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Pseudonym: Peters, Jack

Glenn Farnsworth.

104-10271-10161: OFFICIAL ROUTING SLIP

11/16/60 routing slip from OO-C Support Branch, R. S. Travis to Jerry Droller: "Attached is a copy of a report from Harry Graham, from our New York office. I mentioned the information to Jack Peters on 15 Nov, after I had received info by phone call from New York. Jack suggested that the confirmation might be sent to you. I have made no other distribution."


1/6/61 note from CO Contact Support (Archie Richardson of the Domestic Contact Service) to WH/4/Cuba, attn: Jack Peters: "Attached is memo of 12 Dec 1960 from Chicago with additional information on Mr. Richard Cain." The attachment is from RPB Lohmann from the Chicago DCS office, stating that Cain was offshore of Cuba on a small boat, but could not land because "no recognition signals were received" from the "Cuban revolutionary organization" he was supposed to meet. He spent time in the FRD intelligence office in Miami, learned about the location of various Soviet equipment, and passed it on to the FBI. Now working with a group of local businessmen and attorneys in Chicago to 'infiltrate and combat Communism in Latin America'. Lohmann wrote "I cautioned him not to reveal he was passing on information to me for his own sake and again reiterated that we have no requirements or anything to do for us."

104-10069-10111: LAUREANO BATISTA

May 61 Laureano Batista/AMPALM-2 of the Christian Democratic Movement/AMPALM had a weapons and explosives net from Miami to Cuba. Batista said he could no longer reach his contacts Colonel Roderick or Jack Peters. He said he had met Peters and had never actually met Colonel Roderick. In fact, these two men were the same person. Batista's two contact persons in the CIA were Peters and "Mr. Frank" - probably Colonel Frank Egan. Batista's contact with them was broken after the Bay of Pigs. Frank only told Batista "we have to lay low for awhile."

1994.05.10.10:10:34:970007: Reel 27, Folder F - MDC, JANUARY 1961 - JUNE 1962.

11/16/61: Memorandum for record, No. 36: Subject Meeting with Dr. Miro and Jose Fernandez Badue ("Lucas"), representative in CRC of the MDC in exile: Page 2: ..."Lucas said that when he came out of Cuba in March he had contact with a Mr. Peters and a Col. or General Kollard/Holland(?) and told them of his plans. Since coming out last summer he has not been in contact with American agencies. He said he hopes the errors of last April will not be repeated and that all will be well coordinated..."


12/18/61, CIA memorandum for the record. Subject: PHONE CALL FROM AMPANIC-9 CONCERNING MIRO CARDONA 1. AMPANIC-9 called from the Miami area about 0930 hours, 18 December 1961 stating that Miro CARDONA would be out as Council President. AMPANIC-9 wanted to know if we were interested in all the details and the undersigned replied "yes." However, AMPANIC-9 was asked to give them to Peters directly ASAP, which he said he would. 2. AMPANIC-9 said the $64,000 question is who will replace Miro. He said various meetings are going on and he would keep Peters informed. CALVIN W. HICKS WH/4/PM

104-10226-10426: REORGANIZATION OF UR

05/18/62, CIA cable, DIR-JMWAVE (Orig: C. W. Hicks, Unit: TFW/PM): CONF: TFW 10 INFO: DDP, CI/OPS, S/C 2 PRIORITY WAVE GYROSE 1. AMPANIC-9 contacted HQs via phone from the Georgia area on 17 and 18 May 1962 re an individual (name unknown) who supposedly had just come out from Cuba with info on the reorganization of the UR. 2. A-9 confirmed he could still contact Peters, was told to do so re above info and we would alert Peters who would handle same. 3. FYI: No further details known. This may be of real interest re "Classical UR" or the "New UR" which has been reported to include the MRR, MRP and other major groups. This also could just be an attempt by A-9 to get back on our payroll since ODENVY hampered his independent actions. END OF MESSAGE


October 1962: Summary of AMPANIC-9 CIA cables show that AMPANIC-9 was in contact with CIA operatives Calvin Hicks, William Cowgill and Dominique Pantleon ("Peters")*. In addition, an October 1962 CIA cable stated that AMPANIC-9 was a charter member of the Unidad Revolucionaria, and was related to AMBLEAK-1 (the CIA cryptonym for Estaban Joaquin Blanco Sanchez, an official of Rescate. Also known as Fernando Fernandez Cavada y Paris, an official of UR, and Frank Dutton (MFF), by marriage. Furthermore, AMPANIC-9 seems to have regularly given anti-Communist lectures to civic groups in the United States. AMPANIC-9 was also active, along with Rafael Diaz Hanscomb, in contacting Sinclair Oil and the CIA, in requesting assistance for the UR. *See 180-10145-10158, 04/11/78, Page 16:

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