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Pseudonym: Morales, David

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David Morales was to be an alias used by Bernard Reichhardt in 1959. In turn, Reichhardt was probably a pseudonym for CIA officer Ken M. Crosby.
A memo from Thomas J. Flores on September 22, 1959, stated that Bernard Reichhardt "asked how he could identify himself to the three evacuees in Miami we have instructed him to contact re going to the Dominican Republic on our behalf. I told him to use Dave Morales' name."

Patrick I. Karnley was probably also a pseudonym for Ken M. Crosby.

David Morales was the true name for a then CIA Havana officer who worked with Reichhardt in 1959-1960. His main pseudonym was Stanley R. Zamka.

104-10167-10236: MARCOS JOSE DIAZ LANZ.

07/18/59: Cable from HQs to Havana: "states that a Dick O'Connell, connected with Cummings Diesel Co. and stringer for Havana Times contacted Messrs. James Byers and Craig Williams, American friends of Diaz Lanz brothers, Miami 17 July. O'Connell brought note from Marcos Diaz addressed to Frank Fiorini requesting that he and Sergio Diaz arrange escape from Cuba of Marcos. Byers and Williams, cleared CIA contacts, agreed to withhold note from Fiorini pending CIA decision on the matter. Hqs. desired to assist Marcos' escape. Byers and Williams were sent to Havana on 18 July to act as cutout to Station on op. They were met by Dave Morales. Byers and Williams made arrangements in Havana for Marcos' evacuation from Cuba in disguise. Arrangements were made to transfer Marcos to intermediary, Bernard Barker, who would take him to Havana Station safehouse. Marcos safely arrived in Tampa, Fla. on July 59 and went to Miami on 29 July where he was under supervision of Mr. Bernard Reichhardt (probably Ken Crosby)..." from 01/25/77 memo for the record from Chris Hopkins, LA/COG.

104-10260-10405: CABLE: ZAMKA ETA MIAMI 1430 HOURS

07/30/59: Cable from Havana to Director: REF DIR 37746 (OUT 805992*) "Zamka (David Morales) ETA Miami 1430 hours. Will check in at McAllister Hotel and contact Reichhardt. CS Comment: *Requested Zamka fly Miami 30 July or ASAP to consult with Marcos."

104-10167-10083: CONVERSATION WITH REICHHARDT, 8, 9, 16, 17 SEPTEMBER 1959.

09/22/59: Memo for the record from Thomas J. Flores, WH/III/AO: "1. On 8 September Reichhardt (probably Ken Crosby) phoned to report the following...b. Bernie asked me to clarify what I wanted in the way of an affidavit of support for the wife of Marcos Diaz. I dictated a simple statement and told Bernie to have it notarized and accompanied by a bank statement or similar document indicating Williams' ability to support Mrs. D should it become necessary. c. Bernie reported that Mrs. Catherine Taafe, the international busybody claims that she is going to Cuba on our instigation. She is accompanied by her entire family. This information came from the Miami Chief of Detectives to the OO Representative. d. Bernie asked how he could identify himself to the three evacuees in Miami we have instructed him to contact re going to the Dominican Republic on our behalf. I told him to use Dave Morales' name..."


Undated HSCA document: CIA files on Bernard Barker: Page 4: "October - November (note: 1959): Marcos Diaz Lanz in contact with Karnley and Reichhardt. Known as 'Bernie.' Reichhardt to identify himself to Marcos as David Morales..."


05/02/60: CIA document to Chief, Investigation Divisions: Bernie Reichhardt's (WH) name was listed along with Gordon Campbell (PM), Robert Simon (PM), Ernest Sparks (PM case officer) and David Morales (indigenous staff representative) as having attended a meeting on April 30, 1960, at room 670 of McAllister Hotel.

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