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Pseudonym: Margany, Ellen

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Ellen F. Margany was probably a pseudonym used by Nancye Gratz. Margany and Gratz's names often appeared on the same documents, whether they be dispatches or cables, from around 1966 to 1968.
In the period mentioned above, Nancye Gratz worked in various units of WH/COG. Other documents from Margany, which were originated by Gratz included: 104-10229-10002 (pages 14, 22, 24, 47-48, 107-108, 142).

Gratz worked with CIA officers Earl J. Williamson and Thomas J. Flores in 1966 and 1967.

104-10229-10000: CRC FINANCE.

12/08/66: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH Division - ATTN: Ellen F. Margany: Subject: AMBUD - Dependent Payments: "Forwarded under separate cover are 26 replies received from dependents by AMTIKI/1 (Manuel F. Goudie) concerning age and birth dates of individuals presently on the rolls under the AMBUD (Cuban Revolutionary Council - CRC) program. Fifteen individuals have not as yet replied to the questionnaire sent to them through AMTIKI/1. When they are received they will be forwarded as soon as possible. (Handwritten: Humphrey O. Timanus) Philip G. Elmard." - - - This memo by Nancy Gratz to Mr. Flores is also from December of 1966: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=229076#relPageId=122 - - - 12/14/66: Memo for the record: Subject: Minutes of the WUMUTUAL Investment Committee Meeting Held on 7 December 1966: Reference: Agenda for the Subject Meeting: "1. The Subject meeting was held in the DD/S Conference Room at 10:30 a.m. on 7 December 1966. All members of the Committee were present. Also attending were the Chief, DO Division, the Committee Advisor, the WUMUTUAL Secretariat (Evans and Fielder), and Messrs. (REDACTION) and Earl Williamson and Mrs. Nancy Gratz representing WH Division. The WH representatives were present in conjunction with Item 3 of the Agenda..." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=229076#relPageId=125


12/27/66: Dispatch from Chief, WHD to COS, JMWAVE: "1. Forwarded under separate cover attachment A are the replies received in references from AMTIKI (Manuel F. Goudie). It is requested that these letters be returned to AMTIKI for retention in individual Subject files. 2. It is recommended that AMTIKI assume responsibility for reviewing the status of minor dependents in order to automatically terminate payments to those individuals who become 21 years of age. This should be done on a regular 30-day basis since any of these dependents will become ineligible for payment during 1967. A list of birth-dates compiled by Ellen F. Margany is forwarded under separate cover attachment B to assist AMTIKI in monitoring this operation. Some procedure should also be established by AMTIKI for periodically attempting to establish proof of marriages contracted by dependents. 3. A quarterly Station report is requested on all future payment terminations in order that Headquarters records may be maintained on a current basis. Ellen F. Margany." Originating Officer: Nancye Gratz, WH/COG/CICS. Coordinating Officer: WH/COG/MO (Signature). Releasing Officer: Thomas J. Flores, C/WH/COG.

104-10229-10000: CRC FINANCE.

01/05/67: Memo from Nancye G. to Mr. Flores: "This morning I received an answer from Mr. Alfredo Garcia, President of the Garcia Line, giving the bio data requested on dependents of the crew we are still paying. This completes the bio data required for the actuary study. When I called Mr. Ewan's office to give his secretary the above information concerning the Garcia people, she told me the computing of the money involved was started yesterday and we may get our total figure within a week. I have the draft memo written by Mr. William and the new first page which I revised. As soon as we receive that big, fat figure from WUMUTUAL the final memo can be typed and we will be in business. (Handwritten note: Nancye Gratz Deo at tube station! Initials)."

104-10229-10000: CRC FINANCE.

02/22/67: Dispatch from Chief, WH Division to COS, JMWAVE: Subject: Operational/TYPIC/AMBUD/Possible Release of Certain AMBUD Prisoners: "1. Both Headquarters and AMTIKI (Manuel F. Goudie) files reflect Subject of para 2 (k), reference B (prisoner #37 on reference A list) is indeed a prisoner, not deceased. 2. It is suggested that AMTIKI be requested to review the file for any indication Subject of para 2 (a), reference B (prisoner #32 on reference A list) may actually be a prisoner, not deceased as reported. 3. Subject of para 3, reference B (prisoner #36 on reference A list) is a prisoner. Although he is officially listed as a Garcia Lines crewman, he may also have been one of the Brigade personalities who served as an auxiliary crewman on one of the Garcia Lines ships lost in the invasion. The dependents of these deceased and imprisoned crewman are paid by the Garcia Lines through a special WOFACT (CIA) funding mechanism. This also supplies to the AMBUD-3 (Dr. Antonio Maceo) case, Faustino Martinez, who receives $300 per month as a permanent disability case. Celenza will no doubt recall that during Margany's recent TDY to JMWAVE to review the AMBUD (Cuban Revolutionary Council - CRC) dependency cases, Margany advised that all Garcia Lines dependents would be included in the proposed recommendations for future financing of AMBUD dependency payments. Both Subject of para 3, reference B, and Faustino Martinez were included in the recently completed actuarial study to determine the total amount of money required to finance future dependency payments under a proposed trust fund mechanism. Ellen F. Margany." Originating Officer: Nancye Gratz, WH/COG. Coordinating Officer: WH/COG/MO (Signature). Releasing Officer: Earl J. Williamson, AC/WH/COG.

