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Pseudonym: Maria

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Maria was an alias used by JMWAVE PW officer, Alice B. Caponong when communicating with AMBUD-1's secretary in August of 1962. Caponong was probably a pseudonym used by Evalena S. Vidal.


08/31/62: Memo from Alice B. Caponong, PW to IS: "1. About 8 pm on 30 August, AMBUD-1's secretary contacted Caponong in order to relay an urgent message and request from AMBUD-1 who is currently in Washington. The message was that Orlando Rodriguez, AMBUD representative of 30 November Movement, had informed her that the underground of that Movement was planning, in cooperation with other unnamed groups, activity in near future against the GOC. This plan was not coordinated with the exile. No date was available to Rodriguez to such planned action. Rodriguez stated that he had passed this info on to his 'contact.' 2. AMBUD-1's secretary stated that she had phoned AMBUD-1 with this information and he had requested that she get in immediate touch with 'Maria' (Caponong) so that 'the friends' could be requested to take action as follows: to get a message inside to the effect that no action should be taken without coordination with the exile groups and that they should wait until he (AMBUD-1) returned from Washington and had a chance to talk with Orlando Rodriguez. Caponong asked the secretary whether this request seemed to be based on similar action we had taken through AMBUD-1 in June when rumors of an internal uprising abounded or whether AMBUD-1's decision might be based on any new information he had obtained during his conversations in Washington. The secretary replied that she really didn't know, but that AMBUD-1 had not specifically indicated that this request was directly related to any recent talks with ODYOKE (U.S. Government) officuals during the past week. 3. Caponong then phoned this information and request to COB, who indicated this information was of interest especially since the source was non-UR."

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