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Pseudonym: Ousler, Quinton

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Unknown identity. Quinton N. Ousler was a field case officer on the LIEMPTY project. He worked with Chief of Station, Mexico City, Winston M. Scott. A cable in late September of 1964 stated that he was "being called to Washington D.C. to give informed opinion of possible damage to LILYRIC or LIMITED."
Cables in January, 1963, from Mexico City, with Ousler acting, were studied carefully by Staff D operatives (CIA's Communications intercepts staff), Neil Prew, Anita Potocki, and Counter Intelligence (CI) operative, Lou De Santi. William K. Harvey was still Chief, Staff/Division D at this time.


02/04/59: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: Subject: LIEMPTY Progress Report - (Unintelligible) 1958: "Synopsis of Developments: 1. During the period covered by this report, a new Case Officer, Quinton N. Ousler, assumed operational direction of several LIPSTICK assets (Oliver G. Scantling, Raymond H. Gerende, LIMITED, LICALLA, LIENTRAP and several support agents), the LIJERSEY surveillance team and the LILYRIC Base..."


11/13/59: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: Subject: Renewal of Project LIEMPTY: "Attached is a review of Project LIEMPTY activities during the past year. Renewal of the project is requested. (Signature) Willard C. Curtis." Just below on left-hand side: "Q. N. Ousler/vps, 10 November 1959."

104-10188-10010: CIA FILE ON TEL TAP.

09/15/62: Cable from Mexico City to Director (Ousler Acting): REF DIR 35931 (OUT 76146)* "1. Source EMBTEL 72 LITENSOR who asked LIENVOY-1 to advise AMB. 2. AMB purposely did not cite source due usual wide distribution dept cables and his desire protect identity source. C/S Comment: *Req source EMBTEL 792 8 Sep."


Undated CIA document: Cover Sheet: Review of Project LIEMPTY (For the purpose of Project Renewal): "Cryptonym: LIEMPTY. Field Case Officer: Quinton N. Ousler. Station: Mexico City. Chief of Station: Willard C. Curtis. The attached project action is presented for approval for the period 1 December 1961 through 30 November 1962."


01/05/63: Cable from Mexico City to Director (Ousler Acting): "Virginia, Burton, Kerbe, Prew, Potocki, De Santi, Finney, for Cocard (?) - chrono -" handwritten, and copied in at the top of cable:


01/08/63: Cable from Mexico City to Director (Ousler Acting): (Handwritten at top of cable: "Virginia, Burton, De Santi, Anita, Prew"): Slugline GYROSE LITAMIL-9: "1. LITAMIL-9 not able provide broad based answers queries ref. Cited little or no reaction on part Mexicans 'defend' Cuba during recent crisis compared rush on embassy during 'Bay of Pigs' crisis. Noted he received only on Christmas card from Mexican official (Miguel Alvarez Acosta) compared many received previous years including that Mexican Foreign Minister Manuel Tello. Teresa Proenza agreed fewer cards this year. Cited attitude among DIPS Cuban Emb that Mexico likely break DIP relations with Cuba on heels crisis. Cited lack high level MEXI official at 4th anniversary celebration 2 Jan. On other hand cited Pres Lopez remark Ref B. 2. L-9 not able comment on capability effective subversive action. 3. See MEXI EMBTEL 1757, 15 Dec. for still pertenent comments representing Station viewpoints on subversive capability."

104-10073-10391: REASSIGMENTS

01/09/63: Cable from Mexico City to Director (Ousler Acting): (Handwritten at top of cable: "Prew, Anita, De Santi): Slugline GYROSE LITAMIL-9:


01/11/63: Cable from Mexico City to Director (Ousler Acting): Slugline GYROSE LITAMIL-9: "1. On 10 Jan 63, LITAMIL-9 reported that Teresa Proenza told him on 10 Jan that 'embassy inspector' ref is Pantoja, FNU who one of secretaries assigned office Ramiro Valdes, Min Gobernacion. Above info positively identifies SUBJ as Capt Orlando Pantoja Tamayo cited in CS CI 3/764,490 as probably working G-2 office under Ramiro Valdes. Interesting note he listed on airlist per Ref A as Orlando Tamayo Borbon. 2. On morning 10 Jan Carlos Lechuga told L-9 he leaving for HAVA 11 Jan 63. Lechuga agreed take gift to Mercedes Lechuga, his sister, from L-9. Not known whether Lechuga able get appointment Ref B moved up. 3. On 10 Jan Proenza told L-9 her opinion she, L-9 and Ramon Sinobas Casado were going to be recalled. Proenza not happy with thought but according L-9 will return without fuss. C/S Comment: *SUBJ: Scheduled interview between Manuel Tello & Carlos Lechuga prior to Lechuga's return to Cuba."

