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Pseudonym: Martinez, Lazaro

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Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo, an admitted double agent in 1960. Working with Army Intelligence as DUP-749 and Antonio Veciana at least as early as March 1963.

124-90135-10156: No Title

11/3/59 FBI memo: "...Menoyo is commander in Castro Cuban army, currently utilizing alias Lazaro Martinez. He is accompanied by lieutenants Roger Redondo and Jesus LeRosa. Menoyo participated in double agent activity with Cuban army commander William Morgan against Dominican Republic in behalf of Castro on August 8th last...Menoyo described as 5 feet 10 inches, 175 pounds, 30-35 years, thin build, thin moustache, wearing brown slacks, gray topcoat, brown porkpie hat with striped band, black shoes, dark tinted glasses with hornrimmed frame and light colored sports shirt..."

124-90135-10170: No Title

11/24/59 report of FBI agent Harris Miller, reporting that Lazaro Martinez, believed to be Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo, stayed in NYC for two nights with two Cuban colleagues.

124-90135-10074: No Title

Correlation summary for Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo, showing the use of this alias.


Re 7/16/60, in the Addendum to the Study on the Directorio Revolucionario Ibercio de Liberacion (Iberian Revolutionary Directorate of Liberation): "Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo went to Liege, Belgium, to make a first-hand estimate of DRIL leadership, capabilities and potential, preliminary to any unfreezing of any funds in the National Bank of Cuba." (Castro agreed to release the funds to the DRIL, on the understanding it was to be dedicated to the overthrow of Franco)..."Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo. Subject was born in Spain and during the Cuban Revolution fought in the Escambray Mountains. As a DRIL leader in Cuba, Subject, on July 16, 1960 was lodged in the Cuban Embassy in Madrid. At that time, he was en route to Paris, France. His trip to the European continent was connected with DRIL matters. In Liege, Belgium, he was arrested on 6 August, 1963 and interrogated. He was then purportedly expelled from Belgium as of 17 August and returned to Cuba..."

1993.07.22.09:25:59:340530: SECOND NATIONAL FRONT OF THE ESCAMBRAY

11/1/62 memo showing that Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo is continuing to be known with the alias of Lazaro Martinez. 11/7/62: For a good bio, see 1994.04.26.09:51:24:690005

Reel 52, Folder L - ELOY GUTIERREZ MENOYE - 1994.04.26.09:51:24:69000

12/23/62 CIA information report: An Air Force representative states that he is convinced that Gutierrez Menoyo "informed on 142 other people that were captured and are now in prison...I sincerely believe that this man is a Castro agent in disguise."


3/31/63: Milton Hubbard aka Pat Harris: "Menoyo (DUP 749) told not to come to Miami." He was working with Veciana "V" and others at that time with Army Intelligence. Also see 194-10003-10411, p. 3.

124-10280-10002: No Title

By cover airtel dated January 23, 1964, the Bureau furnished a copy of a letter from the Internal Security Division of the [Justice] Department, advising that during a conference on January 6, 1964, between representatives of the Foreign Agents Registration Section and representatives of Army Intelligence on matters relating to the SNFE, it was learned that Army Intelligence then had under consideration a plan which was pending final approval by a high level Department of Defense authority to use ANTONIO VECIANA, ELOY GUTIERREZ MENOYO, and NAZARIO SARGEN, SNFE leaders, as sources for the collection of intelligence. The Army Intelligence representative advised that GUTIERREZ MENOYO was then a "registered Army source" in the Intelligence Source Registry maintained by CIA. The letter further advised that on January 13, 1964, Army Intelligence notified the Department that their plan had been approved, and that Army Intelligence would be using VECIANA, GUTIERREZ MENOYO, and NAZARIO SARGEN for intelligence purposes. The Department stated that in view of this, they did not plan to convene a grand jury regarding the non-compliance of the SNFE to register.


Intelligence Information Cable, 6/11/64: "According to Francisco Manuel Dominguez Maidigan (of the SFNE)...Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo (201-269349) was in Cuba as of 3 June 64...Gutierrez was in the Escambray...before Gutierrez left for Cuba, he signed a secret pact with (JURE leader Manuel Ray)...Armando Alanis Angulo (AMTAUP-2?) and Osorio Davila Santana of JURE reported to the same group of Cuban emigres trained in the techniques of information collection (the AMOTS) that an honor pact had been signed between Ray and Gutierrez wherein Gutierrez would enter Cuba first and Ray would follow..."

Bill Simpich

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