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Pseudonym: Matt, Charles W.

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Chief, WH/4/PM Robert S. Moore during circa 1962.
As of December 1961, Matt signed a document as Chief, WH/4/PM.

His predecessor as C/WH/4/PM as of April 1961 was Jack Hawkins - see 104-10228-10263. According to a cable in February 1964, Charles W. Matt was MOB/PM.

A FBI report from Miami in March of 1962 mentioned that the 30th of November Movement's contact in the CIA was a "Mr. Charles". This was possibly Charles W. Matt. 104-10059-10243: 201-849907 identifies as "Robert Moore". The HSCA (Blakey. Item D) was interested in Moore but the CIA played dumb for a while replying to his requests "we don't know which Robert Moore you are referring to." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=58012#relPageId=4&search=%22201_849907%22

1993.08.11.16:17:27:310028: DEBRIEFING OF MR. GRAYSTON LYNCH

Circa 1960-1961: "Training: On Panama and the facilities used, the best Lynch could remember, Fort Sherman was open in about August or September 1960 to train Cubans for about a 2 to 3 month period. There were about 40 to 50 men, mostly Artime followers. When it was decided a bigger group would be needed, which later became Brigade 2506, these people were sent to Retalhuleu (Guatemala) In about November 1960. Actually, the group was split, with some going to Guatemala and others to the New Orleans area. As to other training in Panama, Lynch has no knowledge. (Note: Lynch suggested that Mr. Robert Moore, retired staffer currently in the New Orleans area, might be a good source. Moore was C/Ops for the invasion task force, as well Deputy for PM and C/Ops for JMWAVE at one time." Also see Grayston Lynch in his Decision for Disaster (pgs 48-49) mentions Bob Moore, a close friend who had been the CIA's liaison man at Fort Bragg, was the catalyst for Lynch joining the Agency. Lynch was retiring after five years as a capatain of the US Army Special Forces A-Team. In January 1960, Moore had set up a meeting with Desmond Fitzgerald, then head of the Far East Division. Fitzgerald assured Lynch of a job after he retired from the US Army. Lynch dropped in to see Moore in December 1960 to ask if Moore had anything for him. Moore did and the rest is history.

Official History of the Bay of Pigs Operation, Volume III: Evolution of CIA's Anti-Castro Policies, 1959 - January 1961 Current Section: Part VII: The Question of Assassinations

"One of the principals of WH/4 (Richard Drain) recorded that on 24 February 1961 he 'asked Ed (Stanulis), Dave P (Phillips), Ed (Hinkle), (Robert) Moore, and Jake (Esterline) why not proceed with Operation AMHINT to set up a program of assassination?'...the author of that remark was Chief of Operations for Project JMATE...(there was) an AMHINT request of 14 January 1961 for 'Silenciadores Rifles de marilla telescopica' (a request for rifles with telescopic sights). This might have had to do with a DRE plan to assassinate the Soviet Ambassador to Cuba rather than a plan to kill Castro. When the FOB in Miami heard about the plan against the Soviet official they 'immediately sent...word to AMHINT-1 forbidding planned "atentado" (assassination).'" See 104-10263-10064: 4/11/61 cable from WAVE to BELL: Right before the Bay of Pigs, a plan to infiltrate AMHINT leaders: Frank Bernardino Babot 201-281263 (raider), Jose Raffo Barrera 201-281271 (raider), Carlos Duquesne Wylryez, 201-268951 (WAVE trained general SAP ops).


June 27, 1961 cable describes Moore as "C/WH/4/PM R. B. Moore"

1994.06.02.15:07:15:780005: Reel 61, Folder B - UNIDAD REVOLUTIONARIA.

12/19/61 memo of conversation between Michael J. Malone and Charles W. Matt, 12/15/61. "Malone called on the WH/4/PM sterile phone asking to talk to Mr Pekich (request was in Mr. Pekich's alias). Upon being informed that Mr. Pekich was not available, he asked if he could speak to Walter Kuzmuk (in alias), whose name he had been given by Mr. Pekich.