104-10185-10264: 201 FILE OF PROTECTABLE SOURCE.

01/30/63: Cable from Mexico City to Director (Ousler Acting): Slugline GYROSE LITAMIL-9: REF MEXI 3066 (IN 48675)* "1. On 28 Jan 63, Victor Trapote Mateo told LITAMIL-9 and Eusebio Azcue Lopez that his wife recently died in Spain. 2. When told Orlando Pantoja Tamayo was recently in Mexico, Trapote said that he did not even know he was here and added 'I don't blame Remiro Valdez for being angry with me' ('Con razon Ramirito esta enojado') Azcue told Trapote that Pantoja had come on a 'mysterious mission.' 3. When L-9 told Trapote of his pending transfer Trapote very disturbed told L-9 he should have told him sooner. Trapote very much against transfer critical Cuban Govt personnel policy made remark they'll probably send some young kid. Trapote then told L-9 that he would find out through 'Earba Roja' (Manuel Pineiro) what they had against L-9. L-9 plans visit Trapote within few days. 4. Station Comment: Paras 2 and 3 give more credence Station assumption Trapote closely connected Cuban G-2 operations MEXI. C/S Comment: *LITAMIL/9 reported that Teresa Proenza told him that emb 'inspector' was Pantoja (FNU)." - - - 02/01/63: Cable from Mexico City to Director and JMWAVE (Ousler Acting): "1. Juan Emilio Chibas of Havana, brother of Raul Chibas, mailed two letters apparently containing intel to MEXI friend with request they be forwarded Miami. One destined for Alicia Masfera, 3280 S.W. 2nd St., Miami 35; another to V.A. Klitin at same address. Understand Juan now head technician Havana Electric Co. 2. MEXI plans discuss with AMSAIL-1, local head AMBUD organization, possible op approach Chibas unless DIR or WAVE objections. Please advise. No traces MEXI. 3. Pouching copies ref correspondence addresses. (Handwritten note at top of cable: "FI, Caponong." Note at bottom: "Action: FI, PW, CI"). https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=13643&search=ousler#relPageId=2&tab=page


10/30/63: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: Page 3: ..."8. As a matter of operational background, Seymour D. Trinnich was known to LIMOTOR's 14, 19, and 22 under his true name. They also knew his home telephone number which was used for communications from them to him. LIMOTOR-14 was unaware of the existence of LIMOTOR's 19 and 22. He knew Ousler under his true nickname. Although LIMOTOR's 19 and 22 knew each other slightly socially, they were unaware of each others clandestine relationship with Trinnich. LIMOTOR-19 knew Phineas F. Slinkard through their close cooperation on the BECHICK/BEKNAVE operation (under true name). LIMOTOR-19 also knew Ousler under true first name..."


09/24/64: Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline RYBAT GPFLOOR: "1. COS will recall that several photos of unidentified person were handcarried by legal attache officer to Dallas on about 23 November to assist in investigation. Soon after Oswald's arrest and prior to his murder by Ruby, cropped photo of this man was shown by the FBI to Oswald's mother who disclaimed any knowledge. 2. After Oswald's death his mother publicly claimed the FBI had shown her a photo of Ruby prior to the killing of her son. When again shown copy, cropped differently, she stated it not identical with the one shown her the first time. 3. Because of this publicly the Warren Commission will publish copies of both photos among documents keyed to its survey of FBI post-crime handling in Dallas. Exhibits will carry no caption as to origin date and place taken ect nor text. 4. Report to be published 28 October will cite the episode. Volume 16 to be published early November will reproduce one photo which we understand is closely cropped around body of individual. Shortly thereafter in either Volume 18, 19 or 20 the second photo will appear with the triangular portions cropped on sides showing background which could be construed as a tree or portions thereof and something which appears to be some kind of a bill board. 5. Ousler being called to WASH to give informed opinion of possible damage to LILYRIC or LIMITED. Will advise. (Handwritten note: Copy of LIMITED/LILYRIC. Answered 2 Dec 64. This was of tough looking American type going into Soviet Embassy. Do you have copy of photo? Did we ever get identity? S!"

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