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Pseudonym: Ordway, William F.

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General Charles P. Cabell, he was appointed Deputy Director of Central Intelligence during April of 1953.

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_P._Cabell

1947-1963: In August 1947, he was promoted major general and returned to Air Force headquarters, serving in planning and intelligence roles, and became director of Air Force Intelligence in May 1948. He held this director of Air Force Intelligence post until 1951, before being made director of the staff for the Joint Chiefs of Staff from November 1951 to 1953. During this time, he was promoted to lieutenant general.[citation needed] In 1952, he was an enthusiastic promoter of the U-2 spy plane, along with Allen Welsh Dulles and John Foster Dulles. On April 23, 1953, while still an active air force officer, he was appointed Deputy Director of the CIA under Allen Dulles. In 1956, along with the CIA's Richard Bissell, he flew to Bonn, to brief the West German Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer, on the ultra-secret U-2 spy plane. Cabell personally negotiated with Chancellor Adenauer for permission to station the U-2 in Wiesbaden and from there to fly over the Soviet Union illegally. It was the U-2 program that allowed CIA chief Allen Dulles to sabotage the peace summit between Khrushchev and Eisenhower. Cabell was promoted to full general in 1958. Cabell was forced to resign as Deputy Director by President Kennedy on January 31, 1962, following the failure of the Bay of Pigs Invasion.[4] Cabell's brother, Earle Cabell, was Mayor of Dallas when Kennedy visited that city and was assassinated, on November 22, 1963

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala Current Section: 265. 6/30/54-Telegram From the Central Intelligence Agency to Operation PBSUCCESS Headquarters in Florida

06/30/54: Telegram from Ascham (Allen Dulles), Ordway (Charles Cabell) and Whiting (Frank Wisner): "1. To Playdon (Tracy Barnes), Dunbar, and all hands at LINC as well as all elements of PBSUCCESS complex: Heartiest congratulations upon outcome developments past forty-eight hours.4 A great victory has been won. This victory is the more notable by virtue of the extreme difficulties of the operation and the odds which were recognized to be against our chances of success from the outset. The energy and devotion of the personnel at LINC and the field Stations has been truly exceptional and has served as an inspiration and a challenge to all of us at hqs. 2. It is requested that LINC pass on the foregoing to all appropriate elements of PBSUCCESS field complex and at full strength. Hqs assumes LINC will have its own special messages to send to the field but desires to have hqs congratulations expressed as well. 3. Not necessary to repeat hqs congratulations to Guat and [place not declassified] because this done directly by refs. These messages were thus sent by hqs for special reason that JMBLUG and SKILLET key members team effort WSBURNT and WSHOOFS parts of operation and had their initial briefings and indoctrination from hqs. Accordingly it seemed appropriate hqs extend congratulations to them both as members of the true team effort and individually..."

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala

This State Department summary of US Foreign Relations between nineteen fifty-two and nineteen fifty-four recounts US operations conducted in Guatemala that include a reference to the pseudonym William F. Ordway. This pseudonym is identified within the document under the Persons and Pseudonyms section as General Charles Cabell.


Re Summer of 1961: Robert Morrow claims the following: "(Mario Kohly) presents his plan to Vice President Richard Nixon and General Charles Cabell, deputy director of the CIA. Nixon requested that CIA cooperate with Kohly. He was inducted into the secret war by General Cabell and Ed Kendricks and given cover identity of Robert Porter...Kennedy Administration was not aware of plan, with General Cabell apparently working independently. This took place in the summer of 1961."

Oswald 201 File, Vol 3, Att 3 & 4, Part 2

9/28/64 AP story reviewing the Warren Commission report: "Four Saw Oswald Murder Kennedy": "...the words of those who actually saw the shooting - the eyewitnesses. They were a steamfitter, a schoolboy, the wife of Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell, a photographer. They snapped alert when they heard a noise - it sounded to them like a firecracker or backfire - and looked up to see a man in a sixth floor window of the Texas School Book Depository window firing a rifle...Mrs. Cabell, also in the motorcade, jerked her head up at the first shot and saw 'a rather long looking thing' sticking out the window."

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