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Pseudonym: Martin, John J.

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Jack S. Martin, a detective and allegedly one of the "wandering bishops" that may have had a gauzy relationship with intelligence. Beat up by Guy Banister on 11/22/63 when he suggested Banister had a role in the assassination. Martin claimed to have affiliation with CIA, but offered no independent proof.

1993.08.20.11:01:18:530064 - MISC. NEWS CLIPPINGS VOL.6

11/24/63 report that John Martin contacted New Orleans Asst. DA Herman S. Kohlman after a two day drinking bout and claimed that David Ferrie trained Lee Oswald in using weapons with telescopic sights and might have been lined up as a get-away pilot. Later FBI and Secret Service reports (the latter by Anthony E. Garrets and John W. Rice) stated that Martin admitted that he concocted these statements.

FBI 62-109060 JFK HQ File, Section 127

January 23-28, 1967: Carlos Quiroga wrote a declaration stating that he received a death threat on 1/23/67 for visiting the offices of the District Attorney; that Garrison told him that Oswald was brought to New Orleans by anti-communists who owned a coffee industry here (the Reilly family). He also told Quiroga that one of the men in the photograph with LHO the day he was distributing the Communist propaganda was "Manuel Garcia Gonzales"...there are pictures of this man and other Cubans behind a billboard close to where JFK was shot...Garrison believed that Quiroga was at Mancuso's restaurant at Camp and Lafayette St. with Oswald, Ferrie, and Sergio Arcacha Smith. He was at the DA's office on 1/28/67 when investigator Lou Ivon came out and said Jack Martin made the death threat to me on 1/23/67. Martin said he did it because "he was drunk and didn't know what he was saying." Quiroga was convinced that Martin was the one who made up the story about him being with Oswald and the others at Mancuso's restaurant.

1994.05.06.08:44:58:780005: Reel 25, Folder D - GARRISON INVESTIGATION - VOL II.

Re 2/23/67: On this date, Detective Sergeant Herman Mitchell, Homicide Squad, Louisville, KY got a call from Carl Stanley, who told him that "David William Ferrie and John J. Martin, both of whom were then bishops in Stanley's church were in Louisville, KY in November 1961. While they were drinking and 'hitting the bars' they told Stanley that Ferrie had been involved in a plot against President Kennedy."

1994.05.06.08:44:58:780005: Reel 25, Folder D - GARRISON INVESTIGATION - VOL II.

2/28/67 interview with Carl John Stanley, 4018 Vermont Avenue, Louisville, KY: "In July 1961, upon the recommendation of 'Bishop' John J. Martin then of 1311 North Prieur St., New Orleans, LA, he and Martin consecrated David William Ferrie as a bishop in his church...Stanley said that Ferrie had been discharged (from Eastern Airlines) by a Captain Grennier whose address was International Airport, New Orleans, LA...(Martin) said that Ferrie was also in that plot to assassinate the President...Stanley placed the date Martin gave him the information as January 3, 1966...when Stanley asked Martin, 'You mean Lee Harvey Oswald was with you?', Martin clammed up and would talk no more about it...Stanley indicated that Martin had talked to him about the association of Ferrie, Oswald, himself and the others on only one occasion although Stanley gave three different versions...(Stanley) did not know whether the Cuban organization with which he alleged Oswald, Martin, Ferrie, de Pugh and Hyde to have been connected was pro or anti-Castro. Still later Stanley said he had received a telephone call from Colonel 'something or other' the head of an anti-Castro group in New Orleans...he had read about (the Colonel) in the newspaper as the leader of an anti-Castro group...Stanley has never seen Hyde but said that Hyde had been arrested for homosexual activity in Washington, DC."

FBI 62-109060 JFK HQ File, Additional Releases, Part 1 of 3

3/1/67 memo from William Branigan to William Sullivan: "...we still believe Garrison's whole investigation was initiated on the basis of Martin's allegations. The report that Garrison is now claiming to be able to produce five or six individuals who can state Oswald was residing with David Ferrie strongly suggests that Garrison is well aware that Martin and David Lewis REDACTED not the type of individuals he can count on to sell his case to the American public..."

1993.08.20.14:59:22:120028 JOSEPH JAMES MARTIN

4/6/67 memo by CIA analyst Marguerite D. Stevens, concluding that Jack S. Martin and John J. Martin were probably the same person. (File 201-289248 crossed out, changed to 100-300-17): "According to the individual who made the allegation concerning John J. Martin, one Carl John Stanley, aka 'Most Reverend Christopher Maria Stanley', self-styled archbishop of the Metropolitan Eastern Province, American Orthodox Catholic Church, he and 'Bishop" John J. Martin in July 1961 had, on Martin's recommendation, consecrated (David Ferrie) as a bishop in Stanley's church. Ferrie, according to Stanley, had subsequently been 'deposed' as bishop in January 1962, when Stanley learned that (Ferrie) had been discharged by Eastern Airlines for homosexual activities. According to Stanley (who the Louisville Police Department believes is a mentally unbalanced con-man) John J. Martin drank a great deal and on one occasion, while drinking, said that Lee Harvey Oswald and Ferrie 'were buddies' and that he (Martin) was connected with them. Stanley added that Martin told him that he (Martin), Ferrie, Jerry de Pugh (allegedly a relative of Jimmy Hoffa), George Augustine Hyde - 'a bishop in another church', 1657 Park Rd. NW, Washington DC, who Stanley characterized as a homosexual, and Lee Harvey Oswald lived together, worked together, were close friends and were involved with some Cuban organization. Stanley said that John J. Martin in 1963 resided at 207 Mason St., Houston, Texas, and was a writer for a newspaper...during this period Martin corresponded with him from New Orleans as well as from Houston...According to Stanley, John J. Martin claims to have been in the Air Force during WW II, to have worked for CIA, and to carry out numerous police 'commissions'...Jack S. Martin...appears to be of unsound mind and who in all probability is John J. Martin regarding who (Carl Stanley) reported."

FBI 62-109060 JFK HQ File, Section 128

4/7/67 lengthy affidavit by Jack S. Martin.

Bill Simpich

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