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Pseudonym: Martinez, Simon

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Simon S. Martinez was an alias registered to David Morales in 1974.
A memo from David Phillips, Chief, Western Hemisphere Division on June 20, 1974, stated that "Simon S. Martinez is a new registered alias for identity. He requires the Special Representative ID Card and supporting pocket litter in this alias. The documentation will be used for a Cuban diplomatic recruitment." The identity was David Morales.

A memo on July 16, 1975, mentioned that Morales was due to retire on July 31th.

David Morales died on May 8, 1978, aged 52.


06/20/74: Memorandum from David A. Phillips, Chief, Western Hemisphere Division to OTS/AB/DOCS: Subject: Request for Special Representative ID Card and Supporting Pocket Letter - Simon S. Martinez (A): "1. Simon S. Martinez is a new registered alias for identity. He requires the Special Representative ID Card and supporting pocket litter in this alias. The documentation will be used for a Cuban diplomatic recruitment. Subject can not use his other registered aliases (for which he has supporting pocket litter) since one is a registered name for BKHERALD (CIA) identification, another is used in conjunction with his (REDACTION) passport and the third was extensively used during his JMWAVE tour and may be compromised. Attached is an ID photograph to be used on the Special Representative document. Request expedite handling for this request which is being hand carried. 2. Thank you for your cooperation." - - - Page 3 of the same original document stated: "IDENTITY: Mr. David Morales." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=26964#relPageId=3&search=


07/16/75: Memorandum from Joseph F. King, Chief, LA Security to CCS/PRG: "1. Returned herewith are alias documents which have been issued to identity in the aliases of Miguel P. Cossio; Diego S. Mardones; Daniel Suarez Moreno; Simon S. Martinez. These documents have been utilized by identity for operational purposes. However, as he is due to retire on 31 July 1975, they are being returned to you for final disposition. The documents returned are as follows...Simon S. Martinez (A): Health Cert. #41716). Nat. Science Book Club. AM Bowling Congress Card. SS Card. GEFOO Card. Ft. Wash. Yacht & Tennis Club. DC Nat'l Bk. Best Products Co., Inc. Special Rep Credential #389. Calling Cards...Identity: David Morales."


06/03/76: Document from Chief, Latin American Division to DDO:


06/27/77: Comment on Routing and Records Sheet: from Theodore (Ted) G. Shackley, Associate Deputy Director for Operations, to OGC, Mr. Greaney: "1. On 23 June 1977 the ADDO received a telephone call at his residence from retired employee Mr. David Morales. The latter gentleman was calling the ADDO from Arizona to say that he was in receipt of a letter from Mr. David Martin which asked his cooperation in writing a book about former CIA employee Mr. William King Harvey. Mr. Morales indicated that the letter from Mr. Martin had led him to believe that Mr. Dave Phillips, a retired CIA employee and author of the book 'The Night Watch', had furnished Mr. Morales’ name to Mr. Martin. Mr. Morales indicated that he was irritated by Mr. Phillips’ action. At the same time he stated that it was his intent not to respond to Mr. Martin’s letter. Mr. Morales then made the point that he was bringing this information to the ADDO’s attention in order that the latter could prepare himself for any overture that he might receive from Mr. Martin. 2. Mr. Morales was thanked for the information contained in paragraph 1. The ADDO then stated that it was his intent to tell Mr. Martin, if he recontacted him, that he had no interest in cooperation with him on a book concerning the exploits, real or imagined, of Mr. Harvey."


