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Pseudonym: Mexicano, El

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Francisco Rodriguez Tamayo, a source for the FBI and active in 1962 with the OESA (Secret Army Organization).
180-10144-10011, pp. 4:

On 6/10/59, Rodriguez Tamayo arrived in US and sought refugee status.

Suspected in 1964 of working with Cuban G-2. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=55036&relPageId=28

124-90130-10027, p. 4: MM 105-6893 file in 1964 identifies Rodriguez Tamayo as MM T-1, Cuban exile considered for development as a PSI.

In 1968 "Phoney data used by subject in Venezuela: Nicolas Diaz, DOB 1932...rumored trip made on behalf US government, possibly GOLIATH/CIA."

See this 60-page packet of documents dating from 1959-1960 period: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KvX-8yvurXjfe10n5ybZGtKzA60t63SH/view


Cuban captain in Rebel Army in 1957; Defected in June 1959. He was a captain in Castro's  rebel army for apparently two years, arrived in US June 1959. He described Pedro Diaz Lanz as turning against Castro, and suspected of making Raul's plane crash.  He was working in CRAC with his attorney cousin Francisco Maria Rodriguez Couciero and Pedro Diaz Lanz, and other Castro leaders secretly involved in CRAC. https://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=81296&relPageId=10

124-90130-10037: No Title

This story described Francisco Rodriguez Tamayo as one of Masferrer's helpers in 1959:  He was supposedly with someone looking a lot like Oswald and calling himself Lee Oswald in August 1959, when LHO was in military. LHO could have been on leave.  The witness, Gladys Davis, seen below, was a little vague on time.  Tamayo was also known as "El Mexicano". Rodriguez Tamayo was identified by the wife of a Florida police officer, Gladys Davis.  Tamayo admitted knowing their mutual friend Martinez Malo, and denying he knew Oswald. See:  https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=60310#relPageId=96&tab=page


1962: April 1965 Cuban Counterrevolutionary Handbook identifies Francisco Rodriguez Tamayo as "El Mexicano". He and Eladio del Valle were two of three founders in 1962 of FAYCA - the Fuerzas Armada y Civiles Anticomunistas. As of 1965, del Valle was the leader and secretary general of the organization.

124-10332-10047: No Title

October 1962: "Ex-dictator of Cuba, Batista is sponsoring and financing the military training of Cubans in exile in the United States. Three anti-Castro, Cuban guerrilla camps have been established in the US by his son, Ruben Batista Godinez...Rolando Masferrer is the military chief directing the operation. Training camps are located at: Key West, Florida, on a farm rented by a Cuban engineer (FNU) Sabas, where approximately 150 men are under the command of Major (FNU) Morejon; in a large city (name unknown) in Kentucky...and Union City, Kentucky, where Masferrer lives and trains a group calling itself the "Masferrer Tigers". Recruitment for the force is by Orlando Piedra of New Orleans, Louisiana, Eladio del Valle, also known as 'Lito' and Juan Restoy (both residents of Miami, Florida)...Del Valle is an old-time smuggler from Havana, who now maintains an office at Miami on SW First Avenue and 11th Street. The recruits are given a bonus of $200 upon enlistment. Trainees are fed, housed and clothed in khaki uniforms by the Batista organization...Oscar Pino, an anti-Castro Cuban, is reportedly working with the anti-Castro group of Comandante Thorndyke and subject. Comandante Thorndyke was executed by...Fidel Castro for counterrevolutionary activities...del Valle (said) he is the present leader of an anti-Castro group known as the Ejercito Invasor Cubano (EIC) (in Miami)..." Del Valle denied being connected with Batista and decided not to unite the EIC with Masferrer.

