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Pseudonym: Lusby, Ernest

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Ernest A. Lusby was probably a pseudonym used by William V. Broe.
William V. Broe as Chief, Western Hemisphere Division, was the only CIA officer who was mentioned in all the documents featuring Ernest A. Lusby below, which cited the Originating, Coordinating and Releasing Officers.

Cables in 1966 and 1967 from Chief of Station (COS), Mexico City, Willard C. Curtis (Winston Scott), were for the attention of Lusby and Dainold (Desmond FitzGerald).

Two cables in 1971 were for Ashmead (James Angleton) and Lusby, and were on the subject of the visit by the former to Mexico City, following the death of former COS, Winston Scott. The second cable, on May 3, 1971, mentioned that "as we want to get materials out of Mexico, in case questions arise later, will pouch five file boxes 7 May directed to Ernest A. Lusby."

Therefore, Lusby was a person in a high-level CIA position. Being Chief, Western Hemisphere Division, at this time would be consistent with this criterion.


07/20/65: Dispatch from C/WHD to COS, JMWAVE: "References advised WAVE that Intelligence Medals of Merit had been approved for Henry J. Sloman (probably Tony Sforza), REDACTION (handwritten note above: Emilio A. Rodriguez) and Clinton A. Wasgardis. It has been determined that Sloman and Digerveno (Emilio Americo Rodriguez) could return to Headquarters for an award ceremony in the Headquarters building. In the case of Wasgardis, however, security and cover considerations might preclude his appearance in this area. Please advise Headquarters if Wasgardis could attend a ceremony in the Headquarters building, and, if so, when he could be available for the presentation. Ernest A. Lusby."


09/01/65: Dispatch from Chief, WH Division to COS, Mexico City: Subject: LIEMPTY Project Expiration: "The LIEMPTY (umbrella surveillance project in Mexico City) Project expires on 30 November 1965. Please forward the renewal request so that it reaches Headquarters by 1 November. Ernest A. Lusby." Originating Officer: Bustos-Videla, WH/1. Releasing Officer: William V. Broe (handwritten above: W. J. Kaufman), C/WHD.

104-10218-10044: (ASSET) (LIHUFF), DEVELOPMENT AND PLANS, 50-124-28/1

09/08/65: Dispatch from Chief, WH Division to COS, Mexico City: Subject: LIHUFF: "Project LIHUFF (Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales y Economicas - IISE -, A. C., an anti-communist organization in Mexico with emphasis on students, economics, civil pressure and propaganda) was approved 1 September 1965 for $9,000 for the period 1 July 1965 to 30 June 1966. Ernest A. Lusby." Originating Officer: (REDACTION), WH/1. Releasing Officer: William V. Broe (handwritten above: W. J. Kaufman), C/WHD.

104-10188-10016: ( )AFGHAN PRODUCTION.

11/01/65: Dispatch from Chief, WH to COS, Mexico City: Subject: American Auto at PBRUMEN Embassy, Mexico City: Dispatch signed by Ernest A. Lusby. Originating Officer: Jane Zerance, WH/1. Coordinating Officers: Mr. Maloney, OS/OSD. (REDACTION), WH/Sec. Releasing Officer: William V. Broe, C/WHD.


11/17/65: Dispatch from Chief, WH Division to COS, Port-au-Prince: "1. The Station's efforts in successfully intercepting and monitoring George de Mohrenschildt's personal mail have been appreciated and the accumulation of addresses of his correspondents should be sufficient. 2. KUDESK (Counter Intelligence - CI - division of CIA) has recently queried ODENVY (FBI) about the latter's interest in this type of coverage and ODENVY has indicated no further interest. Therefore, unless the Station feels there is a need to continue intercepting de Mohrenschildt's mail it is suggested that this requirement be suspended in the de Mohrenschildt case. Ernest A. Lusby." Originating Officer: J. M. Moughan, WH/7/HA. Releasing Officer: William V. Broe, C/WHD.


12/08/66: Dispatch from Chief, Western Hemisphere to COS, JMWAVE: This dispatch was signed by Ellen F. Margany (probably Nancye Gratz) and Ernest A. Lusby. Page 1: Originating Officer: Nancye Gratz, WH/COG. Coordinating Officers: Thomas J. Flores, C/WH/COG. Robert Ortman, WH/COG/MO. Releasing Officer: William V. Broe, C/WHD.


