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Pseudonym: Lythcott, Grover

Unknown identity. A dispatch in January of 1968 stated that Grover Lythcott was known and exposed as "Chip" to AMHINT-56. A document in September, 1965, stated that Lythcott was a case officer of AMCLEVE-15, and was known to the latter as "Walt Abeln" (alias).
An undated document from Chip/FI to Philip Too (probably Philip Toomey/Bill Kent) may have been from Grover Lythcott as well. AMRIPE-2 was the source for the memo. If that was the case then Grover Lythcott was a Foreign Intelligence (FI) officer at JMWAVE at one point.


Undated CIA document: Memo from Chip/FI to Phil Too (Note: Probably Philip Toomey/Bill Kent) C/PW. Source: AMRIPE-2: "1. Mary Noran Seyre must be around 60 or 65 years old (unintelligible - very faded text)...before Marta Batista became involved with Batista's coup d'etat he took (unintelligible) care of always shipping off Mary on some 'cultural' missions, keeping her away from Cuba. I was positive you had all the details on her for she is very well known for her 'intellectual' activities all around Spanish-speaking countries. I know of her protection of Marta because Nidia Suarez Rivas' cousin lived only a few doors from her at Buens Vista; the only portrait inside the modest little house where they lived was Mary's and Cleva (Nidia's cousin) always saw her around. 2. Nena Leyte Vidal's mother brought one of the nicest beauty parlors in Havana, 'Lloreans' and we had to stop patronizing same. The reason was obvious, the old lady looked exactly what it was rumored she had been: owner of a 'casa de citas' (I was too young to learn the equivalent in English during my school days here); but also Nena became the cashier and she had married a cop who was nothing else but a gigolo. He came to the beauty parlor in civilian clothes, putting on airs and the situation was not to our liking. The old lady had managed to marry and old man, a lawyer, father of Napoleon Leyte Vidal who studied with Jose and I at the Institute of Havana and he gave his name to Nena." 3. (Mostly unintelligible due to very faded print).


06/20/60: Cable from Havana to Director: Slugline RYBAT JMARC JMNET: Page 3: ..."The necessity exists for strong unified guidance and support to flow from the FRD to the internal directorate of the MRR soonest. AMPAD-1 and AMPAL-1 have both indicated to Lynott (Note: Possibly Grover Lythcott) that AMBIDDY-1 envisages a somewhat speedy campaign mainly supported by external forces who will expel the 26 of July government and set MRR up as the ruling group. QDCOVE appears take more realistic view in that he expects struggle against Castro be fairly lengthy with main action responsibilities resting with internal integrated Cuban forces..."

104-10178-10221: SUBJECT: AMCLEVE/15 201-300985

09/27/65: AMCLEVE-15 PRQ Part II from Chief, CI/OA to D/Chief WHD: 07/21/66: Memo from Chief/III/TRG, Grover T. Lythcott to COS (Thru: Chief/Training): "Section 1: Contact and Development...Subject was being considered for employment as a Training Branch instructor. Before employment, Subject reported to AMCLEVE/6 that he had been contacted by leaders of IDEN A, for use a group leader of that activity. Subject was contacted by Grover T. Lythcott on 26 March 1965, and instructed to remain with and report on those activities. 2...Subject could be passed in a secure manner to any responsible case officer, provided he were given prior instructions for turn-over details from Austin G. Detloff or Grover T. Lythcott. Detloff worked with Subject on occasion when Lythcott was out of the Station area. 3. List other case officers who have handled Subject or whom he knows or has known. Give names by which they have been known: Austin G. Detloff - Bill. Grover T. Lythcott - Walt Abeln." Page 8: (Signed) Grover T. Lythcott. Page 9: "IDEN A - Roberto Alejos (attempted coup against Guatemala)..."

104-10178-10050: MEMORANDUM; AMCLEVE/15

07/21/66: Memo from Chief/III/TRG, Grover T. Lythcott to COS (Thru: Chief/Training): "1. Attached is a request from AMCLEVE-15 to accept a position on the Junta being set up to govern the activities of RECE, Comandos L, 30 November Movement, and the 2506 Brigade, who have recently agreed to join forces and work collectively in their activities against Cuba. 2. A/15 has been employed by Training Branch since April 1965...3. It is Lythcott's observation that, although A/15 is dedicated to the overthrow of Castro, he is not a typical 'boom and bang' type of individual...It is Lythcott's opinion that, if A/15 were a member of the governing Junta, he would sincerely exert every effort at his disposal to dissuade the combined group from doing anything which he felt would have adverse affects for WOLADY in general and WOFACT in particular. 4. It is recommended that A/15 be permitted to become a member of the combined exile activity as requested...(Signed) Grover T. Lythcott, Chief/III/TRG." Pages 3-4: 07/20/66: Memo from Pete to Chip.


01/26/68, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH Division: Page 5 (Page 2 of Damage Report): "WOFIRM Personnel Exposed:...Grover P. Lythcott/Chip..."

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