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Pseudonym: Nashwinter, Jerome

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Unknown identity. Jerome K. Nashwinter was involved in Operation PBSUCCESS, and in 1955 was part of the LIPSTICK team in Mexico City.
A memorandum on 1 June, 1954, mentioned that "Nashwinter demanded pre-publication control of Pronto and reconciliation between CEGAM and the rival LIONIZER (note: Committee for the Liberation of Guatemala, a Guatemalan refugee group in Mexico) group as preliminary condition for any support."

In addition, a report on Operation PBSUCCESS in approximately November of 1954 stated that "contract agent Nashwinter has established contact in Mexico with ESMERALDITE, a former contact of Guatemala City Station." This may have taken place earlier in the year.

Moreover, a dispatch in June, 1955, mentioned that Jerome K. Nashwinter would probably hand over management of the LIPSTICK team in Mexico City to LIPSTICK-20 (Raymond Joseph Alvarez Durant). LIPSTICK-20 would then work with LIPSTICK-19 (Juan Nepomuseno Frias Ramirez), Chester D. Pollicove and the undersigned (Matthew S. Dingley, a pseudonym for Harry T. Mahoney).


01/13/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: Slugline RYBAT PBSUCCESS: "Use Jerome K. Nashwinter as contemplated."


02/12/54: Memorandum from Withheld, C/PP to Withheld (Via DC/P): Subject: Results of (REDACTION) Trip to Mexico: ..."as finally contacted by Nashwinter who did not identify himself to (REDACTION). He was presented with a copy of (REDACTION) letter, three of discs of Rufus' voice and press release, and $100.00 in U.S. currency..."


04/20/54: Air dispatch from Withheld to Chief of Mission, LINCOLN: Subject: General - KUGOWN Operations: Specific - (REDACTION): "1. It would seem from the enclosed note (REDACTION) reply to Nashwinter's questions concerning reference a), that (REDACTION) either did not leave (REDACTION) with the idea that Nashwinter represented the 'grupo' (REDACTION) or that the operations of Calligeris (Carlos Castillo Armas) and (REDACTION) are still not fully synchronized. 2. We refrain from further comment until LINCOLN (Note: CIA's Guatemalan covert operations headquarters, a forward base in Florida) advises what attitude (REDACTION) should adopt with (REDACTION) in light of the enclosed and reference b. Boyd I. Rolender."


05/28/54: Cable from Withheld to Director: Slugline SUMMIT: "1. On eve congress following reported arrived Mexico by Mexican press and confirmed by RNSHIELD: Argentina: Andres de Cicco and one Roberto Saenz. Colombia: Alfonso Uribe Misa. Ecuador: Jose A. Baquero de la Calle. Brazil: Almirante Penna Botto and aide. Costa Rica: Raul Cambronero, Oscar Arana Porraz, Marco Julio Zeledon, Fernando Vargas Fernandez (latter two of UCAC). El Salvador: Eduardo Alfonso Figeac: Juan Antonio Altamirano, Rene Moreno (PRUD). Guatemala: Alfredo Lunssen, Alejandro Maldonado Aguirre, Olivia N. de Archila, Ricardo Lara Galvez, Rene Barrientos, Carlos F. Mendizabal (plus Ref B). 2. Anticipate arrival of following for whom (REDACTION). Bolivia: Federico Neilsen Reyes (or substitute). Brazil: Juventude Democatica. Ecuador: Galo Canaz, Ullao of CURL. Paraguay: Isabel Artua Vallejo and JOC. Peru: Centro Cultural Americanista. Panama: Noriega. Uruguay: Omar Ibargoyen. Venezuela: Luis Felipe Bellorin. Nicaragua: Rodriguez Garcia of UNE, Gedro A. Gutierrez and H. Callado of COOSLD. 3. Following have indicated to RNSHIELD will attend but no report on arrival: Peru: Senador Nestor Gambetta and first V.P. of Peru Camara de Deputados Lincoln Pongas Callardo. Colombia: Rafael Velasquez. Venezuela: Official delegation. Panama: Official delegation. Costa Rica: Official delegation. 4. Ref A proposal enthusiastically received by RNSHIELD. 5. Nashwinter attending congress for purpose reporting activities. 6. Mexico press favorable. Papers to LINCOLN daily for next week. Clippings by mail to DIR (REDACTION) not under LINCOLN. (If no objection). Cable approval soonest. Daily cables will follow. *Cable Secretariat Comment: Treated as PBSUCCESS."


