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Pseudonym: Nutting, Jeremy

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Jeremy T. Nutting was probably Enno Hobbing. Nutting was involved in Operation PBSUCCESS. Hobbing was probably later assigned the cryptonym GPAZURE.
Two cables on June 28, 1954, mentioned that Nutting, Bannister (probably John Doherty), JMBLUG (John S. Peurifoy) and others had held talks with the junta in Guatemala.

Tim Weiner, in Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA, stated that Al Haney (Jerome Dunbar) ordered Enno Hobbing to talk to Colonel Carlos Enrique Diaz (STANDEL-1) on June 28, 1954. Therefore, it is probable that Jerome T. Nutting was a pseudonym used by Enno Hobbing.

A memo to J. C. King on April 12, 1954, mentioned that the author "thought that Nutting understood that all policy PW positions such as this require Headquarters approval. His failure in this case, i.e., that of a Station not under PBSUCCESS jurisdiction, is not understandable."

A series of dispatches in April and May, 1954, indicated that Jeremy T. Nutting worked closely with Jerome C. Dunbar at LINCOLN (CIA's Guatemalan covert operations headquarters, a forward base in Florida). A memo from Tracy Barnes on May 7, 1954, made a reference to Nutting's visit to Mexico. A cable on May 16, 1954, mentioned a phone call between Nutting and Frank G. Wisner in relation to the Alfhem vessel. A dispatch on the same day stated that Headquarters had been informed by cable on May 14 of the agreements reached on the K-Program at the 11 May meeting between Bannister, Clower (Joseph G. Sancho), Page (probably Henry Hecksher) and Nutting. A dispatch on May 17, 1954, mentioned "Nutting's oral request that Razmara study ways and means of getting up a 'full head' of psychological steam during the final stages of PBSUCCESS."

A cable on June 14, 1954, stated that LINCOLN was assigning Nutting to assist the Chief of Station (COS), Guatemala, in handling the K Program, "provide guidance on overall PBSUCCESS operations and other complex matters under consideration." The cable was at pains to stress Nutting's assignment would not be above Earle Bannister.


01/06/54: Cable from Director to LINCOLN: Slugline PBSUCCESS/RYBAT: "1. Ref 22 Dec meeting of Galbond (J.C. King), Dunbar, ODACID (U.S. State Department) friend, Nutting. ODACID reported Jose Luis Arenas and Joaquin Ocana, anti-commie WSBURNT (Guatemala) politicians, were seeing him and offering cooperation. Pouching details. 2. Arenas claimed personal friendship with (REDACTION) residing (REDACTION) last week. Ocana residing with Dr. Roy E. Bodet, 731 Porteous St., New Orleans. 3. Galbond suggests debriefing (REDACTION) on 2 men. 4. Clearances being initiated."


02/15/54: Air dispatch from Chief, WH to COS, LINCOLN (Attention: Nutting): Subject: General: Specific: Remarks by CWH re debriefing of (REDACTION): "1. As per your request of 15 January 1954 the following remarks made by CWH to Jeremy T. Nutting and Notbohm relative to the Headquarters debriefing of (REDACTION) the week of 11 January 1954 are forwarded for inclusion in your files. a. (REDACTION) morale is good, and he is in excellent spirits. There is no handling problem. He is aware of the need for control over RUFUS (Carlos Castillo Armas). b. Read the four-page letter from RUFUS dated 7 February 1954. Ready to go. Galbond (J. C. King) said that he had to have time to train. This must be emphasized on 20 January 1954. c. Arenas-Ocana. The problem is how to keep them from freewheeling. Did Arenas see McCarthy? Arenas has now gone back. He met (REDACTION) gave him hell and told him to stay in line. Ocana left 14 January 1954. He will be in New Orleans for a few weeks or a month. (REDACTION) says Arenas does have the following and can put on demonstrations. Ocana is just a sidekick. d. Calderon Guardia is in Caracas with his (REDACTION) who is a member of the RUFUS group. The latter had orders to prevent any Calderon-Jimenez agreement to attack Costa Rica before Guatemala. On his return, the (REDACTION) will report. e. RByP and (REDACTION) Agreement did not have RUFUS's signature. It was taken to (REDACTION) who brushed it off because it lacked RUFUS' signature. Three or four Guatemalans signed, made separate and secret approaches to RUFUS in the last few weeks and promised allegiance. Keep appraising this. Galbond is particularly interested in this issue." - - - This cable on 22 February stated that Nutting was handcarrying complete project from LINCOLN (CIA's Guatemalan covert operations headquarters, a forward base in Florida) to HQs: https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/docs/DOC_0000135960.pdf


04/12/54: Memorandum from Withheld, General Deputy - WH to Col. J. C. King, Chief, WH: Subject: Comments on HUL-A-378: ..."6. Nutting's covering letter states it is not to be considered his recommendation for the final product, but is left to Rolender's judgement. If it is to become Rolender's responsibility, as I infer to be the case, it should have had prior Headquarters approval. I had thought that Nutting understood that all policy PW positions such as this require Headquarters approval. His failure in this case, i.e., that of a Station not under PBSUCCESS jurisdiction, is not understandable." - - - Page 2: Routing and Record Sheet: 03/31/54: Esterline's name in the TO column. Comment "By Hand."


