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Pseudonym: Patrick, Jerry

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Gerald Patrick Hemming, admitted by James Murphy of the CIA's Domestic Contact Division to be a source dating back to 1961 with an "ad hoc clearance". Also used the alias Gerry Patrick, Heming and Hannon.
104-10218-10110, p. 17: Spring of 1960, as William Morgan's star began to fade for Castro, Hemming was arrested twice in Cuba for counter-revolutionary activity.

124-10298-10254, 6/27/61: Hoover wants to know more about Hemming's group. Informant inside (probably Howard Davis, MM-639-S) "does not anticipate any expeditions by the group" because of its lack of money and lack of trust among Cuban exiles. Hemming claims AAA sponsorship.

2/12/63 - 1993.06.28.14:01:40:530510 - Hemming describes himself as writing spending long hours writing reports for CIA operatives after his return from Cuba. He and his group passed on intelligence to "FBI, ONI, etc."


10/12/60 memo to Hendrickson from Index (Thorne): "Re Jerry P. Hemming, Jr., Security Division has granted ad hoc clearance thru "Confidential". Security checks will be completed." See 104-10273-10126: States Hemming received ad hoc clearance 3/7/61 and was the source of 15 contact reports on Cuba. "His group had no Agency connection." Memo filled with redactions.


7/4/61 Miami Herald article by David Kraslow. Article reveals both his alias Jerry Patrick and his real name (misspelled).

124-10350-10119: No Title

7/5/61, Gerry Hemming said he led about 20 men in INTERPEN, after serving in the Cuban government until August 1960 as member of the Cuban Revolutionary Forces and commander at San Julian Air Force Base at Pinar del Rio until several arrests and releases starting in the spring of 1960. Hemming was recently contacted by George Damon of MRP, residing at the Gold Dust Motel in Miami. Calling himself Colonel Damon, he was trying to purchase 50,000 pounds of explosives from DuPont. "Damon has recently been in contact with Frank Little, one of Hemming's men who is a member of INTERPEN. Damon reportedly told Little he was going to form a committee to rescue Cubans at sea..." Sheriff Al Tarabochia received a report from the Miami Fire Dept. that Damon planned to take dymamite to Cuba to engage in sabotage. Damon said he was not a US colonel but was in an army and could take any rank he desired. Damon claimed to have met with Richard Goodwin in DC, JFK's man in Latin American affairs. At least two men opined that Damon was confidence man.

124-10298-10264: No Title

8/7/61, George Finegan being questioned by Julian Sourwine of SISS: Finegan testified that Interpen was formed shortly before the Bay of Pigs. When asked who formed Interpen, Finegan responded that he wasn't certain, but he believed that it was formed by Sanchez Arango. At p. 31, he said that the group answered to Sanchez Arango and the junta known as "Cubans for the Liberation of Cuba". He identified the leaders as himself, Gerry Hemming and "Frank Little" (Frank Sturgis). The group lived at 1925 Southwest 4th Street, where the resident Mrs. (Nellie) Hamilton would prepare meals for them: http://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=44562&search=arango_AND+INTERPEN#relPageId=4&tab=page


9/1/61 recruitment letter from Gerry Patrick on behalf of Interpen. "We feel that Americans would be in a better position to defend their country if they were trained in the arts of guerrilla warfare and survival...we are accepting only those veterans that were Special Forces trained as Guerrilla Warfare instructors, survival, parachute qualified, etc." See 104-10218-10391, p. 6: MM T-1 of FBI, a close friend of Hemming (note: probably Howard Davis) states that INTERPEN no longer exists and that Hemming "has no backing and is considered completely unreliable and untrustworthy by American mercenaries and Cuban revolutionists in Miami."

198-10005-10014 [No Title]

8/2/62 handwritten memo from Col. Patchell to General Edwin Lansdale: "In follow up on Jerry Patrick Hemming - the CIA has a dossier about an inch thick - as far as they are concerned he is OK - he is not their man but covers through his actions much of their action. They consider him helpful to their cause." Attached at p. 4 is a 7/22/62 Miami Herald article by Jerry Buchanan: "Anti-Castro Cubans and their American supporters have been forced to drop plans for a large guerrilla warfare training camp near New Orleans...the site, on the north edge of Lake Pontchartrain 40 miles north of New Orleans, was donated this spring by an anonymous US businessman. The training of anti-Castro Cubans and the camp itself was to have been commanded by Gerry Patrick Hemming, a 25-year old soldier of fortune well known to Cubans here. The stop order came from the Cuban Revolutionary Council's Miami headquarters...(Luis Rabel confirmed the camp was ordered closed)...before public knowledge of the camp became too widespread and the Council wanted to dodge any connection with a large scale operation on which the US State Dept and Central Intelligence Agency would frown."


