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Pseudonym: Pecos

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Lt. Jack Modesett, an ONI officer that worked with Hal Feeney/Don Quixote on a regular basis in the early 60s. After the assassination, he became a minister.

CDR Harold Feeney, USN (Ret.) "The Night of the White Horse" (1988). http://bayofpigs2506.com/The%20night%20of%20the%20white%20horse.pdf

Late 1960: Hal Feeney became Base Intelligence Officer at Guantanamo. After diplomatic relations ended (1/61), urgent to infiltrate CIA-trained Cubans. His team included his assistant Jack Modesett, ONI civilian agents, infiltrators such as Tony Izquierdo and Rodolfo Hernandez. He met with RADM Frankel of ONI and then with CNO Arleigh Burke. The radio handles for him team was "Pete", an exile Cuban agent; Feeney was "Quijote", and Modesett was "Pecos". One of the agents recruited and trained by Pete was "Alonso Gonzalez, code-named 'Curita'." Feeney wrote that when placed before a firing squad, Gonzalez "cried out in a loud voice: Viva Cristo Rey! Long live Christ the King! To which many of us would add our fervent amen."


5/17/61 cable from JMWAVE to BELL: Zamka contact Jose Maria Lasa obtains political asylum in Havana; AMHINT-2/Salvat, AMHINT-5/Isidro Borja AMHINT-53/Fernandez Rocha are all seeking asylum - there were more than 700 asylees languishing in Havana. Meanwhile, Guantanamo intel chief Hal Feeney's contact Enrique Casuso - identified by his Bay of Pigs number 2507, right after the first number 2506 - has been arrested. On Casuso and Feeney, Ramon Machado (2508) wrote "In late January 1961, Enrique Casuso (2507), Jorge Giraud (2524), Manuel Reyes (Little King) and I were in a CIA safe house in Falls Church, Virginia awaiting our trip to Cuba. Early one morning, Guy, the CIA agent who was in the house with us to take care of me out of the house and was introduced to an officer of the Navy would be my contact from that time. Said officer, who spoke Spanish impeccably, was introduced and immediately there was a good report as mutual respect, trust and affection between us. His name was Harold Feeney, the vintage and at that time Chief of Intelligence at Guantanamo. Feeney was the one I was going to take to Cuba...my mission was to join a group in the hills that were in the mountains of Baracoa, relatively near the base...Once we landed, Don Quixote took me to his office, where I met Jack Modessett (Pecos) and Wallace (Wally), the other members of the "unholy trio" (of naval officers)...(at my return to the base) I had a very pleasant surprise: at the base they were at that time Ernesto Estevan (butterfly), and Rodolfo Hernandez (Sea Fury)...With the help of Sea Fury, my mission would be to train a group of 6 or 8 individuals in the use of explosives, and later, we were going to be the Committee's receipt of Nino Diaz, which landed just east of the base in a diversionary coordinated effort with the main landing at the Bay of Pigs." For further details, see http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/8572-harold-hal-feeney/&page=2

San Antonio Express, 4/15/62: https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/29614815/

April 1962: A month before Jack Modesett, Jr. was summoned by David Morales (see next item), his father (oilman Jack Modesett Sr.) was killed in a one car accident in Texas. Modesett was President of Conroe Drilling Co. and Monkeen Oil Co. His partner at Monkeen was Joseph P. Kennedy. San Antonio Express, 4/15/62, page 6. See this Fortune profile on Joe Kennedy from January 1963, which mentions the death of Modesett. https://fortune.com/2011/04/10/joseph-p-kennedy-a-portrait-of-the-founder-fortune-classics-1963/


Feb. 1962, interview with Juan Nafarga Fernandez: "Source reports that he (and others)...believe there is some G-2 infiltration among the Cubans who are in contact with intelligence Americans from the Base...(the contact is Luis Balbuena)...No one doubts the loyalty of this individual (BALBUENA)...but he is not careful...when anti-Castro Cubans have contact with the American liaison officer, named PECO, they have no problems." (Marginalia alongside PECO states "Modesett?)


