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Pseudonym: Maurice

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Louis Gibarti, a confidential source of the State Department and possibly other agencies as well, had been a Communist penetration of US agencies in the thirties. By 1950 he was providing information on the Communist Party's activities in Hollywood.

Fred Jerome, "The Einstein File: J. Edgar Hoover's War Against the World's Most Famous Scientist", pp. 213-214.

"In a major struggle inside the Communist movement, a number of Comintern agents became disheartened, some criticized Stalin and the 'trials', and many left - or were expelled from - the Party. One who those who left in 1938 was Louis Gabarti...politically homeless, Gabarti appeared to be if not a symbol of his times, at least a sympathy-deserving victim, caught between two sides...until the summer of 1950, when he decided to become an informant for the US government. We don't know what spurred him that July to approach the American Embassy and its legal attaché in Paris..."

124-90143-10050: No Title

"In January 1951 a Bureau agent in Paris, France interviewed Louis Gibarti, who furnished information concerning CP activity within the motion picture industry in Hollywood. He was asked if he knew John Howard Lawson. Gibarti said that he knew Lawson was always sympathetic to the CP and according to Gibarti's idea he might have been a CP member, but he recalled him as only as a close sympathizer...engaged in literary issues."

124-90143-10030: No Title

2/19/53 memo on "Security Information" from William A. Crawford of the State Department in Paris: "There is transmitted herewith a true copy of a study prepared by a confidential source (Maurice) (Note: Marginalia states "Louis Gibarti") on Communist penetration of certain branches of the US government during the thirties...the source was in the US during much of the period of 1928-1938, where he operated as a Soviet agent for the purpose of organizing certain pacifist, anti-Nazi, and pre-Spanish Republican fronts." Gibarti's study is then provided in the following 13 pages.

Bill Simpich

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