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Pseudonym: Peuvion, Cornelius

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Possibly Jake Esterline. Cornelius L. Peuvion was Chief of Station, Panama from at least January to June, 1962. Served Mexico City from at least September 1964 to 1967. Esterline was COS Miami from 1968-1973.
Peuvion also signed the dispatch mentioned above for Willard C. Curtis (Winston M. Scott, COS, Mexico City). Moreover, in a dispatch from Mexico City in April of 1967, Cornelius L. Peuvion once again signed for Winston Scott. In addition, a cable in the same month and year, mentioned that Peuvion had known Leon (Cruz) Garcia for the "past 2 years as responsible hard working pro-U.S. type."


01/11/62: Dispatch from COS, Panama to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division and COS, JMWAVE: "1. After receipt of reference A, HYLILY-1 (handwritten note: 'Now AMTEASE/1') was picked up by the Panama Station on 22 December 1961 for joint KUTUBE/KUCAGE use. Since that time HYLILY-1 has prepared 10 reports on individuals of interest to the Station and has provided coverage of the activities of the Cuban groups in Panama. 2. Upon receipt of reference B, HYLILY-1 was assigned to arrange the requested coverage of the visit of Dr. Luis Conte Aguero. Dr. Conte arrived at Tocumen airport at 10:40 P.M. on 2 January 1962 and departed for Caracas at 11:50 P.M. the same night. HYLILY-1 arranged the following coverage: a. A reception by approximately 35 Cuban exiles. b. A 10 minute interview on RPC television, broadcast 3 January 1962. c. A 15 minute taped interview on Radio Cadena Universal. d. A photograph and accompanying article published 'La Estrella de Panama' (clippings were pouched laterally to reference B addresses). e. A photograph and accompanying article published in 'Critica.' 3. The Station is aware of HYLILY-1's duties as the local AMBUD representative and foresees no conflict of interest or unnecessary duplication of efforts at present. In coordination and with support of the Station HYLILY-1 has organized the five minute work stoppage in support of the OAS and action against Castro. In addition, subject has written and arranged placements of both a full-page and a one-third page articles in each of several local newspapers. These articles will appear on 22 January and will urge OAS action against the communist government of Cuba...Cornelius L. Peuvion."


05/23/62: Dispatch from COS, Panama to Chief, Task Force W (Names "Newby" and Caponong" written at top): "1. In response to the reference requirements, AMTEASE-1/Heriberto Corona Mendez, in the name of the AMBUD organization, carried out the following activities: a) Initiated and distributed 3,000 copies of a black-edged leaflet (forwarded as separate cover attachment A); b) Assisted in the commemoration meeting in Plaza Belisario Porras and the wreath laying ceremony at the statue of Jose Marti. (See separate cover attachment B). 2. Following the commemoration meeting, a demonstration was held in front of the local ODACID (U.S. State Department) establishment, demanding arms for PBRUMEN (Cuban) exiles. AMTEASE-1 and the AMBUD delegation, at the director of the Station, did not participate in this portion of the activity, which was sponsored by a small group of exiles in the name of the Simon Bolivar Brigade. Cornelius L. Peuvion." Handwritten: "PW Watt."


"On 20 May 1962, AMTEASE-1/Heriberto Corona Mendez brought to the attention of the Station - a letter brought from his AMBUD/CRC Headquarters, dated 15 May 1962. The letter asks AMTEASE-1 to submit soonest names and biographic data on local individuals who would be willing to enlist in a 'commando action' group. The letter also states that his affair is top secret and order that the letter be destroyed." 5/24/62 dispatch from Cornelius Peuvion, Chief of Station, Panama to Chief of Station JMWAVE.


