAVVY on the Watergate scandal. Bartilucci had a (P) next to the name, which further indicated that Bartilucci was a pseudonym.


07/10/68: Cable from JMCOBRA to Director: Page 2: ..."B. AMWIDE. Bartilucci tells us that WOGAME has agreed to provide various real sources for AMWIDE production studio funding requirements. JMCOBRA will defer to HQs on this fortuitous arrangement..."

104-10070-10057: JOHN THOMAS DUNCAN

07/17/68: Cable from Director to JMCOBRA (Orig: D. Winters, Unit: C/WH/COG/PP): AMWIDE: Page 2: ..."Following initial assessment, and assuming SUBJ interested, suggest Bartilucci follow up with meeting for final approval and hire...Those candidates who still remain under consideration can be contacted for further assessment by Megennity before being turned over to Bartilucci for final hiring..." Releasing Officer: William V. Broe, C/WHD. Coordinating Officers: C/WH/CA. WH/SECURITY (Signature). DC/WH/SS (Signature). C/PRG/CCS (Signature). OP/RD: D. Mooney (Telecord). Authenticating Officer: David A. Phillips, C/WH/COG.

104-10070-10057: JOHN THOMAS DUNCAN

08/06/68: Cable from JMCOBRA to Director: Slugline TYPIC AMWIDE: "1. Station officers met with Mr. Duncan 5 and 6 August. We found him competent and self possessed in this primary field of interest, broadcasting. His interest and bent in politics were less discernible. On balance, we will be gambling that his obviously high innate intelligence can encompass development of a more fully articulate political sense. Whether or not he accepts the job (he promised to notify Mr. Sainen of his decision within the coming week) we will still require a non-US native Spanish speaking newsman as described Ref B. We will therefore review and expand appeal for such talent. 2. Mr. Duncan met following Station officers, ATT using aliases noted: Nebecker (Larry Staunton), Bartilucci (Andy Pierce), Launeaux (Ray Arnold), Copsiadas (Jim Lane), and Zeephat (John Kennington). He was paid $280.40 for air tickets and expenses."

104-10070-10057: JOHN THOMAS DUNCAN

10/11/68: Cable from Director to JMCOBRA (Orig: D. Winters, Unit: C/WH/COG/PP): AMWIDE: Page 2: ..."Though name and location AMWIDE production unit, and Cedric D. Bartilucci's true name known to Duncan, HQs does not anticipate any difficulty. Nevertheless, HQs and JMCOBRA must be alert any potential security problems..." Releasing Officer: Horton for William V. Broe, C/WHD. Coordinating Officers: WH/Contracts (Signature). C/PRG/CCS (Signature). C/WH/SEC (Signature). Authenticating Officer: Paul Oberst for David A. Phillips, C/WH/COG. - - - 10/18/68: Memorandum for the record from F. J. Gies, WH/COG/PP. Subject: Meeting with John Thomas Duncan: Project AMWIDE Candidate (1145 - 1515 hours, 8 October 1968; Rosslyn, Virginia): Page 2: Point 6 contains same information as the cable above. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=221955#relPageId=18


06/04/73: Memo for the record from Cedric D. Bartilucci (P) OGC/MHMUTUAL: "1. Attached is an additional report from MHSAVVY/1 explaining his contacts with those involved in the Watergate affair. 2. The individuals numbered in the report are: Identity 1: Gonzales. Identity 2: Hunt. Identity 3: McCord. Identity 4: Barker. Identity 5: Martinez. Identity 6: Sturgis."

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