August 1962-April 1963: Gerry Hemming claims he lived on No Name Key during this time. See1993.07.27.09:30:32:310600 - p. 141 - After training at No Name Key for 6 months, 13 men arrested for planning a guerrilla attack on Cuba. Hemming was the leader, also arrested were Ronald P. Ponce de Leon, Havana; William J. Dempsey, Ontario, Canada; Lawrence J. Howard, Edwin A. Collins, Justin J. Wilson, William Seymour, Edmund Colby, Joseph C. Garman, Ramigio Arce, Roy E. Hargraves, all of Miami; and James A. Lewis and Eleno O. Alvares, both of North Miami. Arrested on Sombrero Key, near Marathon. See 104-10218-10110, pp. 24-25, 30 - Justice Dept declined to prosecute and case dismissed - in June 64 jury found it was a training camp and not a plan to invade, and weapons were to be returned. See 1993.06.30.14:56:00:000800 - June 1963: prosecution concluded they could prevent Hemming from exposing CIA assets during trial to return their weapons. See 1993.06.28.13:48:43:060510 - June 1964: When trial began, defendant Roy Hargraves accused Customs agent Wallace Shanley for responsibility in the deaths of "two or three Cubans" - a reference to Felipe Vidal Santiago/AMQUIP-1. 1993.06.29.13:41:14:370520 - At the three day jury trial, the jury decided the men could get their weapons back.

1994.06.24.14:32:37:630005: Reel 70, Folder I - AMBUD MISCELLANEOUS ACTIVITIES

2/28/63 Miami Herald report: "Castro Raided British Isle, Seized Cubans, Lawyers Says" - "(Attorney Charles Ashmann claimed) that Castro troops invaded a British isle (note: Elbow Cay) to capture eight exile raiders who had stolen two boats from Cuba. The raiders had killed at least seven Castro militiamen before escaping with the boats...one of the captured men was identified as Eleno Oviedo Alvarez. Leader was Hemming and all 13 were represented by Ashmann, charges dropped. Sources named six others captured in the raid on Cuba as: Reyes Morales, Juan Morales, Pasqual Armando Morales, Augustin Viscaino Pino, Eumelio Biera Olimeda and Domingo Martana Alvarez..." See 124-10294-10351: FBI Miami says info provided by Ashmann & Hemming was false. See 124-10294-10348: Roy Hargraves said he initiated the theft of the boats from Cuba, stashed them at Elbow Key. The capture of the eight raiders was reported in Cuban press on 2/22-23. Hemming and Ashmann went to DC on 3/1/63 to confer with British ambassador. See 124-10294-10347: Hemming met with Sterling Cottrell, Undersecretary of State for Cuban affairs, met many JFK officials, especially a Marine General stationed at White House, they told him "the most important item of concern with regard to Cuba at present is the control of personnel and material leaving Cuba for various Latin American countries, presumably for reasons of subversion...their answers to the problem were supposed to be on the President's desk by 3/8/63...(one of the plans was to have) the Mexican government photograph and fingerprint everyone going to and from Cuba. Generally the plans involve having the local Latin American governments cooperate in controlling Cuban movements. President Kennedy will voice these proposals in his visit to Costa Rica in the middle of March." 124-10294-10351, 3/25/63: Vince Nasca of FBI tells SAC, Dallas that Hemming and Lorenzo Hall had visited Dallas minister Wallace Welch, wanted Welch interviewed.