104-10051-10144: LAWRENCE J. LABORDE

05/11/67: Memo for the record: Subject: LABORDE, Lawrence J., born 27 Aug 1909: "1. Dick Hannah, WH/Security, advised at 1705 hrs this date that WH had just received a call from DCS. Subject, who was apparently used during the Cuban operation has called DCS stating that he had just received a subpoena from District Attorney Garrison. He asked if he should leave the country or what. 2. Dick advised that Don Pratt, Ray Rocca's deputy has been informed as has Nancy Gratz, WH/CI (RL 9008). He asked that we pull up Subject's file and advise WH and CI what we have in OS on the man. Seylo..."


03/04/68: Telepouch from Chief, Western Hemisphere Division to COS, JMWAVE: Subject: TYPIC/AMOTIN/AMACTION Request for Information on AMACTION/1 Brigade Files: "1. The negotiations with BEC to take over funding the AMBUD (Cuban Revolutionary Council - CRC) dependency cases, appear to be reaching a favorable decision in the immediate future. In the event BEC agrees to handle these payments, each dependency case must be documented by BEC to determine if the individuals involved qualify for compensation under BEC criteria. The majority of the required data is available in AMTIKI's (Manuel F. Goudie) files but there may be additional material in the brigade files maintained by AMACTION/1. 2. According to paragraph 4/B/ of reference, the AMACTION files are those originally prepared by AMOTIN/1 which were turned over to AMACTION by AMTIKI. It should be determined if subject files contain any vital documents such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, etc., and personality data on AMBUD dependents, which might be useful in documenting these cases. It is possible that the AMACTION files are merely duplicates of those held by AMTIKI. Headquarters considers it preferable at this time to explore the contents of these files through AMOTIN/1, rather than AMACTION/1. If JMWAVE considers this feasible it is requested that AMOTIN/1 be queried concerning the type of material in the files without revealing the reason for our interests. 3. Please advise the substance of information that may be obtained from AMOTIN/1 as soon as possible. Ellen F. Margany." Originated by: Nancy Gratz, WH/COG/OPS. Coordinated by: (Signature), AC/WH/COG/OPS. Released by: (Signature), C/WH/COG.


03/06/68: Cable from Director to JMWAVE (Orig: Nancy Gratz, Unit: WH/COG/OPS/EXO): TYPIC AMBUD: "1. Three members IDEN A group, Ellen F. Margany and IDEN B plan arrive JMWAVE Sunday, 10 March, to document AMBUD (Cuban Revolutionary Council - CRC) dependency cases. 2. Can JMWAVE provide accommodations suitable for both living quarters and work area for team? Adequate clerical and translator support also required. 3. Will advise ETA." Releasing Officer: William V. Broe, C/WHD. Coordinating Officers: AC/WH/COG/OPS (Signature). C/WH/COG/OA (Initials). C/DBS (Mr. DeFelice - Telecon). Authenticating Officer: David A. Phillips, C/WH/COG. - Page 37: "IDEN A: Bureau of Employees Compensation. IDEN B: (REDACTION) Personnel Benefits and Services Staffer." - - - Page 34: 03/07/68: Cable (Orig: Nancye Gratz, Unit: WH/COG/OPS): "1. Ref A team ETA 1408 hrs 10 March. NATL FLT 115. 2. Margany will handcarry laser funds requested Ref B. COG Comments: *Advising 2 staffers and 3 BEC employees arriving 10 March to document AMBUD dependency cases. **Requested $40,000 attribution for laser funding." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=229077#relPageId=34


03/07/68: Memo from Donovan E. Pratt, DC/CI/R&A to C/WH/COG (Attention: Miss Nancye Gratz): Subject: Cubans and the Garrison Investigation: "1. As you know, Garrison continues to charge that a group of anti-Castro Cubans employed by CIA participated in the assassination of President Kennedy. The fact that he continues to publicize this accusation is of course cause for concern. You are also aware of the memorandum by Calvin Thomas, formerly stationed in Miami, the subject of which was 'Possible DRE Animus Toward President Kennedy.' This memorandum speculated about the possibility that CIA-associated Cubans might have played a part in the assassination. 2. For these reasons we have reviewed our full file on the Garrison case and have compiled a roster of all 47 Cubans who have been linked to Garrison's case in any way to date. Fourteen of these have not previously been reported to you by CI/R&A. 3. It is requested that full checks be run against your files, and those of the Miami Station, against all names not so traced to date. It is suggested that you consider all Cubans who had any affiliation with Cuban exile groups and with each other, so that we are forearmed as well as possible before the trial of Clay Shaw et al, with its attendant publicity, gets under way."

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