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Pseudonym: Mazutis, Donald

Donald F. Mazutis was an alias used by Mike Kelley. Mickey Kelly was probably an alias used by George Michael Kappes (Mickey Kappes).
A cable in June of 1963 on the imminent Operation Tilt mentioned that Donald F. Mazutis (alias Mike Kelley) would be on board the yacht of millionaire William Pawley, along with CIA colleague Marvin A. Laurenkus (alias Alan Barton). The captain of the yacht would be Luis Paez Guerra at the beginning of the operation.

A cable in August of 1965 stated that Mazutis was in contact with SECAROB-1 (probably Major Michael Hoare), who was described as a "ex-Katanga mercenary." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=157903#relPageId=102&tab=page

In his memoir, Cuban exile Ramon Font Saumell described an exfiltration mission allegedly involving Tony Cuesta (AMDENIM-14), Joaquin Powell (AMDENIM-13) and a CIA agent known as "Mike Gorgas." Later in the memoir, Font mentioned "Don Baker". If Font was correct about the existence of "Mike Gorgas", then it is possible that it was a alias for Mickey Kappes. By contrast, Don Baker was identified by U.S. Customs, in a FBI report in 1964, as being Donald Griffin Baker, an American photographer from Cincinnati, Ohio: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=92217#relPageId=24&search=

Mickey Kappes was ANDENIM-3, and was an Underwater Demolitions Team (UDT - frogman) and engineer.


Witness and Protagonist by Ramon Font Saumell: (translation from Spanish to English): Page 78: ..."As I learned later, Tony Cuesta (AMDENIM-14) was on the exfiltration trip, who with his 6 feet 3 inches and his mastery in swimming, after having jumped into the sea to make an inspection of the place, he had already arrived near the coast, and seeing the lights out, he began to go back, which was difficult because a North was coming in, the sea was churning quickly and had to swim against the waves. Thanks to his swimming skills and physical strength, Tony was able to reach the catamaran that would take them to the main ship, the 'Real', and climbed with the help of his other two companions Joaquin Powell (AMDENIM-13) and CIA agent Mike Gorgas, who may have starred in a truly tragic situation, because before Tony returned, when they saw the lights on the second floor, Gorgas, frightened, said that they had better leave because apparently there were problems. Powell said nothing of that, that they would have to wait, but Gorgas insisted so strongly that Powell pried the M-3 he was carrying and threatened the other, instead the precise moment that Tony appeared next to the catamaran..."


Based on the undated list of four names above, all of the names on that list appear to be aliases. "Pawley 65 foot yacht Flying Tiger will depart Miami 1800 hours 5 June. Aboard yacht will be Pawley's captain Luis Paez Guerra who Cuban national but long time trusted employee. (CIA) will have Donald F. Mazutis alias Mike Kelley (note: true name Mickey Kappes) and Marvin A. Laurenkus alias Alan Barton (note: true name Rudy Enders) on board Pawley yacht. This yacht due arrive Hogsty reef 0600 hours 8 June. Yacht will anchor reef area...(CIA PBY - PBY is an abbreviation for 'US Navy medium to heavy twin amphibious aircraft - used for maritime patrol, water bomber, and search and rescue') under dry lease to Pawley will arrive Hogsty Reef 0630 hours 8 June and land in protected area Hogsty Reef. (Aircraft) will contain Pawley, Martino, Spencer from LIFE, Irving G. Cadick alias William Rutherford, Oliver Fortson alias Maximo de Cordoba and eight Cubans. Party will be transferred by RB-12 from (aircraft) to Pawley yacht. Entire party will board Pawley yacht, take Cuban craft in tow, and head for launch point. (Aircraft) leaves area. Pawley yacht, surveilled by LEDA radar...goes from reef to launch point which 25 miles off Cuba in commercial sea lanes...Here Cubans loaded into their craft. Once they in their craft they passed ammo in boxes and while being covered by arms on Pawley yacht Cubans are then cut loose at 2200 hours 8 June for trip to Cuba. Cubans on mission will be Ernesto Duenas (201-298397), Eduardo Perez/AMDENIM-11 (201-294665), Rene Lamoru...Dennis Rigal....Luis Cantin...Rolando Rodriguez...Tomas Vaguero...Francisco Hernandez. Once Cubans hit Cuba they go exfil point pick up Sovs...once pickup (with Cuban craft)...(aircraft will) bring Sovs, Cubans, Pawley, Martino, Life rep, Cadick and Fortson back to Miami. Fortson will then debrief Sovs in Russian to extent possible once they on Pawley yacht and (aircraft)...if no show 10 June op aborts."


02/20/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: ..."Contract extensions or requests for extensions of reference contracts were made as follows: ...Mazutis, Donald F.: UFGT-7609..."


Witness and Protagonist by Ramon Font Saumell: (translation from Spanish to English): Pages 153-154: ..."As we were still persecuted and without boats, we decided to rent one and spoke with Don Baker, an American friend of ours, and we explained to him our need and our purpose. We also talked, and convinced him, with Don's father, who went along with a ma'am, and they rented a yacht that we had already chosen. It was us too, the bosses military and operations, in another car, to see some friends in West Palm Beach, to prepare the arrival of the yacht the next day and move the gasoline, weapons and men to where the yacht could be approached without problems with the authorities. Everything was arranged for the next day...Baker tidied up the house by telling the man he hadn't noticed, that he would be out a time to bail out, and we take off from the dock. We got to the house, we made a chain and took out all the weapons, ammunition, gasoline, clothes and left the ship totally innocent. We called for them to look for us and we left with our weapons, except for the cannon that was kept in a local house, two men stayed waiting for another car. All of this was under enormous pressure because when we left the house we met a policeman from a patrol, looking towards where the yacht was, but when talking to the owners, we said that everything was calm at the time, but that a while ago two cars, with sirens and lights on, and they stopped at the parallel pier and spent some time searching among the boats, and then they left, so they presumed that something had happened. We preferred to let the place cool down one day and we came to Miami. On the second day the mechanic, Baker and another gentleman were sent to check the boat and tested it and after the test they were happy..."


Circa 1965: Cable from Withheld to Director (Info: LEOP): SECAROB: ..."3. SECAROB-1 (probably Major Michael Hoare) then expressed his satisfaction privately to Mazutis."


08/27/65: Cable from Withheld to Director (Info: LEOP): SECAROB: REF DIR 38395: "1. Ref message passed to SECAROB-1 (probably Major Michael Hoare) (S1) by Mazutis at 1100Z, 27 August. S1 agreeable wait and take no final action until Guthman returns. 2. Major Wicks due (REDACTION) 1400Z, 27 August with report his LEOP mission concerning pay QOSOLVE (as RCVD). S1 intends report this word to troops immediately thereafter. Will advise immediate S1 and troop reaction."

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