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Pseudonym: Megennity, Clyde

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Clyde B. Megennity was probably a pseudonym used by CIA officer, Donald H. Winters.
A dispatch in December of 1967 was signed by Clyde B. Megennity under the name of the Chief, Western Hemisphere Division. It was originated by Mr. Winters, C/WH/COG/PP.

In addition, a CIA document on July 19, 1968, was signed by the case officer of John Thomas Duncan, Andrew J. Percival, Jr., and the branch officer, Donald H. Winters, C/WH/COG/PP. Moreover, a cable in July 30, 1968, was also originated by Winters and mentioned Clyde B. Megennity.

Furthermore, other cables mentioning Megennity were originated by Winters as C/WH/COG/PP. On other hand, it is possible that the case officer of John Thomas Duncan, Andrew J. Percival, Jr., was Clyde B. Megennity. However, from the CIA documentation, it appears more likely to be Donald H. Winters.


12/29/67: Telepouch from Chief, WH to COS, JMWAVE: Subject: TYPIC AMCORE-2: "1. Headquarters received in persinger box a special delivery letter for Choaden (David Phillips) from AMCORE-2 (Luis Ernesto Conte Aguero). He indicates that he notified of 30 December termination of his radio broadcasts via YOYARD. In the letter AMCORE-2 requests some explanation concerning this action, plus indications regarding his future employment. 2. As stated in previous correspondence, Headquarters believes there strong likelihood that assets such as AMCORE-2 can be utilized in future operations, and we wish to avoid unnecessary panic on their part. They should be aware however that their operational activity will probably be curtailed or redirected, with corresponding reductions in remuneration. 3. Request details of conversation with AMCORE-2 concerning his future. Clyde B. Megennity." Originated by: C/WH/COG/PP Mr. Winters. Released by: WH/COG/EXO Mr. Oberst. Internal Distribution: 1 - WH/COG/PP. 1 - WH/COG/Reg.

104-10070-10057: JOHN THOMAS DUNCAN

07/17/68: Cable from Director to JMCOBRA (Orig: D. Winters, Unit: C/WH/COG/PP): Slugline AMWIDE: REF: JMCOBRA 0179 (IN 42660): "1. Megennity, using registered alias and identifying himself as personnel rep for various private and govt agencies, held phone conversation with SUBJ of ref in Albuquerque, SUBJ was told his name had turned up as result of search through media outlets for individuals with Spanish language backgrounds (since SUBJ's name came to us through QRMUSKET). SUBJ agreed to meeting with Megennity. 2. Megennity plans travel Albuquerque evening 22 July for meeting following morning. Since SUBJ has presently only PCSA, meeting only for assessment purposes. Megennity will, however, identify himself as LNHARP (U.S. Government) explain general nature of job and location in JMCOBRA (also known as Station WH/Miami) area, and indicate salary in $10,000 bracket. Following initial assessment, and assuming SUBJ interested, suggest Bartilucci follow up with meeting for final approval and hire...Since three are in New York area, Megennity again plans to make initial assessment...Those candidates who still remain under consideration can be contacted for further assessment by Megennity before being turned over to Bartilucci for final hiring. 4. On return trip from Albuquerque, Megennity plans stopover with AMHURT-1 who vacationing at family farm in Missouri. Discussions will center around steps AMHURT-1 can take in conjunction with his Costa Rican manager, to facilitate early approval of megawatt broadcasts. 5. Request JMCOBRA comments and input concerning above plans. Will advise outcome of trip." Releasing Officer: William V. Broe, C/WHD. Coordinating Officers: C/WH/CA. WH/SECURITY (Signature). DC/WH/SS (Signature). C/PRG/CCS (Signature). OP/RD: D. Mooney (Telecord). Authenticating Officer: David A. Phillips, C/WH/COG.

104-10070-10057: JOHN THOMAS DUNCAN

07/19/68: Request for Approval or Investigation Action Form for John Thomas Duncan from Andrew J. Percival, Jr. WH/COG/PP: ..."2. Specific Area of Use: Hollywood, Florida. 3. Full Details of Use: Reporter/Announcer for the AMWIDE Production Facility...Signature of Case Officer: Andrew J. Percival, Jr. Signature of Branch Chief: Donald H. Winters, C/WH/COG/PP."

104-10070-10057: JOHN THOMAS DUNCAN

07/22/68: Cable from JMCOBRA to Director: Slugline AMWIDE: REF: DIRECTOR 18108: "Assume Megennity will check out candidates' Spanish language capability which application form indicates is largely academic. In his case, political views of his wife may also be relevant. On AMHURT endorse HQs and SJOS views that personal trip to Costa Rica by AMHURT-1 seems in order." Handwritten at bottom of cable: 201-828174.

