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Pseudonym: Perrel, George

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Fermin de Goicochea Sanchez, DRE gunrunner in Dallas.


10/17/61 memo from JMWAVE to Director: AMBUD provided dependency payments to mother of Fermin Goicochea Sanchez, (PM No. 3352).


The ARRB recounts Mary LaFontaine's statement that "Oswald did indeed meet with Ms. Odio in late September, but that Sylvia invented a story about the identities of the two other men to protect an operation which involved the theft of weapons from the US Army base at Fort Hood, Texas. One of the other individuals is alleged to be a man associated with the DRE, Fermin de Goicochea, alias George Perrel."


Autumn 1963, referring to the book "Oswald Talked" by Ray and Mary LaFontaine: "The LaFontaines' primary theory on the Odio allegations is this: that Sylvia's sister, Sarita, was associated with a fellow student at the University of Dallas, Fermin de Goicochea, who was involved in planning an invasion of Cuba. The invasion was to (be) armed with guns stolen from Fort Hood, Texas. The LaFontaines speculate that Sarita was meeting with de Goicochea and Oswald regarding these gun-running activities, and that Sylvia chose to protect de Goicochea by inventing a story about Oswald and two unidentifiable Cubans...Lucille Connell was a 'Dallas society matron' (who aided Sarita)...Sylvia and an associate had called Cubans in New Orleans to check on Oswald's background. They were informed that Oswald might be a 'double agent'."

Fabian Escalante, JFK: The Cuban Files, p. 177

"In October (1963), further information placed (AMHINT-2/Juan) Salvat and Joaquin Martinez Pinillos with Fermin de Goicoechea (George Perrel) in Dallas, in the company of arms smuggler John Thomas Masen, from whom they proposed to acquire weapons of all kinds, presumably stolen from the military depot at Fort Hood, for 'a second invasion of Cuba to take place at the end of the year.'...immediately after the assassination, Salvat and his group engaged in a wide-ranging media campaign charging Cuba with the crisis, circulating Oswald's pro-communist and pro-Castro background, and arguing that the assassination was Cuba's reprisal for CIA attempts on the life of Fidel Castro."

124-10331-10085: [No Title]

11/22/63 FBI memo from SAC, NY to Director re search for George Perrel in wake of the 11/20/63 arrest of gunshop owner John Thomas Masen.

Dealey Plaza Echo, Volume 4, Issue 1 Current Section: A Rough Guide to Oswald Lookalikes, by Mark Bridger

Discussion about role of George Perrel, true name Fermin de Goicochea Sanchez. The gunshop owner John Thomas Masen has often been considered an Oswald lookalike.

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