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Pseudonym: Miranda, Diego

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Diego Salvador Miranda was a pseudonym used by JMWAVE Chief of Base David Sanchez Morales. Sometimes Dr. S. Miranda was also used for Morales. Note the initials were the same - DSM.


10/10/49 memo from Chief, Personnel Security Branch to Chief, Investigative Liaison Branch, Subject: David Sanchez Morales - 39418. "Subject will be assigned to CIA in a military capacity. It is requested that a seven-way name check be conducted relative to Subject."

104-10121-10186: WITHHELD

12/19/61, CIA document from GPL Jr.: "On 11 December 1961, a live address was established in the name of Diego Salvador MIRANDA (P), 331 First Street, N.E., Washington, DC. The purpose of the live address accommodation was to provide a backstop for Subject for purposes of his obtaining a District of Columbia driver's permit."

1994.05.19.10:01:40:220005: Reel 63, Folder B - CUBAN REVOLUTIONARY COUNCIL (CRC) - POLICY.

12/22/61, Memorandum from The Cuban Families Committee for Liberation of Prisoners of War to Dr. Jose Miro Cardona: Subject: Guarantee of the Tractor Operation: "1. This memorandum added to the former of December 20th, is furnished in consequence of having had a meeting yesterday, December 21, 1961, at 2 p.m. with Dr. Bendadotte Regnetta, Director of the Latin American Delegation of the FIAT Company, enroute for New York and Rome, at the Miami airport. 2. Dr. Regnetta, at the airport, had an informative interview, which was agreeable and satisfactory, with Virginia Betancourt, Ernesto Freyre, Jose I. de la Calana, Marcelo Hernandez, Eudaldo A. Suarez and Salvador Miranda, of the Families Committee, on the present situation of the negotiations of the tractors, which is being conducted under the direction of Dr. Regnetta and Mr. Julio Mendelo, in the name of FIAT, in Havana, with the Government of Cuba, which is summarized as follows...6. Dr. Regnetta advised that the guarantee preferably be that provided by the InterAmerican Development Bank, which has much flexibility for such operations through its statues, or through a Canadian bank which also could do it, besides there being an enterprise of that country in the conscrcio, in which also could participate North American firms, which have factories abroad, as one that is in England...8. Dr. Regnetta, who is Italian and an old resident of Mexico, kindly offered to the Committee to make available the relations which the FIAT Company has, and also his personal relationships in any country in diplomat and financial circles, and cooperation for the obtaining of the proposed guarantee; and that as soon as he returns from Italy about the middle of January, he would inform us of his proposals with the enterprise..."


01/19/62, Memo from Joseph F. Langan, Chief, WH/Security to Deputy Director of Security (Investigations and Operational Support). SUBJECT: SD/SSD #39418. "...the following biographic information is submitted for the documentation: DOB 26 August 1925, Height 5' 10", Weight 220 lbs, eyes brown, hair black. The subject possesses a valid license from the state of Florida...it is requested that the license be made out in the alias name Diego Salvador MIRANDA."


01/23/62, Memo from Joseph F. Langan, Chief, WH/Security to Deputy Director of Security (Investigations and Operational Support): "It is requested that the following pseudonyms be added to this (P.O.) box: Dr. Diego S. Miranda, Dr. Diego Gonzalez. It is requested that incoming material received at this box be rewrapped and remailed via air mail for: DAVID MORALES, P. O. Box 188, Coral Gables, Florida..."

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