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Pseudonym: Orrison, Samuel

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Stanley M. Moos. Samuel G. Orrison was in possession of two briefcases containing CIA files when they were stolen in Mexico City on November 29, 1960. The briefcases were never recovered and this led to the exposure of agents and assets in Mexico City and Miami.
Anne Goodpasture's history of the Mexico City station mentioned that Orrison was a 45-year old, U.S. citizen, who had served as a career agent in Mexico from 1951 to May 1960. Orrison moved to Houston, and was recruited again by Howard Hunt in August, 1960. Orrison worked extensively on CA projects using commercial cover. Also, Goodpasture's history also contained this passage: "Moos was returned to Headquarters for a technical interrogation on 19 December 1960. He appeared to be truthful in the reporting of the loss and circumstances surrounding the incident. There was no evidence of deception."

A cable on PBSUCCESS, in February, 1954, stated that "Lincoln left Orrison file at HQs. Details on possible compromise known by IDENS A and B." A cable in April, 1954, mentioned that Orrison and Twicker (Howard Hunt) had fabricated a story in Mexico about the Guatemalan Government. Also, Samuel G. Orrison reported on April 19, 1954, that he met Fritz G. Lindley, a friend in New Orleans on April 9th. Lindley was Superintendent, Latin American Division, of the Pan-American Life Insurance Company. Lindley was mentioned in photograph and caption No. 12 of this article:


Lindley became one of the vice-presidents of the Foreign Relations Association of New Orleans in May, 1965. Lloyd Cobb was also associated with this organization.

A cable on December 10, 1960, had a handwritten note which said "Re 'Orrison affair'" at the top. The cable also mentioned that Joseph Langan, Chief of the CIA's Office of Security, planned to take Dudley J. Pachuke to Washington for a lie detector test ETA December 12, 1960. Then he would travel via Houston to conduct a security check on Pachuke's house. Therefore, both Pachuke (pseudo for Stanley M. Moos) and Orrison had a documented link to Houston, both worked in Mexico, and both had links to Howard Hunt.


02/06/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: Slugline RYBAT PBSUCCESS: RE: (REDACTION) 911 (IN 16194), LINC 421 (IN 16408): "LINCOLN (CIA's Guatemalan covert operations headquarters, a forward base in Florida) left Orrison file at HQs. Details on possible compromise known by IDENS A and B."


04/01/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: Slugline RYBAT PBSUCCESS: "1. At one time in MEXI Orrison/Twicker fabricated story re GUAT Govt seizing and attempting peddle church jewels, famous effigy and sacred relics. Effect depended upon news story planted Holland or elsewhere; however WE Div did not cooperate. 2. Story had factual basis in such attempt some years previous and was thought credible. Belief was that Catholics particularly in WH area would become hostile to Arbenz regime. 3. Request pouch file LINC."


04/22/54: Memorandum from Boyd I. Rolender, Withheld to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: General: KUGOWN Operations. Specific: Orrison Reports: "As of possible interest to the addressees, Orrison has submitted the two enclosed reports on some of his observations made in connection with the reference mission." - - - Page 4: 04/19/54: "Re: Pan-American Life Insurance Co.: En route to New York, between plane connections, 9 April, I had dinner in New Orleans with an old friend Fritz G. Lindley and wife, Martha. Mr. Lindley is Superintendent, Latin American Division for subject company. Mr. Lindley mentioned to me that they were going back into Guatemala and asked me what I thought about it. I told him that in my opinion any American investor should think twice before investing money in Guatemala at this time; not only because of the risk due to the shaky communist government, but also because they would be giving a great deal of aid and comfort to a government that was known to be communist dominated, but also was an outspoken enemy of the United States..."

104-10171-10156: CABLE: ON 24 SEPT

09/27/60: Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline FROM TWICKER (Howard Hunt): JMNET: "1. On 24 Sept Twicker and Orrison using operational aliases met individually with following members MEXI delegation: Dr. Rolando Rojas, Roberto de Varona, Sergio Lopez Mesa (handwritten: Son-in-law Miro Cardona) and Julian Arias. 2. Each man in turn was informed re basic AMCIGAR (Frente Revolucionario Democratico - FRD - Executive Committee) reorganization with special emphasis future non-political makeup of action commissions, depts and delegations. Twicker told each man that Orrison was his representative in MEXI and would coordinate the work of the delegation which defined as convincing MEXI people and govt of justice and necessity of anti-Castro fight. Further told that while Bender (Gerard Droller) group respects individual political sympathies, all work done is in name of AMCIGAR and partisan politics must wait. 3. When each man had stated that he was willing and anxious to work duties were delineated in accordance with man's experience, aptness and insofar as possible his desires, they clearly understand Orrison in charge and fully backed by Twicker/Bender..."


