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Pseudonym: Parmers, Andrew

Unknown identity. Andrew S. Parmers was the training officer for LITAMIL-9 (Luis Alberu Souto) in Mexico City and members of the AMTRUNK project in 1963.
A memo from Parmers on February 28, 1963, stated that from February 21-26, 1963, he travelled from headquarters to Mexico City, on TDY, to train LITAMIL-9 on various clandestine methods. An AMTRUNK operational review report on March 31, 1963, mentioned that Parmers, KUROAR (probably Training Branch) instructor from headquarters, trained a number of AMTRUNK members from March 4 to March 16, 1963, in clandestine methods and techniques. Another AMTRUNK report on December 20, 1963, stated that Parmers ran a further training course at a JMWAVE safe site for AMTRUNK members from December 2 to December 21, 1963. The course was conducted in Spanish by Andrew S. Parmers, during which he used an alias of Angel Martin. A dispatch on June 1, 1965, stated that from May 17 to May 27, 1965, Parmers trained David M. Wilsted, on a part-time basis, at a Mexico City station safe site. Parmers was apparently known to Wilsted by the alias of Pablo Zelaya.

104-10185-10264: 201 FILE OF PROTECTABLE SOURCE.

02/21/63: Cable from Director to Mexico City (Orig: Withheld, Unit: SAS/FI): "Andrew S. Parmers, IDEN Ref B, KUROAR (probably Training Branch) training officer, will arrive Mexico City approx 2330 hours 21 Feb. He need meet. Will stay at Hotel Francis. He will telephone Ousler at embassy 22 Feb at 1000 hours for contact instructions. C/S Comment: *MEXI concurred sending KUROAR officer MEXI to assist in training LITAMIL-9." Releasing Officer: (Handwritten: W. Hood) J. C. King, C/WH. Coordinating Officers: WH/3/MEXI (Signature). C/WH/3 (Signature). Authenticating Officer: (REDACTION).

104-10185-10264: 201 FILE OF PROTECTABLE SOURCE.

02/28/63: Memorandum for the record from Andrew S. Parmers, OTR Training Officer: Subject: LITAMIL-9, Report of TDY, Andrew S. Parmers: "1. During 21-26 February 1963, Andrew S. Parmers travelled from Headquarters to Mexico City on TDY to train LITAMIL-9 (Luis Alberu Souto) on various clandestine, operational, techniques, including SW...6. Based upon their three meetings, Parmers formed the following opinions of LITAMIL-9: He is a shrewd opportunist, willing to collaborate with KUBARK (CIA) against the Castro Government, but not to the point where his personal safety is endangered. He dislikes the Castro regime because it has fumbled so badly, and because the current Cuban officials are crude and incompetent. He greatly admires the American people, but definitely feels that we are merely concerned about our own national security and well-being. LITAMIL-9 owes his first loyalty to the fine arts, has little patriotic feelings towards Cuba, since he has lived in Mexico for so many years, and has declared himself to be a resident of Mexico. He is now serving the Cuban Government simply because he had an opportunity (through his sister-in-law) to achieve official status and income and still remain in Mexico where most of his personal friends reside..." - - - This PRQ Part II on LITAMIL-9 mentioned that he had known Andrew S. Parmers and Edward D. Knapman (probably Warren Frank) under assumed names: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=157087#relPageId=24&search=


03/31/63: Project AMTRUNK Operational Review: I. Status Report on Training and Processing, 4-31 March: "The AMTRUNK (note: Operation for military overthrow of Castro's government in 1963, promoted within White House circles but distrusted by CIA. Also known as Plan Leonardo) team, consisting of AMICE-27 (Dr. Nestor Moreno), AMICE-14 (Miguel A. Diaz Isalgue), AMTRUNK-2 (Enrique Cayado Rivera) and AMTRUNK-3 (Antonio Garcia Perez) were safehoused on 4 March 1963 at Safesite #164 on Plantation Key. Andrew S. Parmers, KUROAR (probably Training Branch) instructor from Headquarters, was already at the training site when the team was brought there by the two case officers, Irving N. Peggins and Hobart J. Vandeborn. Parmers remained at the safesite until 16 March during which time he conducted training in clandestine methods and techniques. This training included security, cover and compartmentation, clandestine communications, agent spotting, selection, recruitment and management, and operational planning and reporting. The training included group discussion and participation in a series of appropriate operational situations, several problems, and daily physical training...Transmitted as attachment 'A' to this dispatch is Parmers report on his training of the AMTRUNK group, transmitted as attachment 'B' are the results of the assessments of the AMTRUNK group, and transmitted as attachment 'C' is the training report for the week of 25 March..."


12/20/63: Report from Elmer D. Shapiro, Chief, Training Branch to Chief, PM Branch, JMWAVE: Originated by: Andrew S. Parmers: Attn: Mr. Joseph Webster (Irving N. Peggins): Subject: Completion of Training Report on AMICE/14 - TA - "DAVID: Ref: (Note from COS/JMWAVE requesting training for Subject): "During the period 2 thru 21 December 1963, this trainee participated in a course of training on Clandestine Methods and Techniques conducted by Andrew S. Parmers (on TDY from Headquarters) in Safe site #216 in the JMWAVE area. The course, which was conducted in Spanish by Parmers, who was known as Angel Martin, included Operational Security, Cover, Clandestine Communications, Report Writing, Target Analysis, and Agent Recruitment. Instruction methods used included briefings, discussions, field exercises, cases, live practical problems, and assigned reading. Others in the training group were AMAGREE/1, AMAKA/1, AMTRUNK/8 and AMTRUNK/13 (note: AMICE/14 - Miguel A. Diaz Isalgue). This trainee had participated in a course similar to this one and also presented by Parmers in March, 1963..."


08/24/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Deputy Chief, WH/SA: Subject: TYPIC Operational AMTRUNK-1: Page 15: ..."b. The following KUBARK (CIA) staff employees were in contact with AMICE-14 (Miguel A. Diaz Isalgue) and are therefore considered known to Volsky...Andrew S. Parmers as Angel Martin (Training Instructor)..."

104-10188-10002: ( )MANGO SUPPORT

06/01/65: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: Subject: Training of David M. Wilsted: "Forwarded herewith is a memorandum prepared by Andrew S. Parmers for Chief of Station, Mexico City concerning the formal training of David M. Wilsted. Station Mexico City appreciates Parmers' assistance and feels that Wilsted has benefited by this training. (Cornelius Peuvion for) Willard C. Curtis (Winston M. Scott)." - - - Page 44: Memo for COS, Mexico City from Andrew S. Parmers: Subject: Completion of Training Report on David M. Wilsted: "1. In a Mexico City Station Safesite, Subject received training on a part time basis from 17 through 27 May 1967. The instructor was Andrew S. Parmers (known to trainee as Pablo Zelaya) from KUROAR (probably Training Branch), Headquarters. Subjects covered were clandestine communications, operational security, Soviet Bloc intelligence activities, and operational reporting. 2. As a student, Subject was cooperative, participated with enthusiasm, and performed all requirements well. Although he has had very little previous formal training, he ahs had much practical experience and assimilates theory rapidly. 3. As a person, Subject is mature, calm, friendly, has a sense of humor, practical, a doer rather than a thinker, aggressive, and confident. He has broad area knowledge, is satisfied with his cover employment and with his KUBARK (CIA) employment. He had no complaints and showed good emotional stability. He likes Mexico and Mexicans, and speaks excellent Spanish. 4. He has a very limited knowledge of KUBARK functions and organization, but he considers himself to be a careerist in this organization."

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