1962-1963:"A new era began...on January 1, 1959, Cuban President General Fulgencio Batista was overthrown ...No Name Key being relatively isolated and no permanent residents...was about to be involved in this second revolution - the Bay of Pigs (La Batalla de Giron)...not just NNK, but...throughout southern Florida, especially Miami, the Everglades and the Keys...No Name Key possibly was involved supporting General's Castro revolution. With no access other than by water, it offered an out-of-site temporary stop-over...Cuban activity on No Name Key being in four episodes: 1) ...the preparation for the Bay of Pigs (April 1961); 2) Scenarios for the rescue and return of captured Bay of Pigs prisoners; 3) Small and random 'Revenge' operations; 4) Before and After excursions relating to the Cuban Missile Crisis... Quietly, revolutionary activity picked up through out the Florida Keys, but no place more than on No Name Key (no one was living there) (as) stories flew via 'The Coconut Telegraph.' Most stories had at least a small reference or inference, to the CIA. Little is known as written fact, but participants occupied Keys such as Linderman Key, Lignumvitae Key, and a place known as 'Dynamite Docks' on Key Largo. Marinas began installing heavy duty steel surveying equipment, or camera, mounts in 'Go Fast' boats. New acronyms such as Interpen, IPF (International Penetration Force), FRD (Democratic Revolutionary Front), (Alpha 66), Omega 7, Commandos L, etc. were being used in the local media...The residents of Big Pine Key were almost daily aware of strange activities. Probably the most aware were the owners and operators (1953) of the "Old Wooden Bridge Fishing Camp", Russell and Katherine (Katy) Oettle. There is little doubt that (Hemming, Roy Hargraves), Joe Garman and Howard Davis were participating in training activities for Cuban revolutionaries at No Name Key in 1962...(& Bill Dempsey & Ronald Ponce de Leon) in 1963."


6/6/63 - Hemming visits former Cuban president Carlos Prio, who agrees to fund a military training camp; 6/11/63, Hemming meets with Gen. Edwin Walker, who tells him he does not want to align with Cuban affairs, but, rather, "be readily available to fight Communism all over the United States" (a repeat of his meeting with Loran Hall with Walker and Wallace Welch during late Jan. 1963 - 124-10294-10354 - page 6); also conferred with geologist Lester Logue, who had a 6-8 man group interested in fighting Communism, but "could not work with Hemming at that time for fear of offending US government officials. Logue explained that he has been working with a Colonel and a Major who are in the US Army Reserve; these two individuals are due for promotion; and, in the near future, will go to Washington D.C. to attend a US Government intelligence briefing." After they come back, Logue will see if he can assist Hemming in some way with funds, resources, and an intelligence-gathering office in Miami. On 9/17/63, MM T-1 reported there was no follow-up with either Prio or Logue.

124-90106-10051: No Title

11/1/63 memo from W. R. Wannall to William Sullivan, re Comandos L: "Comandos L (DL) in Miami, Florida, anti-Castro organization involved in Cuban raids. This memorandum sets forth information obtained by Army Intelligence, Miami, alleging conversations of its personnel as well as those of Customs and FBI were recorded by CL and sent to Presidential Advisor McGorge Bundy...Army Intelligence, Miami, recently learned by Ralph Hernandez Nodarse, a Customs informant, that about four months ago recordings were allegedly made of discussions in Army Intelligence office as well as conversations of FBI and Customs personnel in Miami. Hernandez obtained data from Gerald Patrick Hemming and Steve Wilson, anti-Castro soldiers of fortune. Recordings were allegedly made by CL and furnished to Bundy. Reportedly, they highlight conversations of Wallace Shanley, Miami Customs official, who has been instrumental in officially thwarting CL plans to raid Cuba. Their purpose is to discredit Shanley; thereby causing his removal from office; and to embarrass Customs and FBI."

1993.08.03.18:56:26:750039: BIO MATERIAL ON HEMMING, HALL, HARGRAVES

8/27/64 memo from James R. Murphy, Chief, Contact Division, OO to Chief, Personnel Security Division, OS, Attn: Mr. Steven Kuhn, Mr. Edward Bunn: "This division has no objection to your revealing that Subject is a source of this Agency, provided the FBI does not disclose his identity outside the Bureau." Also see page 35: "HEMMING was approved for an ad hoc clearance on 6 March 1961 and was the source of 15 contact reports on Cuba...HEMMING is also known as JERRY PATRICK." Also see 6/15/65 CIA memo, 104-10216-10171: While Hemming is under the influence of alcohol, he says that his financial backer for his Dominican Republic activities is Irving Davidson.

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