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Pseudonym: Newby, Walter

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Walter D. Newby was a pseudonym used by CIA officer George E. Joannides.


07/24/62, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: "ORIGINATING: OFFICE: PW, OFFICER: Walter D. Newby/jtr."


12/07/62, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: "Pursuant to recent Reuteman discussions at HQs Walter D. Newby was introduced by Nelander to AMHINT-53 Dec 4 as new CIA representative who would handle AMSPELL affairs. Newby explained proceeding Washington, D.C. arrange personal affairs would resume contacts AMSPELL week Dec 10."


01/14/63, Cable from JMWAVE to Director (Orig: PW/NEWBY/crs): Slugline GYROSE AMSPELL: "1. Using AMSPELL 26 Dec coded broadcast over WMIE as opening wedge, Newby reprimanded AMHINT-53 for failure report unusual substance text. Also pointed out this flagrant violation FCC regulations thus placing CIA in embarrassing position. A-53 apologized but said it urgently necessary alert Cuban AMSPELLS to penetration danger. This first time existence penetration reported by A-53 or other AMSPELL member. To inquiry why A-53 withheld such info from CIA although known to AMSPELL for months, A-53 replied AMSPELL merely suspected penetration before but only now certain. Avoided give specifics. 2. A-53 characterized penetration as mortal blow AMSPELL KUTUBE KUWOLF urban apparat and said would have to rebuild practically from scratch. Asked if CIA would help, Newby replied always ready consider such type ops provided full disclosures plans, joint management and compliance CIA security practises. A-53 said AMSPELL now working up such plans and would present for Newby approval when completed, probably by 20 Jan. Newby recommended a security review remaining clandestine assets and requested full report on clandestine apparat before and after round-ups, as good starting point for future ops. A-53 agreed prepare. 3. JMWAVE now preparing independent report on AMSPELL apparat based on info collected from various sources including AMSPELL. Will use this for purposes comparison with A-53 report. At completion exercise, will forward current apparat picture plus plans for future exploitation."


01/16/63, Memo for the record from Paul I. Napolilli: Subject: Conversation With AMHINT/53: "Just before the LCFLUTTER interview of AMHINT/55 and AMBARB/65 on 15 January 1963, the examiner had a brief conversation with AMHINT/53, Chief of AMSPELL. During the conversation, AMHINT/53 brought up two points which he said he was thinking of mentioning to Walter D. Newby some time soon and which the examiner would like to make sure are brought to the attention of his case officer and the Chief of Station. First, although H/53 was reluctant to take an LCFLUTTER test himself, he was thinking seriously of setting up a systematic program for the LCFLUTTER of all members of AMSPELL. In order to explore the extent of Subject's feeling of resistance, the examiner said he considered this an excellent idea, but it would require that H/53 not only take a test himself but that he would have to be the first to take the test if such a series was initiated. After briefly discussing the reasons for this H-53 said he was willing to accept such an arrangement. The examiner suggested he make the arrangements through Newby when he was ready to begin the program. Second, H/53 reported that he was checking out some indications of a Cuban national in the United States Army who was a 'communist', but that his information was not yet good enough for him to make allegations. The examiner told him he could understand his desire to complete the job before reporting it, but that it would probably be best that he report all the information he had to Newby some time before the end of the week. H/53 said he would do this and that he expected his investigations to be completed by that time."


02/13/63, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: "1. A somewhat ruffled AMHINT-53 came to a meeting last week carrying a copy of 'The Real Story on Cuba' by James Bayard. A couple of copies of the tome, a paperback, was forwarded to Headquarters under cover of Transmittal Manifest #261748, dated 5 February 1963. 2. In handing the book to Newby, AMHINT-53 emphasized that AMSPELL had nothing to do with the writing, that the reputation of AMSPELL was damaged and that AMSPELL was trying to ascertain the real identity of the author in order to institute libel proceedings. Newby suggested that AMSPELL proceed cautiously since such a suit would only serve to give the book considerable publicity and boost sales which otherwise would probably be minimal. Newby also pointed out that AMSPELL would have difficulty in proving damages. AMHINT-53 asked Newby to forward the book to CIA Headquarters for a legal opinion from the advisers of Fletcher B. Knight. Newby replied he would oblige but expected to receive a reply somewhat along the lines of his own (Newby's) recommendation. 3. In independent reports by AMPAD-1, AMPALM-4 and William S. Wibalda, the true identity of the author was established as Subject of reference (i.e. Dahlman). Later, when AMHINT-53 'discovered' the identity, he notified Newby. 4. AMPAD-1 reported that considerable information was made available to Dahlman by Miguel Laza, the AMSPELL representative in New York City. The present furore is caused because AMHINT-53 and AMHINT-2 thought the book was going to be a serious undertaking which would 'immortalize AMSPELL and its leaders for posterity.' The paperback edition, which a rather light, slick adventure twist, was not what the AMSPELL leaders had in mind...To the knowledge of AMPAD-1, Dahlman is not a member of AMSPELL."


