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Pseudonym: Oswald, Harvey Lee

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Lee Harvey Oswald, as described in a 1972 counterintelligence document.

Warren Commission Hearings, Volume XIX Current Section: Folsom Ex 1 - Copy of U.S. Marine Corps record on Lee Harvey Oswald.

8/7/59 Parents' Dependency Affidavit: Marguerite Oswald describes her son on the first page of the document as "Oswald, Harvey Lee" - but after she introduces him as "Lee Harvey Oswald". These references were made in different typeface. All but the opening line containing "Lee Harvey Oswald" was done on the same typewriter.

ONI Files on Lee Harvey Oswald Received by Bud Fensterwald From the Navy Under FOIA in 1974

6/27/60 memo. DIO (District Intelligence Office), Ninth District confidential report serial 02296-E. Peter Dale Scott believes this is "the earliest reference to Harvey Lee Oswald". This document and 6/8/60 DIO Ninth District memo 02049-E were missing from the file, sought on 11/23/63, and did not surface for many years. The ABC initials may have been written by CIA officer Evalena Vidal, using her pseudonym Alice Capanong. The 6/8/60 memo is here: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=217731&relPageId=11&search=02296 When found, ONI described these June 60 memos as merely "letters of transmittal". https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=217732&search=5520#relPageId=139&tab=page Note that on 6/24/60, the Marines sent LHO notice of his 8/7/60 hearing that was never received and returned "unclaimed" - this resulted in his undesirable discharge and the loss of his benefits. See https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1136&search=martcom#relPageId=734&tab=page - Also see The Twelve Who Built the Oswald Legend, part 3: https://maryferrell.org/pages/Essay_-_Oswald_Legend_3.html References to both of these June 1960 documents can be found in Scott's book Dallas 63, pp. 103-104. 19 WH 703 references 02296-E. Also see https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=205272&relPageId=2 Note how "Harvey" is circled on this 11/22/63 memo: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=217732&search=5520#relPageId=60&tab=page

124-10184-10257: [No Title]

6/7/63 3903-S affirms that John Abt advised that the CPUSA should release the accounting books "in their present condition" if they are subpoenaed for use as evidence in a federal court proceeding. (7/3/63 FBI Report of SA John L. Fagan, New York, re John Jacob Abt)


11/23/63 memo from CGASARFOUR, Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas to RUCCHKD/CINC, US Strike Command, Fort McGill, Florida. (Info sent to USCONARC - US Continental Army Command - at Ft. Monroe and to the 921 offices of ONI) Discussion of the history of the FPCC; additional information on "Oswald, Harvey Lee; DPB 18 Oct 39; POB New Orleans, LA; Physical Description: 5 feet 10 inches, 165 pounds, blue eyes, light brown hair. Another copy of this document can be found at jfk.hood.edu

FBI 105-82555 Oswald HQ File, Section 3

11/24/63 memo, 5:11 pm, from SAC, NY to Director FBI re CP USA, IS-C (note: Internal Security: Communism) - file 100-3: This FBI had a 3 page memo - with a handwritten note "Harvey Lee Oswald" - and obviously focused on the United States Communist Party - on a memo completely covered with black ink and with missing pages. This memo is probably the one described below. Record Number: 124-10156-10002 Record Series: HQ Agency: FBI Agency File No.: 105-82555-1ST NR 96 Originator: FBI From: SAC, NY To: DIRECTOR, FBI Date: 11/24/1963 Pages: 3 Subjects: LHO, POST-RP, POL AND SUBV ACT, FPCC; Document Type: PAPER, TEXTUAL DOCUMENT Classification: UNCLASSIFIED Restrictions: OPEN IN FULL Current Status: OPEN Date of Last Review: 03/07/1995 On the next page, a follow-up memo dated 11/25 and 7:47 pm is also completely blacked out. See 124-10156-10003 - the follow-up memo reveals that 3903-C (note that 3903-S is identified as a stenographer in 124-10369-10019, p. 3 - a hot memo that should be thoroughly read) remembers writing a letter to Oswald of Irving, Texas from one of her "dictation notebooks". "The letter was dictated by Arnold Johnson, and reads as..." before it is cut off. This first page of this memo was provided to the public on 10/26/17 - the other three pages remain missing at this time. Also see 124-10242-10266 for another version of this event - it also has at least one page missing.


11/27/63 cable REDACTED (Madrid?) to Director: "No station or liaison traces of Oswald." This is response to the Chief of Station seeking traces for "Harvey Lee Oswald".


1/17/68 memo from Chief, Mexico City to Chief WH. The attachment to this memo states: "Identity Sheet - Identity: Harvey OSWALD." On the previous page, the Mexico City station referred to the CIA photographing visitors to the Cuban embassy compound in the context of “the Identity Case” – and someone wrote in the word "OSWALD". IDENTITY was a code used by the CIA when they didn’t know someone’s name or the information was sensitive. One 201 file was literally named 201-IDENTITY - see 104-10247-10112 - https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=188579#relPageId=1


4/5/72: Memorandum for the Record by Scotty Miler, working in Jim Angleton's CI Division. "Subject: Harvey Lee Oswald - 1. Today, the DC/CI staff advised me that the Director had relayed via the DDP (note: Deputy Director of Plans) that the agency was NOT, under any circumstances, to make inquiries or ask questions of any source or defector about Oswald. 2. I will arrange to have the questions about Oswald sent to SB/CI (note: Soviet Branch/Counterintelligence) for use with the defector Oleg Lyalin returned to me and will advise C/SB/CI about the injunction. 6 April 1972." An addendum states: "Jane Curtis, SB/CI, is returning to me the question for Lyalin. Attached 10.7/72. SM" See page 5: page 5: CI officer Scotty Miler comments to "Mrs. E" - Ann Egerter - that this is “interesting re Oswald angle and DCS source (Domestic Contact Services) protection angle – which cannot understand myself. However, we should note this re Oswald for future. "Pete (probably Pete Bagley, a CI supervisor) has seen and I routed orig to (Ray) Rocca (note: Rocca was a trusted assistant officer to CI chief James Angleton.” Page 6 states what was probably the original question for Oleg Lyalin: "Do you have information about Lee Harvey Oswald and/or his wife Marina Oswald (nee Prussakova)?" (Note that Marina's maiden name was actually Prusakova.)

157-10011-10092: TESTIMONY OF VICTOR MARCHETTI, 28 MAR 1975

Deposition of Victor Marchetti, 3/28/75, p. 66, Church Committee Boxed File: Domestic Contact Services was described by Victor Marchetti as a "pretty straightforward debriefing type operation". Domestic Contact Services was the office that set up debriefings of American citizens upon their return from overseas when they have valuable information within the CIA’s purview.


This 1977 statement by a CIA employee whose name is redacted states that a "SANCA" file inquiry turned up one hit for "Harvey Lee Oswald" - found in the file of Krupnov, Kim Georgiyevich, security number 269298. See HSCA Report, Volume 12 - p. 523 - Kim Krupnov was in the Seventh Department of the KGB, the same department as the defector Yuri Nosenko.

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