06/12/62: Dispatch from COS, Panama to Chief, Task Force W (Via: Chief, WHD): "1. Forwarded under separate cover are the following attachments provided by AMTEASE-1/Heriberto Corona Mendez covering the reference A visit to Panama by AMBUD-1/Miro Cardona: A. AMBUD-1's program of activities, which included press, radio, and television interviews in addition to the activities listed in Reference B. B. Photographs covering AMBUD-1's activities, with an accompanying data sheet keyed to each photograph. C. Appropriate press clippings. 2. As per reference B, clippings were also airmailed or pouched to reference B information addresses for possible replay. Cornelius L. Peuvion."


10/10/64: Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline RYBAT GPFLOOR: Page 2: The names of C. L. Peuvion and R. L. Easby (note: Alan P. White, the deputy chief at the Mexico City station during 1963-64) at the bottom of the cable.


11/13/64: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: Page 2: ..."c) On 30 September 1964, the field Case Officer responsibility for Project LIEMPTY was transferred from Jeremy L. Niarcos (Tom Keenan) to Cornelius L. Peuvion. No unusual administrative or operational problems have been encountered and none are anticipated for the ensuing period..." Handwritten note at bottom of page: "Cornelius L. Peuvion for" Willard C. Curtis.

104-10266-10138: FOLDER ON LIRING-3

04/20/67: Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline PBRUMEN LIRING-3: REF: DIRECTOR 92565: "1. LICAGE-1's family increased since last contacted and is now too large for LIRING-3 L/P. Same condition applies LIPLUGS. Request clearance Leon (Cruz) Garcia. DPOB 11 April 43. Pachuca Hidalgo, Mexico, for use L/P/keeper L-3 op. SUBJ known to Peuvion (handwritten above: "Station") past 2 years as responsible hard working pro-U.S. type. In view urgency this op plus fact SGSWIRL operator now Mexico. Request priority processing. 2. Pls advise."

104-10188-10020: ( )AFGHAN OPERATIONS (VOL I).

04/27/67: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: Subject: LIONION Progress Report for the period 1 January through 31 March 1967: "1. Project Background and Reporting: Project LIONION is long-term support type project designed primarily to provide fixed photographic and physical surveillance of the PBRUMEN (Cuban) Embassy and Consulate in Mexico City. The LIONION base, which covers both of the above-cited targets, continues to be manned by LIONION-1 and LIONION-2. The last regularly scheduled progress report, covering the period through December 1966 was submitted as reference (A). 2. Agent Contact: During the period under review, LIONION-1 was seen weekly by the undersigned or Howard A. Treckler (Joseph/Joe Piccolo). In late January, the operational and administrative responsibilities for Project LIONION were transferred from Treckler to Cornelius L. Peuvion. No agent handling, control or administrative problems were encountered during the turn-over and none are anticipated during the ensuing period." Page 2: Handwritten at bottom of page: "Cornelius L. Peuvion" for/Willard C. Curtis.

104-10176-10002: FOLDER ON LIRING-3

07/27/67: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: PBRUMEN/The LIRING-3 Operation: Page 2: ..."B. LIRING-3's safehouse (as opposed to the apartment where he currently lives with his wife) is the target of a technical operation and is also covered by LIFEAT. Both products are reviewed in detail by Rowton and his findings sent regularly to Headquarters. Rowton and Cornelius L. Peuvion, both review the product of the LIFEAT coverage on the apartment of LIRING-9 (LIRING-4's ex-boss)...."


See 1968-1973: "The Miami Station (JMWAVE) was established in 1961 not 1960. Robert K. Davis served as COS from October 1961 to February 1962...Thomas Shackley served as COS from April 1962 to June 1965. John Dimmer served as COS from June 1965 to March 1967." Also see William Sturbitts' deposition, 178-10002-10279. Page 6 - Following Dimmer was Paul Henze until 1968, and then Jake Esterline from 1968-1973. p. 7, explaining that it answered in Langley to Task Force W formed (September 1961), it became Special Activities Staff and subsequently the Cuban Operations Group - at that point leadership returned to the WH Division. (p. 8): As to JMWAVE, it was formerly a small forward operations base in Coral Gables in 1960. Page 9: Cuban operations terminated gradually about 1972-1973.

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