124-90130-10044: No Title

Ramiro Sanchez Montesino, Brigade 2506 member, advised on May 2 and May 7, 1963, that while incarcerated in jail in Cuba as a result of the ill-fated invasion of Cuba by that brigade in April, 1961, ROBERTO PEREZ CRUSATA, shortly prior to PEREZ's execution, informed SANCHEZ that EFIGENIO AMEIJEIRAS, head of Cuban intelligence, indicated that FRANCISCO RODRIGUEZ TAMAYO, also known as "El Mejicano", is a Cuban agent.  This was told to Sanchez by Perez  through a hole in the wall between PEREZ's cell and the cell OF SANCHEZ while they were incarcerated in prison in Cuba.  SANCHEZ was not in the same cell as PEREZ.   SANCHEZ believed one FAJARDO, first name not recalled, was in the same cell as PEREZ and would possibly be able to furnish additional information." Tamayo claimed to be a Capt. in Castro's army and sent to kill Masferrer in 59; he told Masferrer this - claimed to be actually be anti-Castro, Masferrer did not believe him Another version of the story:  Perez told Sanchez before he died that Tamayo is a Castro agent. Perez admitted to Ameijeiras that he was not a communist, and that was why he was being shot.  Sanchez said he knew Humberto Rodriguez when he lived with Perz Crusata... https://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=134763&relPageId=4 Perez told Fajardo that Ameijeiras told him that he was the one who engineered the escape from jail by Perez and Humberto Rodriguez! Fajardo also said that he was introduced to Tamayo by Masferrer as one of his "helpers" in late 59 or early 60, when Masferrer was planning to use the DR as a training ground for a Cuban invasion.  Fajardo said neither he or Tamayo went to the DR for that training https://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=134763&relPageId=5 Perez told a girlfriend in 61 the same story about Ameijeras engineering his earlier escape (Ameijeras was Havana chief of police) https://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=134763&relPageId=6


Memo to Director, Domestic Contact Service: On May 12, 1967, the FBI reported that Bringuier told them that a "Rene Carballo" called him and told him that he had come to US in late 63, conducting his own JFK probe, & giving his information to a New Orleans reporter at the States-Item: "He said that the head of the training camp on Lake Pontchartrain was known as 'El Mexicano' and that this man accompanied Oswald to Mexico City." Bringuier tape-recorded this conversation. Was this disinformation? The only trace CIA or FBI found on Carballo was "the second chief of Cuban G-2 in Baneti Spiritus, Las Villas, Cuba" on "28 May 1965". "Bringuier believes Carballo may be working for Garrison as an investigator." The FBI made the assumption that Bernardo de Torres might have been the person who called Bringuier using the name "Rene Carballo": "The New Orleans States-Item of 5 May 1967 carried an article by Rosemary James headed "Cast of Characters". It included one Bernardo Torres as a Cuban refugee working for Garrison in New Orleans. Recently acquired information indicates that he is identical with Bernardo Gonzales de Torres Alvarez, 201-294213. (NOTE: For more on Torres, see 104-10170-10250, p. 8, describing him as 201-294214) An FBI report of 8 April 1964 stated that Bernardo Gonzalez de Torres came to the U.S. from Cuba on 3 January 1955, was in the Bay of Pigs invasion of April 1961, was taken prisoner, and returned to the U.S. with other ransomed prisoners on 24 December 1962. The Immigration and Naturalization Service requested traces on him on 5 March 1967, citing investigation re deportation as the reason. "Please advise whether your files or those of the New Orleans office contain additional information on Rene Carballo or Bernardo Gonzales de Torres Alvarez, aka Bernadro Torres. If there has been contact between the New Orleans office and either of these men, full details are requested." The CIA came up with nothing more as of Oct 67.


Circa August 1967: Jim Garrison's famous Playboy interview in its post-dated "October 1967" issue: Garrison stated his belief that Oswald was accompanied to Mexico City and he knew who it was. "Throughout the late summer and fall of 1963, Oswald was sheparded by a CIA 'baby sitter' who watched over Oswald's activities and stayed with him. My office knows who he is and what he looks like...When Oswald went to Mexico City in an effort to obtain a visa for travel to Cuba, this CIA agent accompanied him..." Note from Win Scott aka Willard C. Curtis aka wcc on page 2: "This man Garrison is so far gone that he would not be acceptable in any loony bin!!"


3/7/68, "blind memorandum" from CIA containing an alleged "complete list of all Cubans and other Latin Americans who have come to our attention as involved or possibly involved in the Garrison investigation...EL MEXICANO: The FBI reports that he allegedly headed a training camp in Louisiana and accompanied Oswald to Mexico City. RID traces are underway."

180-10144-10011: No Title

1968: Francisco Varona/AMCONCERT-1 told Julio Aton Constanzo that the assassination attempt on him was based on instructions by Enrique the Argentine/Tony Sforza; the masterminds were Joaquin Sanjenis/AMOT-2, Vicente Zorrilla/AMOT-3 and Manuel Villafana/LITAINT-1. Those who actually carried out the attempt were Ricardo Morales Navarette/AMDESK-1 and Francisco Rodriguez Tamayo aka El Mexicano and El Galle. Varona believed the assassination attempt was conducted because Constanzo had got in the way of operations run by Sanjenis. Varona wanted Constanzo to go public with the list of names of people who had tried to kill him.

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