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Pseudonym: Paslode, Joseph

Joseph P. (and S.) Paslode was an alias used by CIA officer Joseph Stephan Piccolo.

104-10225-10003: PICCOLO, JOSEPH S.

03/06/63: Memorandum from Harold F. Swenson, C/SAS/CI to Secretary, Clandestine Services Career Service Panel: Subject: Recommendation for Promotion of Mr. Joseph S. Piccolo: "1. It is recommended that Mr. Joseph S. Piccolo be promoted from GS-7 to GS-8. He has been in grade GS-7 since 19 July 1960 and was assigned to what is now the Special Affairs Staff (formerly Task Force W) on 27 August 1962. 2. As long ago as 16 June 1960 when he was a GS-6 Mr. Piccolo was considered to have merited promotion to GS-9, but the Agency policy precluding multiple grade promotions prevented his being considered for GS-9 at that time. He was promoted to GS-7 on 19 July 1960. On 4 May 1961 Mr. Piccolo was recommended for promotion to GS-8 at a time when he was expected to leave the Agency in order to comply with his obligation for military service. The recommendation was not approved on the grounds that promotion spaces were limited. Mr. Piccolo served in the Air Force between 4 October 1961 and 27 August 1962 when he retuned to the Agency and began working in the CI Branch of the Special Affairs Staff. 3. Mr. Piccolo has demonstrated an aptitude for CI and FI operations and is one of the most promising younger men in the CI Branch. His performance since returning from military service has been superior in all respects. 4. I am happy to recommend Mr. Piccolo for promotion. (Signature) Harold F. Swenson, C/SAS/CI. Recommend Approval: (Signature) Desmond FitzGerald, C/SAS."


07/25/1963: CIA document: Page 2: IDENTITY SHEET: "Paslode, Joseph P. (ALIAS). Piccolo, Joseph S. (TRUE). CIA Ident. Card No. 6091. Date Issued: 7/25/63. Expiration Date: 1 July 1964. Received: Joseph S. Piccolo. Office: SAS." - - - Page 3: IDENTITY SHEET: "IDEN Joseph Stephan Piccolo. ALIAS Joseph S. Paslode. CIA Ident. Card No: 6067. Date Issued: 9 July 1963. Expiration Date: 1 July 1964. Received: Joseph S. Piccolo. Office: SAS."

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