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Pseudonym: Maycrink, Ernest

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Ernest G. Maycrink was a pseudonym used by WIROGUE-1, who was David Tzitzichvili.
David Tzitzichvili also used the alias David Durvard.

104-10182-10052: CIA FILE ON WIROGUE.

"General information on WIROGUE/1 (David Tzitzichvili): A. Pertinent biographical Information: Pseudonym - Ernest G. Maycrink. Place of birth - Gori, Georgia, USSR. Date of birth - 12 July 1918..."

104-10291-10003: NONRELATED. WIROGUE.

10/20/60: Memo from Michael Rae, Chief, SR/DOB to Special Contacting Officer: Through: SR/SS: Subject: Project Termination of Ernest G. Maycrink (p) as independent contractor for SR Division: "1. Because of the indefinite postponement of Project AESENTINEL (an infiltration-exfiltration operation into difficult terrain in the Soviet Union), under which subject individual was engaged, subject has been terminated by this office on 20 October 1960. 2. Subject individual will be picked up on contract on 21 October 1960 by Africa Division. Subject was paid on 20 October 1960 by this office all monies remaining due him as per Engagement of Independent contractor agreement for Project AESENTINEL. Subject has no further remunerative claim against the U. S. Government." Approved: J. Keith Reid.


12/05/2015: Article by Carmine Savastano on the tpaak.com website: "Central Intelligence Agency officer William K. Harvey hired assassins with the intention of eliminating adversarial world leaders. The first was Jose Andre Mankel (QJWIN), the other was David Tzitzichvili that used the alias David de Panaskhet whom the Agency assigned the cryptonym WIROGUE-1. i ii. He was among those expressly secured for the staging of assassinations and spotting candidates for such operations. WIROGUE-1 was 'an ethnic Georgian recruited and trained for the old REDSOCKS program.' iii. Tzitzichvili's family moved to Europe and he later served in the French Foreign Legion. He was briefly involved with the French Resistance in WWII until he was captured by the Nazis and received a death sentence. The timely arrival of the United States Army liberated the area before his sentence was passed and he escaped his Nazi captors. 'In 1950 he had managed to rob a Paris bank of a sizeable sum of money, receive a prison sentence and be released five years later for good behavior'...as of 1960 he was essentially stateless...the Agency was involved in a reasonably major effort to resettle WIROGUE/1, possibly in Mexico, for the mission which he had been brought to the United States had been canceled. However, on 19 September 1960 two members of the Africa Division met with him to discuss 'an operational assignment in Africa Division.' 'He was provided a new pseudonym" and travels to Africa and is subject to the needs of multiple African Agency stations, yet he resides in Leopoldville, the capital of the Congo. WIROGUE-1 attempted to recruit a European to be a member of an 'execution squad' yet this was no mere European but Jose Andre Mankel (QJWIN) himself, who declined the invitation. iv v vi vii. 'A rather lengthy assessment of his (Tzitzichvili's) character can be summed up by saying he was able to rationalize any action if he had strong case officer direction..."


04/27/2018: David Boylan on The Education Forum: The JFK Assassination: ..."Ernest Maycrink was WIROGUE..."

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