11/22/60: Contact Report from Wallace A. Parlett (Gerard Droller): "1. As prearranged, Orrison came to Miami from Mexico on 14 November. Orrison is - under the supervision of the Mexico Station - the case officer for JMARC (overall Cuban operations, including the Bay of Pigs project) matters in Mexico and, in this connection, he handles the AMRASP (FRD - Democratic Revolutionary Front) branch office in our behalf. Orrison was introduced into this complex by Hamilton, but whether or not Orrison is known as a Bender (Gerard Droller) man or a Hamilton (Howard Hunt) man, or whatever else, has been left unspoken. 2. The evening of 14 November was spent in the company of Orrison and Hamilton, the former briefing me on AMRASP Mexico activities, the administrative set-up of the AMRASP branch offices and certain Station/Orrison relationships and/or problems. Since it became clear that the AMRASP Mexico branch was primarily a propaganda instrumentality, Hamilton and the undersigned, after consultation with COS/JMASH, felt it advisable to bring Orrison together with the JMASH (Forward operating base - CIA, Miami) propaganda offices and subsequently with WH/4/PROP section in Washington. Hamilton undertook to arrange for the scheduling of these meetings."


Anne Goodpasture's History of the Mexico City Station: From Page 341: ..."Theft of Two Briefcases: On 29 November 1960, two briefcases containing classified information on Mexico City Station operations, and on US Government support of the Revolutionary Democratic Front (Frente Revolucionario Democratico - FRD), an anti-Castro Cuban exile propaganda group, were stolen from (REDACTION). (REDACTION) was a 45-year old US citizen who had served as a career agent in Mexico from 1951 to May 1960. He worked extensively on CA projects, using commercial cover. (REDACTION) was hired as a contract employee at $5,000 per year but was raised to $8,330 with career agent status before he resigned in May 1960 and moved to Houston, Texas. In August 1960, (REDACTION) was recruited again by E. Howard Hunt to work on CIA projects on a part-time basis on business trips made between Houston and Mexico City. (REDACTION) received a salary of $30 per day as a contract agent for those days he actually performed CIA work. (REDACTION) visited the station offices in Miami and Headquarters in November 1960 for a briefing on aspects of his job. He then spent Thanskgiving in Houston with his family, and on all of these travels he carried two large briefcases of classified CIA papers. (REDACTION) arrived in Mexico City from Houston on Pan American Airlines at 1115 hours on Tuesday, 29 November 1960. He picked up his station wagon at the airport parking lot...and proceeded to his office at Rio de la Plata No. 56-502. He parked ...around the corner on Calle Atoyac in front of No. 21. (REDACTION) went in the back seat of the station wagon and opened the two briefcases, and extracted some papers pertaining to his personal business. He closed the briefcases, covered them with a suitbag, and laid them on the floor in the rear of the station wagon. He then got out and locked the doors and windows of the station wagon." (CONTINUED BELOW).


Anne Goodpasture's History of the Mexico City Station: From Page 343: "Some 30 minutes later, (REDACTION) returned to the station wagon and, after glancing to the rear to note that the suitbag was in place, proceeded to his apartment. When he picked up the suitbag, the briefcases were missing. Examination of the station wagon revealed that a small window in front had been forced open. (REDACTION) returned to the Atoyac area and drove around for about a half hour, then went back to his apartment and telephoned his Mexico City Station contact, (REDACTION), to report the bad news. (REDACTION) then advised COS Scott and subsequently began a detailed debriefing to ascertain the contents of the briefcases and to itemize the damage...Every investigative asset of the Mexico City Station combed the city, even the thieves market, in search of the briefcases, but no clue to their whereabouts was ever found. All leads came to a dead end. Moos was returned to Headquarters for a technical interrogation on 19 December 1960. He appeared to be truthful in the reporting of the loss and circumstances surrounding the incident. There was no evidence of deception. Among the missing papers were the true names of the following CIA employees: Joseph Baker, Gerald Droller, Jacob D. Esterline, (REDACTION), David A. Phillips, (REDACTION), Stannard K. Short, (REDACTION), Philip Toomey, E. Howard Hunt, and William Kent. The following official cryptonyms and pseudonyms were compromised: AMCIGAR, AMGUPPY-1, AMHAWK-1 and 2, AMRASP, AMWAIL, AMWAIL-1 through 12, JMASH, Samuel G. Orrison (pseudonym for (REDACTION), and Walter C. Twicker (pseudonym for Hunt)...The following miscellaneous agents and contacts were also identified in the missing papers: AMSAIL-1, LIMASK, LITAINT-6, LITAINT-7, RNLABILE, Rodriguez B. Rodriguez, Raul E. Ruffo, Adolfo Desentis Ortega, Florencio R. Maya, Ray Fisk, and LIBELOW..."