07/14/77: Memorandum from John F. Sullivan, Jr., Security Analysis Group to Acting Chief, Security Analysis Group: "1. Reference is made to the attached correspondence from the Associate Deputy Director for Operations to the Office of General Counsel dated 27 June 1977. Mr. David Morales (OS#39 418), retired Agency employee, has reported being contacted by Mr. David C. Martin (no OS traces), a Washington journalist and former reporter for the Associated Press. Mr. Martin is the author of an article entitled 'The Loaded Gun' which appeared in the Washington Post in October 1976 and which concerned William King Harvey (OS#32 814), a deceased Agency employee. Mr. Martin has asked for Mr. Morales assistance in writing a book about Mr. Harvey. Based on information in a letter from Martin, Morales has concluded that his name may have been provided to Martin by retired Agency employee David A. Philips (OS#40 696). 2. Morales is the seventh former/current Agency employee who has been contacted by Mr. Martin since September 1976. Probably as a prelude to his October article, Mr. Martin contacted or attempted to contact three current and one former Agency employee. The remaining three former/current employees were all contacted in June 1977. 3. In two of the three contacts in June 1977 (including Morales), Mr. Philips’ name has surfaced as a possible source or lead for Martin to other Agency employees. In September of 1976 Martin claimed in two instances he had secured the employees’ names from the Foreign Service List. The source of his information in the other two instances is unknown as is also the case with the third contact in June 1977..."


02/07/78: HSCA memorandum from Fonzi & Gonzales to G. Robert Blakey: Subject: Interview with Juan Manuel Salvat Roque: ..."The only other CIA official he remembers meeting is the Mexican American who was in charge of commando training for the Agency in the Florida Keys. He described him as stocky and swarthy with heavy black hair. [Ross Crozier later identified this individual as David Morales]..."


findagrave/com website: Entry for David Sanchez Morales: "BIRTH: 26 Aug 1925. Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona, USA. DEATH: 8 May 1978 (aged 52) Elfrida, Cochise County, Arizona, USA. BURIAL: Sunset Cemetery, Willcox, Cochise County, Arizona, USA. MEMORIAL ID: 32204654 - View Source." - - - Note comment at bottom of page: "RIP. By the way, the photo of the young Asian soldier is not David Morales. Left by Anonymous on 11 Jun 2021."

104-10118-10014: HSCA REQUEST

08/11/78: Memorandum from Robert W. Gambino, Director of Security to Legislative Counsel (Attention: Scott Breckinridge): "1. (U/AIUO) Action Required: None; for information only. 2. (U/AIUO) Background: Reference is made to the attached request for the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) dated 1 August 1978 (OLC 78-2735/1). The HSCA has requested access to all files, photographs, and, index references on David Morales, aka El Indio. (C) This Office has ready for review a file on David Sanchez Morales, a former employee of the Agency. In addition, a copy of Mr. Morales' badge photograph has been made and is available to the HSCA...(C) Please contact Mr. Bruce Solie (red line 9126) or Mr. John Sullivan (red line 1893) of this Office when HSCA staffers desire to review the material on David Sanchez Morales."

Gaeton Fonzi, (1993) The Last Investigation, pp. 388-390

..."'Morales was building a big, new house out near Willcox,' Walton says. 'Actually, it was in a little town called El Frita, which is about half-way between Willcox and the Mexican border...I never got to see the house, but he had just finished it and was describing it to me when he mentioned that he put in it the best security system in the United States. And I remember asking him, thinking he was worried about burglars or being robbed. 'What do you need so much security for? You're still thirty miles from the Mexican border.' And he said, 'I'm not worried about those people. I'm worried about my own.' That struck Walton as curious. 'What do you mean?' he asked. 'I know too much,' Morales said, then quickly dropped it. Remembering that now, Walton views his first meeting with Morales in Washington as being far more significant than he realized. After dinner, the whole party went back to the Dupont Plaza Hotel. It was late and Carbajal's parents and his wife returned to their rooms and Ruben and Morales returned to the Waltons' room with them...The drinking got heavy...Morales began with his war stories. Walton remembers him talking about the killing in Vietnam and Laos, about being involved in the capture of Che Guevara in Bolivia, of hits in Paraguay and Uruguay and Venezuela...Walton never got to explain the details of that association. At the first mention of Kennedy's name, he recalls, Morales literally almost hit the ceiling. 'He flew off the bed on that one,' says Walton...Walton says Morales's tirade about Kennedy, fueled by righteous anger and high-proof booze, went on for minutes...Suddenly he stopped, sat back down on the bed and remained silent for a moment. 'Then, as if saying it only to himself, he added: 'Well, we took care of that son of a bitch, didn't we?' I looked at Ruben Carbajal, who had remained silent while Walton was telling me this. Carbajal looked at me and nodded his head. Yes, he was there, it was true..."

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