157-10014-10046: TESTIMONY OF HALLEY, 19 AUG 1975

Circa 1962?: Shackley testified he had two deputy chiefs of station (DCOS) during the most significant period of time - one was Robert Moore, who was C/Ops or chief of operations. The other man was in charge with the support functions - that was Jack Corris.

104-10240-10401: MEMORANDUM:AMBIDDY-1

3/12/62 cable with Matt identified as C/WH/4/PM.

124-90083-10034: [No Title]

03/30/62: FBI Miami report from William Mayo Drew, Jr.: Titled: CHANGED: 30 OF NOVEMBER REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT (MOVIMIENTO REVOLUCIONARIO 30 DE NOVIEMBRE): Page 3: ..."On December 6, 1961, MM 639-S advised that CIA would supply the organization with equipment for future operation and training, and that the training would be handled by American instructors. This source reported the same information on January 4, 1962. He also stated that the organization had sent a list of necessary equipment to their CIA contact, Mr. Charles (probably a reference to "Charles Matt"). On January 4, 1962, this source made available a memo prepared on the stationery of the organization, which he said had been furnished at the request of CIA, and related to the plans for this training program allegedly sponsored by CIA..."


6/5/62 cable from Director to JMWAVE (Orig: C. W. Matt, TFW/PM): "In 4 June 1962 telecon with Michael Malone, KUBARK (CIA) contact Czarnikow-Rionda, Malone put AMDENIM-1 on the line to discuss UR joining CRC. A-1 was told he should work this out with WAVE (case officer) and that it appeared to us that such a move not only would benefit the UR directly by making it part of overall effort but will also further cause by strengthening anti-Castro united front which considered essential. A-1 appeared to have made mind up to work toward UR joining CRC and looking for reassurances by Malone and others that such a move wise thing to do..." Releasing Officer: (Signature) for William K. Harvey, C/TFW. Coordinating Officers: C/TFW/PA-PROP: (S. Bolten in draft). TFW/SA (Charles Ford in draft). Authenticating Officer: Charles. W. Matt, C/TFW/PM.


6/23/62 memo: C.W. Matt is listed as the originating officer as "TFW/PM". Arthur A. Maloney is listed as the coordinating officer as "C/TFW/PM." - - - 09/13/62: Cable from Director to multiple addresses (Orig: R. Tansing, Unit: TFW/CI): Subject: Anti-Castro Activities: Page 4: ..."Info Based On: Telephone call from Michael J. P. Malone to Mr. Charles Matt and Colonel Maloney. WAVE 8040 (IN 15550) 1 Sept 62 (Source: AMCLATTER-1)." Coordinating Officers: for C/TFW/PM: C. Matt...William K. Harvey was Authenticating Officer. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=44247&search=#relPageId=5&tab=page


12/7/62 memo: "On December 6, 1962, discussed with Charles W. Matt, TFW/PM, re the 13 men seized in Florida. According to Matt, the Agency has no connection with the men who were arrested. He did say the OO (Office of Origin) in Los Angeles had submitted a PHS on (Gerry) Hemming. As far as TFW was concerned, they have had no contact with this group at all. Matt was asked where the group would have gotten its support and funds. Matt said that they obtained their money by jumping from parachutes, 'passing the hat around', writing bad checks, etc...(John) Tilton, PA/PROP, TFW also stated on 6 December 1962 that there was no connection between this group and the Agency..." 124-90102-10154, p. 5: 1/2/63, Robert Moore identified as "Deputy Chief, CIA".

104-10234-10352: CABLE: AMTRUNK, AMLASH

02/03/64: Cable from Director to JMWAVE (Orig: N. Sanchez, Unit: SAS/SO/NS): Slugline RYBAT TYPIC YOBITE AMTRUNK AMLASH: Releasing Officer: Desmond FitzGerald, C/SAS. Coordinating Officers: MOB/FI: P. Maggio. MOB/PM: C. W. Matt. Authenticating Officer: A. A. Maloney, C/SAS/MOB.

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