03/03/67: Cable from Mexico City to Director (Orig: Willard C. Curtis): Slugline RYBAT: ATTENTION: LUSBY AND DAINOLD (Desmond FitzGerald): "1. Mexico English language news article by Robert S. Allen and Paul Scott dated two March Washington states 'still secret WOFACT (CIA) report on Oswald's September activities which was sent to the State Department Intelligence Division on October eleven one nine six three could possibly shed some new light on the Mexican trip and possibly other links of the accused assassin.' 2. Station believes this memorandum may be based on MEXI 6453 dated 8 October 1963. Recommend that this memorandum not repeat not be declassified for newspaper sources since would blow LIENVOY (CIA telephone tapping program in Mexico City, targeting Cuban and Soviet embassies and run in conjunction with the Mexican DFS) and give grounds for criticism against WOFACT and LIRAMA (Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, president of Mexico from 1964-1970). Believe would also further convince LIRAMA of poor security in State Department. 3. Please advise action taken protect LIENVOY." - - - 12/20/66: Cable from Mexico City to Director: This cable was also for DAINOLD and LUSBY (W. C. Curtis/Winston Scott was the Releasing Officer): https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=15672&search=104-10129-10428%2C#relPageId=2&tab=page

104-10229-10000: CRC FINANCE.

04/27/67: Dispatch from Chief, Western Hemisphere Division to COS, Withheld (Info: COS, JMWAVE): Subject: TYPIC/AMBIDDY/AMBUD Support for Dependents of Operational Personnel: Page 2: ..."2. Although reference indicates the discussion between James D. Zaboth (probably Carl E. Jenkins) and Ernest A. Lusby took place after AMBIDDY/1's (Manuel Artime Buesa) conversation with Growery (probably Earl Williamson) in January, it is not clear when, or by whom, the subject was originally brought to Zaboth's attention. If AMBIDDY/1 was the source of Zaboth's information it is noteworthy that he apparently neglected to mention his prior detailed discussion with Growery...Ellen F. Margany (probably Nancye Gratz)."


04/25/68: Dispatch from Chief, Western Hemisphere Division to COS, Mexico City: Subject: Operational/LVSUITCASE/LIREALM/1: Signed by Ernest A. Lusby on page 2. Originating Officer: (REDACTION), WH/1. Coordinating Officer: W. J. Kaufman, C/WH/1. (REDACTION), CCS/REDACTION. Releasing Officer: William V. Broe (Handwritten: W. J. Kaufman for), C/WH.


04/29/71: Cable to Director: Slugline RYBAT JMSPUR: FOR LUSBY AND ASHMEAD: Detailed cable about James Angleton's visit to the widow of former COS, Mexico City, Winston M. Scott.


05/03/71: Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline RYBAT JMSPUR: FOR LUSBY AND ASHMEAD: Reference: (REDACTION) 16466 (IN 323122): "1. On legal front, appears there is no valid will, although two different unsigned documents have been found. Kingman will talk to lawyer Goodrich to get interpretation of what this means: lay and general opinion is that it means fifty percent goes to widow and remaining fifty percent of estate goes to children under Mexican law. 2. On 30 April, Mrs Curtis turned over further classified papers to Kingman along with small arsenal of weapons which we shall take care of disposing of probably through GOM (Government of Mexico) authorities. Mrs Curtis this week continues cooperative with station in every way and hope we can give her word soon on arrival our lawyer. 3. Kingman has personally gone through documents obtained from Mrs Curtis and read nearly all of them. In view interest in manuscript which consists of number of drafts and copies, will pouch this material to you for your examination. Will sent inventory with documents with special notes where pertinent. As we want to get materials out of Mexico, in case questions arise later, will pouch five file boxes 7 May directed to Ernest A. Lusby."

10/31/10 Washington Post, Obituary for William V. Broe: http://archive.boston.com/bostonglobe/obituaries/articles/2010/10/31/william_broe_97_oversaw_cia_efforts_to_oust_allende/

William Broe, 97; oversaw CIA efforts to oust Allende Washington Post / October 31, 2010 WASHINGTON — William V. Broe, 97, a CIA officer who rose to become chief of operations in the Western Hemisphere and oversaw the agency’s covert missions to destabilize the government of Salvador Allende, Chile’s Marxist president, died of congestive heart failure Sept. 28 at a nursing home in Hingham, Mass. He was a resident of North Scituate. Mr. Broe was an FBI special agent before joining the fledgling CIA in 1948. He held many assignments in the Far East as he worked his way up the organizational ranks. He was station chief in Tokyo before becoming chief of the Western Hemisphere division in 1965. He held that job for seven years, during which time the division conducted clandestine operations in South America. Many of its efforts were a response to government concerns about the possible spread of communism and Soviet influence. In March 1973, Mr. Broe made headlines after his “unprecedented’’ appearance before Senate investigators looking into CIA activities in South America. Specifically, the investigators were interested in the agency’s alleged collaboration with International Telephone and Telegraph to interfere in Chilean political affairs. ITT had worked actively against Allende’s election in 1970, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund political opposition. Once Allende was in power, the conglomerate feared its business interests in Chile would be nationalized. Mr. Broe’s testimony marked the first time an active clandestine agent of the CIA spoke on the record for a Senate probe. In his testimony, Mr. Broe said that he had met several times with ITT chief executive Harold Geneen and senior vice president Edward Gerrity under direct orders from Central Intelligence Director Richard Helms. Mr. Broe, Geneen, and Gerrity discussed... (a) plan between the telecommunications conglomerate and the spy agency to create fiscal instability in Chile..."

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