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Pseudonym: Monestier

Unknown identity. Sylvia B. Monestier was a Psychological Warfare (PW) officer at JMWAVE from at least 1965 to 1967.
Monestier's handwritten name appeared above Philip Elmard's, Chief of Station (COS), JMWAVE, in a dispatch in September of 1965. Moreover, a Report Cover Sheet from JMWAVE on February 15, 1966, cited Sylvia B. Monestier as a Reporting Officer, along with Henry J. Sloman (probably Tony Sforza). In addition, in late December, 1966, Monestier wrote a memorandum on AMMOP which mentioned AMCRIB-1 (Jesus Angulo Clemente). Furthermore, Monestier wrote a memorandum to COS, JMWAVE, on the DRE in early January of 1967.


09/10/65: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH (Info: C/FE; COS, Withheld; COS, Mexico; COS, Withheld): Subject: TYPIC/AMWASP/AMSCROLL/Operational/AMSCROLL Report of AMWASP-1 Defection: "1. Subject report prepared by AMSCROLL (UR, also known as Unidad Revolucionaria) presents a roundup of preparatory activities and subsequent publicity of the AMWASP-1 (Gilberto R. Alemany) defection as sponsored by the AMSCROLL organization. Due to the number of MHSPAWN (cable indicator for covert action propaganda) assets which interplayed in the particular operation, the report is attached under separate cover No. 1 in true names and identities without reference to the MHSPAWN assets involved. 2. Under separate cover attachment No. 2 contains samples of written propaganda and an AMSCROLL mailing list. 3. Also forwarded under separate cover, attachment No. 3, are the Spanish and English tapes of the AMWASP/1 statement. Handwritten: Sylvia B. Monestier. Philip G. Elmard."

104-10192-10110: CIA FILE ON MDC FEB 66-MAR 67.

02/15/66: Report Cover Sheet from JMWAVE: Reporting Officer: Henry J. Sloman, Sylvia B. Monestier. Reports Officer: John C. Tarbell. Approving Officer: Philip G. Elmard. Source Crypt: AMOT-245. "SOURCE: AMOT-245 in DD-1768, 11 February 1966. Field Comment 2 was received from AMCRIB-10, orally, on 14 February."


12/29/66: Memorandum from PW/Monestier to Chief of Station: Subject: TYPIC/OPERATIONAL/AMMOP - Progress Report 1 October - 31 December 1966: "A. OPERATIONAL HEADLIGHTS: 1. AMMOP maintained contact with party leaders throughout the hemisphere during the quarter. The majority of the correspondence was handled by AMCRIB/1 (Jesus Angulo Clemente), the leader of the youth wing, who was informed by the JUDCA secretary-general, both during his October visit and in subsequent correspondence, that the AMMOP youth wing was performing effective work and that a JUDCA study on AMMOP activities would be forthcoming. The JUDCA secretary-general favors the incorporation of the AMMOP youth sector into his organization. B. ADMINISTRATIVE ....4. During the quarter, expenses totaled $2,075.77. This sum included monthly support to AMMOP, and salary and operational expenses of AMCRIB/1. This compares with a budget allocation of $3,750 for the reporting period."


11/27/78: HSCA document: Draft by Betsy Palmer: Titled: Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (DRE): Page 6: ..."Although the DRE continued its relationship with the CIA until the end of 1966 (CIA/DDO, DRE Volume IV, Memo to CS from PW/Monestier, 1/3/67), the group's activities, like those of other anti-Castro organizations, declined in intensity and effectiveness."

Gavin McDonald

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