12/10/60: Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline RYBAT JMNET SECURITY: (Handwritten note: "Re 'Orrison affair'"). REF: DIR 1578 OUT 51434)* "1. "Debriefing Pachuke (Stanley Moos) continuing. Longan plans take Pachuke WASH for LCFLUTTER (polygraph - "lie detector") testing) ETA 12 December 60. Will travel via Houston security check Pachuke's house. Request reserve hotel room WASH. 2. Possible new lead on morning 9 December 60 when one Johnson FNU, speaking Texas (?) English, phoned Cuban Embassy Mexico City from Nogales Mexico saying had 'very very important' info to give them. Said info about Dr. Verona (handwritten: Varona) (sic) and Florencio of New York. Said could not come Mexico City because did not want name on visa. Said would be at room 611 Marcos Hotel Nogales Mexico until 12 December. Cuban Emb said would try make contact with him soonest. (Source LIENVOY). At station request ODURGE (U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service - INS) Mexico City alerted ODURGE Nogales Mexico by phone for IDEN info, surveillance, possible room search and prevention transfer any info. Will advise. 3. Station continuing exploit all assets, run out all possible leads. LIFIRE team have trapped car setup same area view WAVE similar break-ins this area. Pachuke advertising reward and alert for phone overtures from possible thieves. CS Comment: *Mr. Langan, KUSODA (CIA Office of Security) Chief JMARC (overall Cuban operations, including the Bay of Pigs project) presence required HQs prior 12 Dec. Requested schedule."


05/10/65: New Orleans States Item article: "Gilbert H. Vorhoff has been elected president of the Foreign Relations Association of New Orleans. He succeeds Robert E. Elliot. Vice-presidents chosen included W. James Amoss, James F. Bezou and Fritz G. Lindley. Mrs. Joseph Cohen was named secretary and Mrs. John W. Ormond treasurer. Mrs. John W. Wilson and William D. Humphries received one-year board of director terms and Mrs. Donald Kirchoff and Mrs. Douglas Douglas Lowrey two-year terms. Elected to three-year board terms were Mrs. Cassius L. Tillman III, H. Zac Carter and Lloyd Cobb."

104-10104-10348: COBB, LLOYD J.

03/18/68: Memorandum from CI/R&A to John Greaney, OGC: "Lloyd J. Cobb, born 19 July 1904, New Orleans, Louisiana, senior member of the law firm, Cobb and Wright, New Orleans, Louisiana, was granted a Provisional Security Approval on 19 June 1967 to permit contact and assessment of Cobb in connection with his use on a Cleared Attorneys' Panel for the Office of General Counsel. Cobb had been granted a Covert Security Clearance on 3 October 1953 for use on a private attorneys' panel for the OGC. A security investigation in 1953 was generally favorable. Noteworthy information regarding Subject at the time was a report that in 1949 while he was serving as President of the International House in New Orleans, he and one Rudolph Hecht were alone in favoring a Czech exhibit at the International Trade Mart. Hecht, President of the Hibernian Bank of New Orleans at the time was reportedly the power behind the International House and Trade Mart and Cobb was said to be his protégé. Both Cobb and Hecht took the stand that trade with a Russian satellite was desirable as long as it was not prohibited by law and was profitable, regardless of other considerations...Cobb's law firm main client in 1953 was the Helis' corporation..."


02/15/78: CIA document: Page 15: ..."60. Orrison: Samuel G. Orrison (pseudo); (REDACTION) (true name)...Chris Hopkins, LA/COG/CI. 2. The above list constitutes those passed to Chris Hopkins and Bill Sturbitts by the CI Staff."


Undated: CIA document: Page 11: ..."60. Stanley Moos..." - - - The website tpaak.com website has both of the last two documents cited here: https://www.tpaak.com/pseudonyms

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