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Pseudonym: Marti, Juan

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Ricardo Morales Navarette


"in the late spring of 1968, Juan Marti, a patriotic Cuban exile with considerable revolutionary experience and involvement with weapons and explosives, was approached by (Orlando) Bosch for a supply of dynamite. During the ensuing negotiation, Bosch admitted to Marti that he was the originator of 'Cuban Power' and used the name of 'Ernesto, General Delegate' in issuing circular letters and press releases on behalf of Cuban power...Juan Marti is identical to Ricardo Morales Navarette, who testified as a valuable witness for the US government in the prosecution of this case....(at p. 14) Marti learned that it was Bosch's intention to blow up ships at sea without regard to human lives or property. FBI agents, through the cooperation of a leading US manufacturer of dynamite, provided Marti with a total of 300 pounds of 'dummy' dynamite..." Marti observed Bosch and others attacking the Polish ship Polanica with a 57 mm rifle and taped them talking about it afterwards. Bosch and eight others were indicted in 1968 and convicted in 1969 based on Marti's evidence for firing or tampering with vessles, including the Polanica, and threatening three heads of state in relation to attempts to destroy property with fire or explosives. Bosch received ten years in prison.

124-10196-10467: No Title

A similar FBI account of the events that led to the indictment of Bosch and his colleagues - here, Navarette is described as Tomas Juan Marti.

Bill Simpich

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