104-10070-10057: JOHN THOMAS DUNCAN

07/26/68: Operations Contact Report from Clyde B. Megennity: Subject: Meeting with IDEN and Wife: Date and Place: 23 July 1968, 1000 - 2000 hours, Albuquerque, New Mexico: "1. Clyde B. Megennity first met IDEN alone during the morning of 23 July; the meeting was held in Megennity's hotel room. Megennity introduced himself as a representative of LNHARP, indicating to IDEN that he was involved in work of a confidential nature for LNHARP. IDEN was then given the broad outline of the AMWIDE job...3. In answering additional questions about the job itself, IDEN was told that he would be working ostensibly for a commercial company engaged in the preparation of program materials for the Latin American audience...4. At noon time Megennity met IDEN's wife. She is an intelligent and vivacious person who obviously would be very much interested in, and involved in, anything her husband would be doing...5. During the afternoon IDEN and his wife drove Megennity throughout the Albuquerque and Sante Fe area showing him several sights, but also discussing the overall job considerations and ramifications...7. It is Megennity's opinion that both these individuals are highly suited for the AMWIDE job...It is Megennity's opinion that from all the other candidates we will hardly find anyone who is more in a position to take on immediately an AMWIDE position than the IDENS. All possible efforts should therefore be made to sign them on board. Clyde B. Megennity." - - - Page 40: "Attachment to: Operations Contact Report (26 July 1968): Identity - John Thomas Duncan. Handwritten: Kate (Unintelligble) Duncan."

104-10070-10057: JOHN THOMAS DUNCAN

07/30/68: Cable from Director to JMCOBRA (Orig: D. Winters, Unit: C/WH/COG/PP): Slugline AMWIDE: "1. Duncan called Megennity morning 30 July to reiterate his interest in AMWIDE prospects...3. Megennity is to call Duncan morning 1 Aug...Bartilucci should meet only under alias. 5. HQs pouching detailed contact report by Megennity which should be useful..."

104-10070-10057: JOHN THOMAS DUNCAN

08/01/68: Cable from Director to JMCOBRA (Orig: D. Winters, Unit: C/WH/COG/PP): Slugline AMWIDE: REF: JMCOBRA 0443 (IN 61326): "Duncan will make his own reservations and travel plans per ref. Will await John Kennington's call morning of 5 Aug at university inn. In addition reimbursement for ticket, Station should also provide Duncan per diem allowances. FYI: HQs officer in touch with Duncan using alias Ronald D. Saine." Releasing Officer: William V. Broe, C/WHD. Coordinating Officers: WH/SEC (Signature). WH/B&F (Signature). C/PRG/CCS (Signature). Authenticating Officer: David A. Phillips, C/WH/COG.

104-10070-10057: JOHN THOMAS DUNCAN

08/14/68: Cable from Director to JMCOBRA (Orig: D. Winters, Unit: C/WH/COG/PP): Slugline AMWIDE: "1. Mr. Duncan phoned Megennity morning 13 Aug saying he had decided accept AMWIDE job. Duncan told that final clearances still in process...He will be in periodic contact with Megennity en route...2. Megennity also interviewed Mr. Alexander Tscherny 13 Aug...Megennity feels he preferable to Blasco or Budman...If JMCOBRA feels Blasco worth personal interview, should advise HQs prior to morning 16 Aug when Megennity will again contact Budman also phoned 12 Aug to (remember he asking $15,000) reiterate his interest and availability (Megennity suggests he be kept on hook for time being)..." Releasing Officer: Paul Oberst for William V. Broe, C/WHD. Coordinating Officers: C/PRG/CCS: (Signature). WH/CA: (Signature). Authenticating Officer: (Signature) for David A. Phillips, C/WH/COG.


01/30/2001: Obituary in The Washington Post: Headlined: CIA Official Donald Winters Dies: "Donald H. Winters, 64, a former CIA station chief who served in Honduras and Panama during tumultuous times, died of renal failure Jan. 25 at a hospital in Delray Beach, Fla. He lived in Boca Raton. Mr. Winters had a 33-year career with the agency before retiring in 1994. He was posted to Honduras in the early 1980s during the buildup of the U.S.-backed contra rebels fighting the Sandinista government in neighboring Nicaragua. By the mid-1980s, he was CIA station chief in Panama when Gen. Manuel A. Noriega was the country's leader. Mr. Winters later testified in Noriega's drug trafficking and racketeering trial in the United States. Mr. Winters was born in New Orleans and raised in Columbus, Ohio. He graduated from Ohio State University and received a master's degree in Latin American history from San Carlos University in Guatemala. He also was a Fulbright scholar at the University of Nicaragua. His honors included the CIA Career Intelligence Medal. His marriages to Annette Winters and Donna B. Winters ended in divorce. Survivors include his companion, Susan Latuszynski of Boca Raton; three children from his first marriage, Elizabeth Michelena of Miami, Thomas Winters of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Richard Winters of California; a daughter from his second marriage, Ellura Winters of Reston; a sister; and five grandchildren."

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