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Pseudonym: Manning, Francis

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Francis Manning was an alias used by CIA officer David Murphy.


01/18/68: Memo from E. Mendoza to Chief, FIOB/Security Research Staff: ..."Francis Manning: David Murphy. 3. Manning is the pseudonym used by Murphy when he and Robert Gray held a meeting with KGB Colonel (Unintelligible) in Vienna in 1953. This does not appear in OS files, and probably (unintelligible) anywhere in DDP records."

Joseph Trento, The Secret History of the CIA (2001), p.119

..."After several social meetings between Anton and Nalivaiko in Vienna, Murphy and Anton decided to complete the recruitment. In early February 1952, Murphy, using the name 'Colonel Francis Manning,' traveled from Munich to Vienna for the big meeting. This time they selected a public place, just in case it was another setup....David Murphy became Bill Harvey's most powerful assistant as the head of Soviet Operations at Berlin Base. But Murphy did not impress Anita Potocki, whom Harvey had brought with him from headquarters, or many other Berlin colleagues. 'He came breezing in and was going to take over,' Potocki said. '...I think that Murphy thought of himself as being much more talented than anyone else because he spoke Russian, and I think that he was after the chief's (Harvey's) job from the time he arrived there...He was a very self-centered individual. He sought adulation from the people who worked for him. He was going to walk over corpses to get where he wanted to go.' (5) (Murphy would not comment for this book..." Page 489 (Chapter Fifteen): (5) Interview with Anita Potocki on November 28, 1990.

Joseph Trento • MFF

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