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Pseudonym: Panuses, Raymond

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Unknow identity. Raymond K. Panuses wrote dispatches on dependency cases and other topics under the name of the Chief of Station (COS), JMWAVE, in 1967 and 1968.


07/05/67: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: "1. The AMBUD (CRC) medical support facility was formally closed on 30 June 1967. The decision to close the facility was based on the fact that only one of the remaining three AMBUD and one GARCIA LINES active medical cases utilized the facility as a means of contact with AMBUD-3 (Dr. Antonio Maceo). Contact with AMBUD-3 by medical institutions and doctors utilized in the medical program is maintained directly with AMBUD-3 at his home or place of employment...2. In accordance with the closing of the support facility, the monthly amount paid AMBUD-3 will be reduced from approximately $850.00 to $50.00 effective 1 August 1967. 3. AMBUD-3, upon instructions from the Station, handled the arrangements for closing out the facility. All office furniture was returned to the firm from which it was rented and the premises vacated by 28 June 1967. The medical files formerly held at the facility are currently being incorporated into Station files. 4. The two persons formerly employed by AMBUD-3 to handle routine matters at the facility were notified of the impending close-out of the facility, that their services would not be required after the close out but that their salaries would continue through 31 July 1967. 5. At his request, AMBUD-3 was authorized to continue utilizing one of the facility's former employees on a non-salaried basis for contact with the principal of the only remaining medical case with whom he does not already have direct contact. Raymond K. Panuses."


04/22/68: Dispatch from Chief, Western Hemisphere Division to COS, JMWAVE: Subject: TYPIC/Operational/AMBUD Request for Additional Information on Two AMBUD Dependency Cases: "1. It is requested that Raymond K. Panuses recheck the file of Miguel Los Santos Delgado Martinez (Case No. 97) in an effort to determine the cause and actual date of his death. Headquarters file does not reflect this information nor the reason why his dependents are paid under the AMBUD (CRC) program. In those few cases of former active assets whose dependents are paid by AMTIKI, the exact date and circumstance of death is necessary for documentation...Ellen F. Margany."


05/10/68: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division. Subject: "TYPIC/AMBUD/Operational AMTRIGON-8 (201-283995), AMBUD CASE #97. 1. AMTRIGON-8 (Miguel de los Santos Delgado Martinez) was a member of the Villaro crew. During May 1962 he clandestinely and without authorization boarded an infiltration craft moments before its departure on an operational mission. His absence was not discovered until the team had infiltrated and moved into its first position. 2. On 8 or 9 June 1962 the infiltration team, including AMTRIGON-8, became engaged in a firefight with a militia patrol. AMTRIGON-2, the team leader, reported that AMTRIGON-8 had been wounded and that he assumed AMTRIGON-8 was killed or perhaps captured. However, no further word has been heard from AMTRIGON-8 and he is presumed to be dead. 3. Taking into consideration that the disposition of this case could have an affect on the morale of the other crew members and their attitude toward WOFIRM, it was decided to advise the widow of AMTRIGON-8 that he died a hero's death while fighting for the liberation of his country and to continue monthly payments to the widow and children for an indefinite period. Inclusion of Subject's name on AMBUD (CRC) Hero & Martyr rolls was deemed to be the most suitable and expeditious manner in which to handle such payments. 4. The response to paragraph 2 of reference will be the subject of a separate dispatch. Raymond K. Panuses."

Gavin McDonald

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