04/21/54: Air dispatch from LINCOLN to COS, Guatemala: Draft memo prepared by Nutting for Graham L. Page's (probably Henry Hecksher) guidance. Dispatch signed by Jerome C. Dunbar. JCD/JTN.- - - 04/28/54: Air dispatch from LINCOLN to COS, Guatemala: From Jerome C. Dunbar. 3 - Files: Jeremy T. Nutting. https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/docs/DOC_0000916117.pdf - - - 05/05/54: Air dispatch from LINCOLN to COS, Guatemala: Subject: General - KUGOWN - Operational: Specific - "32" Campaign: Signed by Jerome C. Dunbar. 4 - Files: Jeremy T. Nutting. https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/docs/DOC_0000915652.pdf


05/07/54: Memorandum for the record from C. Tracy Barnes: Subject: Trip to Washington, D.C. on May 4-5: "1. During the two days I attended two long meetings, one each day in Frank Wisner's office. In addition to Wisner and myself, there were present for all or part of the meeting the first day, Messrs. Bissell, Helms, Roosevelt, (REDACTION), Esterline and Ray Leddy: the second day, Messrs. Bissell, Helms, Roosevelt, (REDACTION)...3. I reported briefly on the following subjects: a. What had been done on the suggestions set forth in a memo written by Mr. Wisner giving deception ideas. I pointed out the instructions which Ontrich (Nestor Sanchez) was given plus mentioning the possible use of (REDACTION), the use of (REDACTION) trip to B.A. as a possible ground for implicating Peron and the use of letters from either Calligeris (Carlos Castillo Armas) or (REDACTION) as a basis for making it appear that help is being sought from a group in Texas. It was felt that (REDACTION) might be useful if his activities were limited to Texas. Nutting will work on this on his trip...d. Page's (probably Henry Hecksher) activities: (1) with respect to (REDACTION) (2) with respect to a labor man to help him. As to (1) a report from SOCCER (probably Charles Siemon) on his return was mentioned but detailed discussion was withheld pending receipt of the SOCCER report in writing plus Page's dispatches. As to (2), Headquarters was told that it was too late to pursue the CIO man any further and LINCOLN would do the best it could through personnel already in the field and through any openings which Nutting may find on his trip to Mexico...7...a. The need for State to be working on such matters as recognition of a new government...economic aid...and generally what sort of political setup State would like to see...Both LINCOLN and Headquarters should do some work on this and I would suggest that (REDACTION) might think about the problem in order to discuss it with Nutting on his return..."


05/16/54: Cable from Director to LINCOLN, GUAT, Withheld (Orig: Withheld, Unit: WH (PBS): Slugline RYBAT PBSUCCESS: "1. Alfhem Swedish diesel vessel 4840 gross tons Lloyds list of 11 May reports last sighting on 22 April off Brest peninsula enroute Stettin Poland to Dakar. 2. Assume you doing all possible ascertain full facts by rechecking with original source and any other available means. One portion original report seems dubious viz: We question capability unload 2000 tons in three hours. 3. Through ODACID (U.S. State Department) we have contacted (REDACTION) and requested all possible assistance obtain further info re shipment and attempt delay unloading and/or forward movement of arms. 4. This confirms our understanding based on Nutting phone conversation with Whiting (Frank G. Wisner) that LINC instructions (REDACTION) to send in soonest sab team. Do we correctly assume team will have WT commo capability? Anticipate there will be need for guidance to teams based on subsequent developments and info. 5. Info DIR at equal precedence all traffic this subject."


05/16/54: Air dispatch from LINCOLN to COS, Guatemala: Subject: Operational Notes for Graham L. Page: ..."3. For the information of Guatemala Station and Page (probably Henry Hecksher), Headquarters was informed by cable on 14 May of the agreements reached on the K-Program at the 11 May meeting between Bannister (probably John Doherty), Clower (Joseph G. Sancho), Page and Nutting. It was pointed out in the cable that the K-Program originally comprised intelligence, defection, 'priming' and labor defection, but that it would now, for purposes of security and concentration on key issues, be restricted to intelligence and military defection. Page's assumption of control over ESQUIRE and his high regard for ESQUIRE's ability were noted. (REDACTION)'s threefold duties, intelligence, KUGOWN (Psychological and Paramilitary Staff) appeals to the Army and recruitment in Guatemala City garrisons-were listed. It was explained that Burnette would handle the backstopping and commo for Page, and that Burnette's diplomatic status provided Page more protection than Clower, as a bodyguard, could provide. A separate cable was sent on the use of Clower as the case officer on ESCOBILLA (probably Doctor Hector Goicolea), SEMANTIC (probably Domingo Goicolea Villacorta) and SECANT (Major Enrique Trinidad Oliva). 4. LINCOLN (CIA's Guatemalan covert operations headquarters, a forward base in Florida) would appreciate cabled confirmation that Burnette has taken over the backstopping and commo responsibilities for Page. 5. Bannister is hereby informed that the responsibility for coordinating CE information in Guatemala, regarding government knowledge of and counter-plans to PBSUCCESS, devolves on him. He is to coordinate and evaluate both the intelligence reports procured by Page from (REDACTION) and the information obtained by regular Station assets. (REDACTION). Jerome C. Dunbar. Attachment: JCD/JTN..."