06/01/54: Memorandum for the record from Withheld, C/PP: Subject: PT 19 CEGAM / PRONTO: "1. CEGAM is a loosely organized, apparently rather small (presumably less than 20 members) group of Guatemalan exiles in Mexico, led by (REDACTION). It is part of the Calligeris (Carlos Castillo Armas) forces in exile. It publishes a periodical, PRONTO...3. There seems to have been, from the beginning, a certain competition between (REDACTION) and (REDACTION) as to who should handle and control subject subject group and publication. As far as the record shows, initial contact was made between Nashwinter of (REDACTION) and (REDACTION). Nashwinter demanded pre-publication control of Pronto and reconciliation between CEGAM and the rival LIONIZER (Note: Committee for the Liberation of Guatemala, a Guatemalan refugee group in Mexico) group as preliminary condition for any support. (REDACTION) complained to Calligeris and the above mentioned HQ cable directed (REDACTION) to make all payments, specifically enjoining (REDACTION) from doing so..."


06/08/54: Air dispatch from Withheld to Chief, Western Hemisphere: Subject: General - KUGOWN Operations: Specific - Report on El Primer Congreso Contra la Intervencion Sovietica on America Latina - Part II: "1. A week has passed since the subject congress ended its sessions, and the aftermath has been a quiet one in Mexico. Little further publicity has been forthcoming, with the exception of the attached. With the recent wave of arrests in Guatemala, it proved impossible for some of the delegates from Guatemala to return to their homes; their future is still undecided at this writing. Several other delegates found matters to occupy their attention for additional days in Mexico (see Attachment for REDACTION, but most returned to their respective countries immediately...d) Jerome K. Nashwinter, (REDACTION) who attended the Congress as an observer: 'Given the temperament of the Latins, the Congress was a success. There was a great deal of enthusiasm on the part of the delegates, albeit uncontrolled at times, and many of the speeches were excellent - while most were well received by the assembly' (the Mexican press placed a natural emphasis on those incidents and dissertations of the Congress which pertained to Mexico - the other speeches were given little play)..."


Circa 11/16/54: Report on Project PBSUCCESS: Page 74: ..."2. PT/8: An on-the-spot study of ORIT possibilities within the framework of PBSUCCESS was made. (REDACTION) contract agent Nashwinter has established contact in Mexico with ESMERALDITE, a former contact of Guatemala City Station. It is proposed to step up the tempo of ORIT propaganda against Guatemala: to assist ESMERALDITE in firming up for a (REDACTION) with a view to using it as cover for PBSUCCESS KUGOWN (Psychological and Paramilitary Staff) and KUHOOK (CIA Paramilitary Operations Staff) training. Estimated cost: No additional funds required..."

104-10219-10004: [RESTRICTED]

06/09/55: Air dispatch from Chief of Mission, Mexico to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: General - Administrative: Specific - LIPSTICK-20: "1. Subject has been employed by this Mission for approximately two months as a member of the LIPSTICK team and prior to that he has been known to the undersigned for about one year. During that time he has impressed all those who have dealt with him as a conscientious, devoted and hardworking individual. Those most intimately associated with him (Chester D. Pollicove and the undersigned) consider him most dependable and deserving of additional responsibility. He has shown great initiative and application in his duties with the LIPSTICK team. 2. He will graduate from a local college the beginning of June 1955 and is considering accepting employment with a PBPRIME (U.S.) firm in Mexico City. As all young men who have just graduated from college, he is looking for employment with a future and with some degree of security. He has indicated his desire of working for KUBARK (CIA) on a full-time basis and it is this Mission's desire to so employ him. It is presently contemplated that he will assume the duties of Jerome K. Nashwinter in charge of the LIPSTICK team, working in association with LIPSTICK-19 (Juan Nepomuseno Frias Ramirez), Chester D. Pollicove and the undersigned. The administration of the LIPSTICK team is a time-consuming and demanding task which LIPSTICK-20 (Raymond Joseph Alvarez Durant) appears to be well suited to assume. He will be given LIFINGER credentials with which he will be able to backstop the team and also to engage in investigative work for the solution of leads which the surveillance produce...Matthew S. Dingley (Harry T. Mahoney)."

Gavin McDonald

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