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Pseudonym: Palinger, James

James R. Palinger was possibly a pseudonym used by CIA officer and Chief of Station (COS), Havana, William Caldwell.
William Caldwell was possibly COS, Havana, from at least 1957 to around January of 1958. CIA officer, Joseph Smith, in his book Portrait of a Cold Warrior, mentioned that William Caldwell was an Attache, U.S. Embassy, Cuba, in 1958-1959. Woodrow Olien (James Noel) possibly succeeded Caldwell as COS, Havana.


11/07/57: Dispatch via Air Pouch from COS, Habana to Chief, WHD: Handwritten top right: Mr. Dahlgren: "1. Attached herewith is a memorandum prepared by the Subject, dated 29 October 1957, calling the attention of Headquarters to the fact that his assignment in Habana terminates in June 1958 and setting out his wishes as to reassignment thereafter. 2. While Vaivada did not include it in his memorandum, in recent conversations with the case officer he has expressed considerable interest in the possibility of being assigned under (REDACTION) to (REDACTION) saying that both he and his wife would welcome such an assignment. The Subject also said in those circumstances that he would not take it amiss if an opportunity for reassignment outside of the Central American-Caribbean area were to become open to him at any time prior to June 1958. 3. In the opinion of the Station, Vaivada has done a very good job, here, having been confronted with and overcome a number of difficult problems and situations during his tour of over three years in Habana. The Station is happy to recommend that his request for reassignment be given every consideration. James R. Palinger."


01/30/58: Dispatch via Air Pouch from COS, Habana to Chief, WHD: Subject: General - Operational. Specific - Arthur G. Vaivada: Signed James R. Palinger.

104-10215-10214: COLLECTED DOCUMENTS:CROZIER, ROSS, 201-168881

04/10/58: Dispatch via Air Pouch from Withheld, COS, Habana to Chief, WHD: Subject: General - Operational/Arthur G. Vaivada. Specific - Commendation for Successful Completion of Mission to Sierra Maestra: "1. The writer wishes to commend Station and Base personnel whose work contributed to the successful preparation, mounting, and execution of the clandestine operation that recently placed a KUBARK (CIA) Career Agent, Arthur G. Vaivada (Ross Crozier), in the Sierra Maestra headquarters of Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz for sixteen days in March 1958. This mission resulted in acquisition by KUBARK of considerable important and timely information regarding the Castro revolutionary movement that was being urgently requested by customer agencies. In the writer's opinion the operation was a team effort. Giving credit to the staff personnel will in no way detract from the praiseworthy performance of Vaivada himself. 2. With regard to Vaivada the personal courage and professional ability as an intelligence officer demonstrated on this mission were of the highest order and should be highly commended. Headquarters is aware, as is the Station, that Vaivada is desirous of acquiring staff agent status with KUBARK. The writer believes that his desires in this respect should be given consideration as part of any action taken in recognition of Vaivada's services in the subject operation. 3. Station and Base personnel directly concerned with laying on this operation, arranging for proper briefing and support of Vaivada, and recovering him securely when he left the Sierra Maestras, were Humphrey I. Eberwein, James R. Palinger, and Nelson L. Raynock (Henry Hecksher)."


05/29/59: Dispatch from COS, Habana to Chief, WHD: PRQ Part II: AMBANG-1: "Section I: Contact and Development: Woodrow C. Olien met Subject in October 1958 when the latter was head of the Civic Resistance Movement in Habana. Three clandestine meetings were held with Subject prior to 1 January 1959, which, in addition to Olien and Wallace A. Growery, were also attended by Ignacio Mendoza, a member of NRC (civic resistance) who originally introduced Subject to Olien. Subsequent to 1 January 1959 Subject was given an important post within the revolutionary government and Olien has seen him only twice since then and on a social basis. Subject believes Olien to be a political officer of (REDACTION)...Subject knew Sherwood P. Rochon, Olien's predecessor, but also as an ODACID (U.S. State Department) officer. He had also met Wallace A. Growery."


Undated: CIA document: ..."37. First introduced to James R. Palinger and Wallace A. Growery by a contact of Palinger's in May 1957. Has been under development since that time..."

The Third Decade, Volume 7, Issue 1: Current Section: Stray Shots VI: ASC, by Scott Van Wynsberghe

11/00/90: The Third Decade, Volume 7, Issue 1: Article by Scott Van Wynsberghe: Titled: Stray Shots VI: ASC: Page 3: ..."G-Men odds and ends (which could go on forever, at this rate): former CIA officer Joseph B. Smith reveals that the CIA Chief of Station for Havana at the time of Castro's 1959 triumph over Batista was an ex-Bureau man, Bill Caldwell. Caldwell was sent to the Philippines after that. In 1961, Smith took over the Venezuelan desk of the Agency, and he was shocked to find no Venezuelans among the CIA's local operatives and contacts. Instead, he discovered a collection of active and retired U.S. businessmen and some former FBI people employed as security officials for the Venezuelan branches of U.S. firms..."

A Record from Mary's Database

"Record: CALDWELL, WILLIAM B. Sources: Portrait of a Cold Warrior, Smith (337). Mary's Comments: Attache, U.S. Embassy in Havana, Cuba, 1958-59." https://www.maryferrell.org/php/marysdb.php?id=1834&search=

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