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Pseudonym: Mylechraine, Lee

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Gerald N. Askren. A dispatch in June, 1964, stated that Askren departed on May 8 for Headquarters, after completing a one month TDY covering for Francotte.
Lee R. Mylechraine worked at the Mexico City Station in 1963 and 1964. A dispatch in February, 1969, stated that Mylechraine was assigned to that station until July, 1968.

104-10246-10022: OPERATIONAL/MONTHLY REPORT - - 1-31 AUGUST 1963

09/24/63, Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, KURIOT: "4. Operations...b. On 29 August Lee R. Mylechraine requested Parmuth to photograph a meeting that was to take place between Simon D. Clackett and a local travel agent engaged in semi-clandestine booking and travel arrangements for Central and South American Communists. The meeting was to take place during the late afternoon on a street corner with sufficient lighting from store show-case windows to get favorable photographic results. The meeting was to take place at 1845 hours. At 1830 hours, heavy rains aborted all chances of taking a photograph at that location. Clackett, realizing the situation, met the target and guided him to the lobby of a movie theater which was close to the original meeting site. When Clackett spotted Parmuth, he guided the target to an area in the lobby best suited for low light level photography (Clackett was trained in photography and knew well the photographic problem). While talking, he positioned the target in such a way so that Parmuth could get good shots of the meeting. The box camera concealment device was used on this operation. The Robot Star camera using a 40 mm lens at F/2 at a speed of 1/30 sec. utilizing Tri-X film produced good results. Forwarded herewith are the photographs taken from this operation. This is the first operation in which Parmuth used the box camera concealment device..."

104-10218-10106: LICOOKY-1 PRQ PART II (ILLEGIBLE)

10/10/63: Lee Mylechraine signed the PRQ Part II.

104-10246-10025: OPERATIONAL REPORT - - 1-29 FEBRUARY 1964

03/17/64, Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, KURIOT: ..."4. Operations: On 25 February 1964 Parmuth and Francotte were requested by Lee R. Mylechraine to cover a meeting between Oliver Q. Wimphen and a top-ranking official of the PCM. Mylechraine requested movies of this meeting...5. Station Support: a. On 15 and 16 February 1964, Zambelle and Parmuth were requested by Lee R. Mylechraine to be on standby to remove important Communist documents which were sewn into the lining of a raincoat...On the night of 16 February 1964, Parmuth and Zambelle were notified by Mylechraine that the raincoat with the documents stitched inside the coat plus 19 envelopes were in the case officer's possession for a period of 7 hours...This operation was completed in five hours. Parmuth requested that Mylechraine tell his agent that the 19 envelopes should be carried by the agent preferably in his rear pocket during his trip by bus from Mexico City to Merida (a hot long trip by bus) to distort any chance that the recipients would detect that the letters had been opened. On 27 February 1964, Mylechraine reported that his agent returned from Merida and followed the Station's instructions about placing the letters in his hip pocket. The letters arrived in Merida as expected, in a pressed damp condition...On 17 February 1964, seven sets of prints, consisting of 63 each set, were given to Mylechraine for his dissemination. No repercussions were reported to the Station concerning this F and S operation..."


06/11/64, Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, KURIOT: ..."TDY Visitors: Gerald N. Askren departed for Headquarters on 8 May, after having completed a one month TDY, substituting for Francotte during his convalescence. The Mexico City Station once again extends its sincere appreciation for the splendid support rendered by Askren during his TDY...4. Photographic Operations: a. At the request of Gerald F. Gestetner, Askren was involved as one of the participants in the planning stage of a surreptitious entry into the apartment of a priority Station target. Askren was to assist Walter C. Gullivan, once access had been gained to the target installation. However, through no fault of the KURIOT technicians, the entry could not be accomplished and the operation was then cancelled. b. On the morning of 3 May, Askren was requested by Gestetner to photograph a meeting that was scheduled between a Soviet intelligence officer and LIOYSTER/1. Askren registered under an alias name at a hotel in downtown Mexico City. From a second story bedroom window, overlooking a park, the meeting was successfully photographed with the aid of a Balscope and Exacta camera...5. Station Support...c. The Station KURIOT equipment has been completely inventoried due to the concentrated effort of Gerald N. Askren, during his recent TDY. Askren had a large percentage of the equipment inventoried when Francotte returned to work, and the remaining items were completed by Francotte and Askren prior the latter's departure. Francotte sincerely appreciates the assistance rendered by Askren on this project, as Askren's familiarity in logistical matters was quite beneficial to Francotte...7. Flaps and Seals Operations: a. Lee R. Mylechraine informed Francotte that he would require his assistance for a flaps and seals operation planned for the night of 19 May. That evening, twelve letters were passed to Mylechraine from SWLUCK/1 who was acting as a FJSTEAL courier between Mexico City and Guatemala..."


11/20/64, Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, KURIOT: Page 2: ..."b. At the request of Lee R. Mylechraine, the LIFIRE truck was prepared for a possible 'agent recruitment' operation on 9 October. Mylechraine requested 16mm motion picture coverage of a meeting which was to take place at a prearranged location. Francotte cased the area and selected the most advantageous location for the truck to be parked, and made test exposures from this spot. However, the operation was postponed to a later date when it was learned that the target individual had departed Mexico City to enjoy a three day holiday weekend..."


12/10/64, Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, KURIOT: Page 2: ..."B. At the request of Lee R. Mylechraine, the LIFIRE photographic truck was activated for a motion picture operation on 24 November. Mylechraine requested 16mm black and white motion picture coverage of a possible 'agent recruitment' which was to take place at a prearranged location. Although the recruitment was unsuccessful, Francotte exposed approximately forty feet of Tri-X film, obtaining motion pictures of Oliver Q. Wimphen engaged in conversation with the target individual..."

104-10187-10003: CIA FILE ON (ASSET)

02/12/69, Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: Subject: LIENVOY/Completion of Training Report (Training Cryptonym - DAVALILLO): "1...Lee R. Mylechraine, WOMOLD instructor who was assigned to the Mexico City Station until 8 July 1968, was selected as the instructor. Mylechraine arrived in Mexico City on 9 January 1969: the training began on 13 January and ended on 10 February 1969...4...Also, on 3 February 1969 LIENVOY-2 passed along to Mylechraine a good lead concerning Carlos Perez Aguirre, a young Mexican who also has contact with the Soviets and Cubans. Unfortunately, only one-half day could be spent on investigating this lead, but even this was of value to the trainees...8. Mylechraine used the name 'Sr. Tomas' with the trainees; so far as is known they did not learn his true name, nor were they aware where he was living in Mexico City. Likewise, they are not aware that he has served previously in Mexico..."


04/05/72, Cable from Caracas to Director (Mylechraine Acting): "1. According to Jorge Raul Roblejo Lorie (201-300086) on 29 March 72, Antonio Veciana Blanch (201-312966) presently employed AID Bolivia. Roblejo says Veciana as of approx. 30 March staying Odeon Hotel Caracas where he engaged fund raising activities to finance assassination plot against Fidel Castro. 2. Station skeptical re Roblejo allegations but request La Paz confirm or deny AID Bolivia employment of Veciana. If employment true, defer HQs and/or La Paz re further action. Station records show Veciana former leader 'Alpha 66' group and involved past assassination plots against Castro. 3. File: 201-300086 and 201-312966. GP-1."

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