05/17/54: Dispatch from COS, Guatemala to Chief, LINCOLN: Subject: General - Operational Report. Specific - ESSENCE: "1. Attached are two reports from Eliot P. Razmara relating to ESSENCE activities...3. Para. II of Encl. 1 is a consequence of Nutting's oral request that Razmara study ways and means of getting up a 'full head' of psychological steam during the final stages of PBSUCCESS. 'Alfalfa' is the person working with ESSENCE on black activities. His identity and biographic data will be submitted in a separate dispatch...George L. Tranger (John Doherty)."


06/12/54: Cable from Director to LINCOLN (Orig: Tracy Barnes, Unit: WH/PBS): Slugline RYBAT/PBSUCCESS: "1. Playdon (Tracy Barnes) telephoning but for record following decisions made: A. Nutting can proceed WSBURNT (Guatemala) as planned. Understand passport sent via commo. Personnel leaving WASH by plane morning 12 June. B. Langevin (David Phillips) plus necessary radio personnel should proceed SHERWOOD (CIA radio broadcasting program based in Nicaragua) soonest feasible for purposes agreed. C. Dunbar movement KMFLUSH (Nicaragua) disapproved by Whiting (Frank G. Wisner) on grounds security risk too great being well-known, easily identified due size and bound attract attention due command position he would exercise. Whiting however will raise point Ascham (Allen Dulles) on his return from trip Sunday night or early Monday morning. 2. Playdon planning return as soon as possible." Authenticating Officer: Tracy Barnes.


06/14/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: Slugline RYBAT PBSUCCESS: "1. Jeremy T. Nutting en route your station on (unintelligible) June for 30 days TDY. 2. LINC is assigning Nutting as above in order to assist COS GUAT in handling K Program, provide guidance on overall PBSUCCESS operations and other complex matters under consideration. His assignment is in no way above Earl Bannister (probably John Doherty) but on contrary to provide the latter fullest possible assistance during forthcoming period of decision." - - - This cable on 14 June 1954, from LINCOLN to Director, stated that Jeremy T. Nutting had been in El Salvador: https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/docs/DOC_0000921983.pdf

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala: Current Section: 255. 6/28/54-Telegram From the CIA Station in Guatemala to Operation PBSUCCESS Headquarters in Florida

06/28/54: Telegram from Guatemala Station to Operation PBSUCCESS Headquarters in Florida: "992. Re: GUAT 990. (2) 1. We have been double-crossed. 2. [3 names not declassified] formed junta and announced it over TGW at 1145. (REDACTION) renounced presidency, kept chief armed forces. (REDACTION) Min Defense. (REDACTION) Minister of Gobernacion. (REDACTION) asked (REDACTION) remain. This complete violation agreement 7 hours earlier. 3. With (REDACTION) failure, issue became readiness of junta negotiate with Calligeris (Carlos Castillo Armas). JMBLUG (John S. Peurifoy), JMBLUG-1, ESQUIRE, Bannister (probably John Doherty), Nutting spent from 1200 to 1415 with junta. (REDACTION) spoke for junta. They refused give yes or no to JMBLUG question whether they would meet Calligeris. Evaded all issues, praised their own anti-communism, slandered Calligeris, cried have beaten army retain power in nation. 4. Urgently recommend bombing Adam (Guatemala City) this afternoon. 5. Next mtg 1730, same participants. Bombs would persuade them fast." - - - This cable on 28 June, 1954, from Guatemala to Director, mentioned that ESQUIRE, SMILAX (Colonel Enrique Parinello de Leon, Guatemalan Army Chief of Staff) conferred with Bannister and Nutting. https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/docs/DOC_0000934426.pdf

(2008) Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA by Tim Weiner

Pages 117-118: ..."Ambassador Peurifoy met with the coup plotters on June 27, victory within his grasp. But then Arbenz ceded power to Colonel Carlos Enrique Diaz, who formed a junta and vowed to fight Castillo Armas. 'We have been double-crossed,' Peurifoy cabled. Al Haney sent a message to all CIA stations identifying Diaz as a 'Commie agent.' He ordered a silver-tongued CIA officer, Enno Hobbing, Time's Berlin bureau chief before joining the agency, to have a little talk with Diaz at dawn the next day. Hobbing delivered the message to Diaz: 'Colonel, you are not convenient for American foreign policy'"...

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