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Pseudonym: Martin, Luis

Luis Martin (Hernandez) was an alias used by anti-Castro Cuban, Evelio Duque Miyar. He was also known as Comandante Luis.

1994.05.27.15:58:30:160005: Reel 7, Folder E - EVELIO DUQUE MIYAR

06/12/61: Cable from JMWAVE to BELL: "1. Evelio Duque Miyar, war name Comandante Luis, alias Luis Martin Hernandez arrived in WAVE area from Cuba 5 June 61 in small launch with four other persons...Duque claims to be the chief leader of the fighting in the Escambray and at one time had an org of 8,000 to 10,000 persons all over Cuba. He believes that the the great majority of this org is still intact in spite of several thousand who were arrested as a result of the invasion. 2. The following persons came to (REDACTION) with Duque: A. Domingo Lazaro Cabrera-Gutierrez, his asst and agent in HAVA. B. Jesus Hernandez Medina, his bodyguard. C. Israel Gonzalez Rodriguez, a fisherman. D. Hector Santa Maria Monteros, a fisherman. 3. Duque's underground org is Ejercito Cubano Anti-Communista (ERC)...4...WAVE Comment: This is somewhat contrary to (REDACTION) views which purport that Duque was under (REDACTION) command..."

1994.05.27.15:58:30:160005: Reel 7, Folder E - EVELIO DUQUE MIYAR

07/27/61: Memo from Withheld to Chief, Security JMWAVE: Subject: Evelio Duque Miyar: "1. (REDACTION) Traces requested on Evelio Duque Miyar aka Commandante Luis, aka Luis Martin Hernandez. DPOB 13 December 1926, Trinidad, Las Villas, Cuba...2. Subject entered the United States 5 June 1961 at Miami with four other persons. He is now residing at 1228 N.W. 6th Street, Miami, Florida. He may also have a room at the Colonial Hotel, Miami. 3. Subject is probably using the alias Luis Martin; at least in some cases, rather than his true name."

1994.05.27.15:58:30:160005: Reel 7, Folder E - EVELIO DUQUE MIYAR

07/28/61: Memo: Subject: Evelio Duque Miyar: "1. Evelio Duque Miyar, age 35, war name Commandante Luis alias Luis Martin Hernandez. 2. Duque was the leader of a guerrilla group in the Escambray Mountains. He came out of Cuba in a small boat with four other persons on 6 June 1961. 3. Duque was debriefed on his activities while in Cuba and on the present situation as he knew it. He has contacted several groups of Cubans and also tried to contact U.S. officials to get aid for his group."

1994.05.27.15:55:14:380005: Reel 7, Folder D - EVELIO DUQUE MIYAR

01/03/62: Memo from Withheld, Interrogation Research Division to Chief, WH/Division: Subject: Miyar, Evelio Duque: "Subject of this report is Evelio Duque Miyar, aka Comandante Luis, aka Luis Martin, born 26 December in Trinidad, Las Villas, Cuba. Subject was technically interrogated 21 December 1961 at a covert site in Florida...."


April 1962 station asset report: Listed as an "external asset", with apparently no cryptonym, and bio file number 201-302008. Case officer Clarence E. Smeryage recruited Duque on 10/1/61. Receives no salary - only commitment is that case officer will train and infiltrate Duque's agents if they operate under CIA direction and control. "Subject is a peasant type who desires to better himself."

1994.05.27.15:58:30:160005: Reel 7, Folder E - EVELIO DUQUE MIYAR

Envelope addressed to Luis Martin, 253 Northwest 46 St, Miami, Florida

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