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Pseudonym: Moore, Joseph

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Jose D. Gonzalez Morejon, 2nd lieutenant within the July 26 Movement, appears to be the correct name of the Cuban who was with the man calling himself "Lee Oswald" - probably Charles Waters - in New Orleans on 1/20/61.
Both men were working with the FDC at the time - Charles Waters was the FDC chief - the treasurer was Gerard Tujague, who had employed Oswald in the late fifties and was going to re-employ Oswald right before he departed for the USSR in 1959. The president was former FBI agent Guy Banister, who worked with Oswald during the summer of 1963.

"Joseph Moore" is not a known CIA pseudonym, but it offers a pseudonym of a man who had links with the CIA and was a 2506 Brigade officer. His colleague Charles Waters had a working relationship with Jim Moore at the Dallas CIA office.

Steve N. Bochan, Kennedy Assassination Chronicles, Volume 1, Issue 4 Current Section: The Bolton Ford Dealership Story

1955-1956: "Gerard F. Tujague, owner of Gerard F. Tujague Forwarding Co., who had employed Oswald as a messenger between November 1955 to January 1956, was also a member and officer (treasurer) of the Friends of Democratic Cuba."

Bill Simpich, The Twelve Who Built the Oswald Legend Part 9: Oswald Takes Center Stage as an Intelligence Asset - https://www.maryferrell.org/pages/Essay_-_Oswald_Legend_9.html

1961-1963: Intelligence forces have denied for years that there was any relationship between Guy Banister and Lee Oswald. It was left to New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, independent researchers and journalists to assemble an impressive array of evidence that ties these two men together. Banister's secretary Delphine Roberts said that Banister took Oswald under his wing and worked with him on a regular basis. Other Banister staffers who agreed that the two men worked together include Vernon Gerdes, Tommy Baumler, George Higgenbotham, and Allen Campbell. Roberts and Higginbotham both said that they were specifically told by Banister that Oswald was working for him. Banister's wife, Bill Nitschke, Banister employee Don Campbell, Louisiana professor Michael Kurtz and several other people also saw the two men together. CIA-FBI informant William Gaudet told journalist Tony Summers in a 1978 interview that he had seen Oswald pass out FPCC leaflets in New Orleans and that he "did see Oswald discussing various things with Banister at the time, and I think Banister knew a whole lot of what was going on". Banister, a right-wing racist, was a CIA source that ran a Southern anti-communist intelligence network Banister had gone from serving as a valued FBI Special Agent in Charge to running an anti-communist intelligence network... In January 1961, (Former FBI agent Guy) Banister was providing medical supplies and other aid to the CIA and Cuban exiles in preparation for the Bay of Pigs. During that month, Banister incorporated his front organization - the "Friends of Democratic Cuba" (FDC). Gerard Tujague was the treasurer of the FDC. Oswald had worked for Tujague's import-export business in 1956, told his mother he was going to return to work at Tujague's right before he defected in 1959, and listed himself as a shipping export agent on his passport in 1959. Oswald named Tujague as a reference and used his proper address when he looked for work in 1963.

William Turner, Ramparts, January 1968, p. 53: http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/White%20Materials/White%20Assassination%20Clippings%20Folders/Security%20Folders/Security-CIA/CIA%200170.pdf

"On January 20, 1961, two men approached Oscar W. Deslatte, assistant manager of the Bolton Ford Truck Center in New Orleans, and identified themselves as members of the Friends of Democratic Cuba. To help their cause, they wanted to purchase ten trucks at cost. Deslatte filled out a bid form, recording their names as Joseph Moore and Oswald. The young man calling him Oswald that if the trucks were purchased he would be the one to pay for them...Garrison has located the former Bolton Ford manager that was present at the time, Fred A. Sewell. He recalled that the younger 'skinny' man gave the full name Lee Oswald, and that Joseph Moore was actually a Cuban who gave a Cuban name on the bid form. What is puzzling about the incident is that Lee Harvey Oswald was in Minsk, Russia, in 1961, thus raising the question of who was impersonating him and why. The Friends of Democratic Cuba were formed on January 9, 1961, less than two weeks before the Bolton Ford incident. It was intended as a kind of American auxiliary to Arcacha's all-Cuban Revolutionary Council. Government advisers to the Friends, says an informant who was closely involved with the group, were a CIA man named Logan and the FBI's Regis Kennedy..." A story is told to Jim Garrison by William Galzell, the head of Friends of Democratic Cuba in New Orleans. In Jan. 1961, Joseph Moore was purchasing trucks for the FDC and documents were signed by Moore and a man called Lee Oswald. When asked before the grand jury, Galzell said that "Colonel" Charles Watters was working with Joseph Moore and he could tell Garrison all about Moore. http://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1179&search=moore#relPageId=17&tab=page Waters treated the group as a "hangout for arms and ammunition". See 124-10288-10389.

Christopher Courtwright, "The Strange Allegations of Raymond Carnay", Kennedy Assassination Chronicles, Volume 2, Issue 3, p. 19.