09/06/63, Cable from Director to JMWAVE (Orig: J.S. Tilton, Unit: SAS/MOB): "REF: WAVE 3856 (IN 13134). HQs concurs with Ref per conversation with Newby. SAS Comment: AMSPELL-AMBARB relations."


10/22/63, Cable from Director to Caracas and JMWAVE (Orig: R. C. Brown, Unit: WH/I/V): "HQs concerned as to how CITUTOR-1 involvement with AMSPELLS may affect utilization CITUTOR group in other station activities. Will discuss with Newby after his arrival HQs and advise. *WH Comment: Suggests Newby come HQs to discuss AMHINT-5 activities in Venezuela." Releasing Officer: W. Hood for J. C. King, C/WHD. Coordinating Officer: SAS/MOB: (Signature). Authenticating Officer: C. E. Apple, C/WH/1.


01/01/64, CIA document: Titled: "IMPLEMENTATION OF MIRO DECLARATION: After Receipt of Cable from SANJ:... WMIE program (Voz del Pueblo (Sat. & Sun. night): Newby thru BINAURAL and Salvador Lew. Office home - 865-9632..."

104-10304-10000: FIVE (5) FITNESS REPORTS ON JOANNIDES, GEORGE, 1963, 1964 AND 1979

01/08/79, Memo from S.D. Breckinridge to Director of Personnel and five fitness reports on George E. Joannides: Page 3: FITNESS REPORT: .."12. Reporting Period: 1 April 1963 - 31 March 1964...SPECIFIC DUTIES: No. 1: Supervises and manages the Station's covert action branch which employs (REDACTION) staff officers and (REDACTION) contract employees: Rating Letter: S (Strong). No. 2: Serves as senior case officer for a student project which involves distribution of printed propaganda, production of radio programs, and the development of political action programs: Rating Letter: S. No. 3: Maintains liaison with the FI, CI and PM branch chiefs, in order to insure that the Station's covert action effort is appropriately supporting the missions of the other branches: Rating letter: P (Proficient). No. 4: Conducts production and security reviews on the Station's covert action operations: Rating letter: P. OVERALL PERFORMANCE IN CURRENT POSITION: Rating letter: S." Page 4: SECTION C: NARRATIVE COMMENTS: Subject is a hard working, dedicated and effective officer who has proven by performance that he can accomplish assigned operational tasks in allowable time limits...Subject responded to the challenge of the first echelon supervisory responsibilities in an exemplary manner. Subject managed a branch that had a yearly budget of two million four hundred thousand dollars. These funds were judiciously spent on printed propaganda, white and black radio programs, and on political action operations which were implemented via labor, student and professional groups...Subject has a distinct flair for political action operations and can translate policy directives into meaningful action programs by all of his assets...In the management field, Subject's only discernible weakness is a tendency to be abrupt with subordinates..." Fitness Report for period 1 January 1963 - 31 July 1963: Page 7: ..."SECTION D:.. Date: July 31, 1963. Signature /a/Walter D. NEWBY (signed in pseudo..)"


03/03/98, Memo from Michelle Combs, Special Assistant for Research and Review to Jeremy Gunn, ARRB Executive Director: "In response to ARRB's informal request for additional information and records...CIA provided access to the Office of Personnel file for Mr. George E. Joannides. I have examined the personnel file for Mr. Joannides for the period 1961-64 and 1978-79. Mr. Joannides appears in documents in the CIA Sequestered Collection under his pseudonym Walter D. Newby. During the period December 1962 to April 1964, Mr. Joannides was assigned as a covert action officer at JMWAVE serving as deputy and then chief of the station's cover action branch. During this time period, Mr. Joannides was the case officer for the Cuban exile group Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (DRE). The descriptions of his duties and accomplishments in the personnel file are very general and contain no specific reference to his relationship with the DRE. There is no mention of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in the file and no information relevant to the assassination in the file. There is also no indication that Mr. Joannides may have used or been known by the name 'Howard' during his contacts with the DRE, although personnel files typically would not reveal this information one way or another. During the period mid-May 1978-January 1979, Mr. Joannides was assigned to work for Scott Breckinridge, the CIA's principal coordinator to the ...(HSCA) as a focal person to keep track of the status of HSCA requests, particularly to the Directorate of Operations. In this role, Mr. Joannides developed and maintained a log and records of HSCA requests and CIA responses and handled day-to-day follow up to HSCA requests. Several performance evaluation reports from the 1962-64 time period and a memoranda from Scott Breckinridge on Mr. Joannides' duties during the 1978-1979 time frame were designated assassination records and are being processed for release."

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