April 1962 cable from Chief, JMWAVE to Chief, TFW, Operational/GYROSE/KUDESK: Possible Use of FPO for Shipment of Weapons to Guantanamo Bay Weapons Facility: ...It is recalled that Lt. (jg) Jack Modesett of this memorandum, and Commander Hal Feeney of ONI at Guantanamo have in the past loaned considerable assistance to counter-revolutionary groups on the base and in the general area surrounding the base. Feeney has since been transferred from Guantanamo...It would seem that Luis Balabuena could be using a commo channel set up for clandestine communications previously, to request arms no longer available at the base, probably without consent of Lt. jg Modesett whose career could be placed in jeopardy by such action." Note from WKH (William K. Harvey): "to Bruce please note and take any necessary actions." Also see the routing slip at 104-10163-10235.


5/18/62 memorandum of contact by Stanley Zamka/David Morales: A Guantanamo Naval Base Intelligence Officer named Jack Modesett was summoned to a meeting by one Stanley Zamka aka David Morales. Modesett was asked about several Cubans, including AMCRAG-1 - Modesett did not reveal that AMCRAG-1 was considered to be a Navy controlled source. They also discussed the stockpiling of weapons and how he was in favor of changing national policy so the base could take a much more aggressive attitude toward Cuba. The possibility of staging various operations was also discussed. The conversations concerned Zamka's survey at Guantanamo Naval Base, AMCRAG-1, Amancio Mosqueda aka 'El Yarey,' and Luis E. Balbuena." Originating Officer: Stanley R. Zamka, Office: S/O. Coordinating Officer: (Blank), Office Symbol: CI. Releasing Officer: Andrew K. Reuteman, Office Symbol: COS/JMWAVE. Page 4: ..."7. Newton H. Killedan (probably CIA Miami CI officer Gordon Rothwell), who accompanied Zamka to the meeting already knew Modesett from previous contacts with him at Headquarters. Killedan questioned Modesett about a letter, a copy of which we have in our possession, in which Luis E. Balbuena, contact of Modesett's, requested his cousin to send him sniper rifles, Thompson or M-3 machine guns and .45 caliber pistols..." Modesett was also happy to have CIA case officers at the base. He suggested that joint CIA and Navy operations against Cuba would be in the interest of all concerned. Modesett was fluent in Spanish and he and Morales arranged to stay in touch on matters of mutual interest. A month before Modesett was summoned by Morales, his father (oilman Jack Modesett Sr.) was killed in a one car accident in Texas. Modesett was President of Conroe Drilling Co. and Monkeen Oil Co. His partner at Monkeen was Joseph P. Kennedy, JFK's father.


FEENEY Harold 'Hal' Feeney, Commander, US Navy, retired, went to be with the Lord on June 9, 2012. Hal was born on September 22, 1922, in Bristol, TN, the son of Charles Wakefield Feeney and Florence A. Kaufman Feeney, and grew up in VA, PA, and Long Beach, CA. Hal attended Valley Forge Military College in PA (1941-1942)...Hal attended the War Department Military Intelligence Training Center and later the Infantry Officer's Candidate School...In 1949 Hal accepted from the US Department of State the position of Director of the US-Ecuadorean Cultural Center in Quito, Ecuador (1949-1950). Meanwhile, he had switched his commission to be a US Navy Intelligence Reserve Officer to honor his brother. After the Korean War broke out, Hal was called to duty in 1950 in Naval Intelligence. He served as Special Agent in Panama (1952-1954). He was appointed from Reserve to Regular Navy (1943) and made it his career. He also served as Naval Attache at the US Embassy in Paris, France (1957-1959) and later as Chief of Intelligence Plans Unit at NATO Headquarters in France and in Belgium when NATO relocated there (1966-1968). Hal served as Chief of Intelligence at the US Guantanamo Base in Cuba (1960-1961) and helped to infiltrate and operate CIA-trained exile Secret Agents into Communist Cuba, at times accompanying them on missions. Hal was awarded the Medal of Valor by Brigade 2506 for his actions in the effort to free Cuba. During the Missile Crisis in 1962, Hal was appointed Chief of the Cuba Branch of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Hal served as an advisor at meetings of the Executive Committee of the National Security Council chaired by President Kennedy at the White House...Jack Modesett, Jr., Hal's longtime friend, will officiate the service of Praise and Thanksgiving in celebration of Hal's life at Seaside Funeral Home Chapel, Friday, June 15, 2012 at 2:00 P.M...."

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