May-July 1961: Raymond Carnay's odyssey began when he received a call from Charlie Waters aka Charles Watters, who described himself as "vice-commander of the anti-Castro revolutionary forces in the Western Hemisphere" and that he was in Dallas "recruiting pilots" for "flying harassment raids over Cuba". He met with the Oswald-type character in person three times over 7-9 days and several follow-up phone calls. "How could the Oswald impostor have known in the first place that Carnay had turned a list of names and other information over to the FBI? Was someone in intelligence circles testing Carnay's loyalties by sending in a straw man to pose as a Castro advocate? Like Carnay, Dalzell describes Waters to the FBI as a "lieutenant colonel in the Western Hemisphere". See 124-10288-10389, p. 47 of 59: Dalzell was not a marginalized character - in the 50s he worked for DOD as a cryptographer. On 5/29/61, Jim Hosty obtained info from Waters, "Liberation Forces of the Western Hemisphere". Waters said he had made contact with "Nestor Castellanos of Dallas, who is attempting to organize the revolutionary front in Dallas and although their organizations are separate they will work together." 124-10214-10270: Castellanos was trying to organize a branch of the FRD in Dallas. Waters worked with Ed Zwernemann of Pan Am - in contact with the Dallas CIA and Jim Hosty - Zwernemann lived at 4749 Homer Street. George Bouhe lived at 4740 Homer and Jack Ruby at 4747 Homer. WCE 2807: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1142#relPageId=233&search=%22homer_street%22 By August 1961, Jose D. Gonzalez Morejon was on the CRC's finance report, being reimbursed for expenses: 104-10231-10006


1/12/63: Jose Gonzalez Morejon was listed as 1st Lieutenant, S-4, 2nd Battalion in the 2506 Brigade.

124-10288-10389: No Title

6/21/61 FBI report: Sergio Arcacha Smith identified as NO T-3 at p. 24, Arcacha described Morejon's friend Charles Waters as a detective, 5'6'-5'7", blonde, 110-120 pounds, allegedly an ex-Marine. Arcacha said Waters was chief of FDC (p. 30) (p. 13) William Abbott of ONI: Neither Waters, Dalzell and Brandy Lance had any past/present involvement with the Navy or the Marines. Dalzell described Waters as 5'8'-5'9", 155-165 pounds. (p. 37). Waters was the only authorized person to make purchases for the FDC - lived at the Balter Building in New Orleans - later at 735 Dauphine (p. 39) Waters was the one who went out and bid for some trucks. (p. 37) https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1179#relPageId=38&search=waters_and%20blonde (page 53) By June 1961, Waters lived in Dallas as a vacuum cleaner salesman. Between April-June 1961 Waters was going between New Orleans, Dallas and Miami, trying to put together an arms deal. 124-90083-10023, p. 2: 3/7/62 Waters working at Mohr Chevrolet in Dallas and with November 30 anti-Castro activists. We know he was in contact with Jim Moore of the Dallas CIA office in 1964 while working in the Plymouth Division of Chrysler. Waters claimed to have been with the Marines from 1951-1959, worked at the American embassy in Montivideo in 1957, and to have worked with Marine Corps Intelligence - see 124-10288-10392, p. 3. By 1963 Waters was reportedly working for H. L. Hunt's right hand man, Paul Rothermel. He said in New Orleans at some point "everything is lined up" and that he was going to Dallas. (p. 10-11; p. 24) http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/Weisberg%20Subject%20Index%20Files/G%20Disk/Garrison%20Jim/Garrison%20Jim%20Early%20Statements%20Open%20Leads%2011-14-67/Item%2001.pdf Was Waters involved in the impersonation of Oswald at the Chevrolet showroom in Nov 1963, or elsewhere in Dallas? Or did someone else get wind of Waters' activity in impersonating Oswald in 1961 and use it for their own devices?

124-10202-10499: No Title

6/16/65 memo from SAC Miami to Director, FBI: "On 6/10/65 Orlando Bosch and five other men were arrested by US Customs at Zellwood, Fla., on charge of conspiring to illegally export munitions. Upon request of this office Customs took palm prints taken by the SO, Orlando, Fla. of Bosch and his companions, which are enclosed, as follows: 1) Orlando Bosch; 2) Gervelio Gutierrez; 3) William John Johnson; 4) Frank Rafferty; 5) Jose Morejon Diaz; 6) Marcos Ramos Rodriguez..."


12/17/67 letter from Harold Weisberg to New Orleans assistant district attorney Andrew Sciambra: "My new friend who is known to Jim Alcock gives me the following information on a man who may be Joseph Moore. He knows one Joseph Gonzalez Morejon whose other aliases include Joe Moore, More, and Dearing, who is now an army captain in Echo Company of the Special Forces of Viet Nam and who earlier was a Marine and in the Bay of Pigs Brigade. This man is a Cuban with no perceptible accent...He went back into military service in 1963 apparently first as a Marine in the Cuban brigade. He went to Fort Benning and after going to Quantico transferred into the Army..."


4/17/68 memo of Harold Weisberg: Alberto Fowler believes that Joe Moore's true name is Jose Dearing - he used to use the name Morejon. 5 foot 6 - chubby - captured at the Bay of Pigs.

124-10216-10060: No Title

10/18/68, FBI latent fingerprint report: "Jose Morejon Diaz (Diaz Morejon) FBI #285522F". Also see 124-10206-10280, p. 64: Orlando Bosch aka "Ernesto", Jose Diaz Morejon aka "Tony Prieto", Barbaro Balan Garcia aka "Bobby" and five others were indicted for conspiring to violate 18 USC 2275, and Bosch, Diaz and Balan were separately indicted for firing on the Polish freighter SS Poalanica. Bosch had three additional charges for threatening various world leaders. Also see pp. 81-82 of same document: Morejon was born 3/23/42, white, 5 foot 10, 160 pounds, mechanic, resided at 621 SW 5th Street, Miami.


Re sentencing 12/13/68, New York Times: "...while all nine were named in the charge of conspiring to attack the ship, (Orlando) Bosch, Barbaro Balan Garcia, and Jose Diaz Morejon also were accused of firing on the Polish freighter SS Poalanica."

180-10128-10002: [No Title]

1977: Stewart McKinney's briefing materials during the HSCA investigation. A good description of the Bolton Ford incident involving Joseph Moore and "Oswald", and an excellent summary and analysis of the JFK and Tippit shootings.

Bill Simpich • Stuart Wexler

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