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Pseudonym: Lunger, Lowell

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Unknown identity. Lowell H. Lunger possibly worked in the KUJUMP (Domestic Contact Division) section of CIA, and was possibly the Chief, JMASH (Forward operating base - CIA, Miami. Original name for JMWAVE) in 1960 and early 1961.
A cable from MASH on September 13, 1960, stated that Lunger would met a MRR representative as QDDALE's (William Pawley) representative, Fred Jones. Moreover, a cable from JMASH on September 27, 1960, stated that Jerry W. Erler, president of Sears Roebuck in Cuba, was "given KUJUMP office phone and Lunger home phone and promised contact on weekends if has info of value." In addition, a dispatch on October 19, 1960, from Chief of Base, JMASH, was signed by Lovell H. Lunger.

A cable from JMASH on November 23, 1960, noted that Lunger contacted Carlos Hevia using the alias Hokinson, an employee of a United States Government security agency. Furthermore, a cable on November 26, 1960, stated that Manuel Vega Abril (AMESCORT-1), a former Havana agent, phoned Lunger on November 25th requesting contact with the latter. Lunger met Vega the same day and was introduced to Vega's brother-in-law, Jose Ramon Villavicencio, a lawyer.

A dispatch in December 7, 1960, from Chief, JMWAVE, was signed by Lunger, who again met with Carlos Hevia. Moreover, a dispatch from Lunger in January of 1961 stated that Manuel Vega Abril had introduced him to Luis V. Manrara. Lunger stated he was impressed by Manrara, and informed headquarters that if they were also interested in him then a PRQ Part I would be obtained and forwarded as soon as possible.


00/00/60: Memo from Lowell H. Lunger to Chief, JMASH: "1. The OC/Contacts Division officer, Jay (Unintelligible) made available to me (?) the following information..."


09/13/60: Cable from MASH to Director (Signature: N. Randall): Slugline JMNET NO NIACT ACTION: "1. Per QDDALE (William D. Pawley) MRR recently sent five men destroy military camp Havana. Attempt no successful, one man killed, one wounded, three escaped. Attempt exfiltration last three failed. 2. Above reported QDDALE by Armando Lopo who obtained from Santiago Babun and Doctor FNU Dausa, who claimed be MRR representatives. Requested QDDALE's help exfil the three men and stated could get them to twelve mile limit if they can be picked up there. QDDALE willing use own boat and crew for pick up but first wished KUBARK (CIA) okay. Would also permit KUBARK designated crew if desired. 3. View absence details Lunger has asked QDDALE arrange for him meet Lopo who only rep available. Meet set for 0900 13 Sept 60 with Lunger be introduced as QDDALE rep, Fred Jones. 4. Can HAVA provide any info which may assist establish validity above? 5. No traces Lopo or Dausa...Babun listed as member AMRASP transport committee..."


09/27/60: Cable from JMASH to Director: REF DIR 02471 (NOT SEND HAVA) (OUT 73479): "1. Jerry W. Erler president Sears Roebuck Cuba advised had been approached by Manuel Rodriguez, president Esmaltes Cubanos, vice president San Pedro Y Puig, to serve as alternate courier FRD Cuba and FRD Miami. Rodriguez said he is intermediary between FRD and Recuperacion in Cuba for mutual support coordination both groups. He travels Miami - Havana about three times per month and meets Frank Zayas and or Tony Varona (AMDIP-1/AMHAWK) to give and receive plans, instructions. 2. Rodriguez brought Zayas to Erler's home Fort Lauderdale, 2710 NE 14th Street, phone LO 4-1408. Wanted both to meet should Erler serve as courier in event Rodriguez some future date not able continue his trips or to send someone else. Erler selected because family left Cuba about two months ago and he commutes every weekend HAVA - Lauderdale. 3. Erler was advised KUBARK (CIA) interest any all anti-Castro groups and would appreciate his passing any data coming his attention. Told we could neither encourage nor discourage his acting as courier and pointed out risks to self and Sears view his citizenship. 4. Believe SUBJ will do job if future events require but doubt will ever become deeply involved any counter revolutionary groups. He given KUJUMP (the Domestic Contact Division) office phone and Lunger home phone and promised contact on weekends if has info of value. 5. KUJUMP preparing positive reports resulting from interview. C/S Comment: *Requested MASH contact Jerry W. Erler, pres Sears Roebuck Cuba, who has been asked by revolutionary group to act as courier."


10/19/60: Dispatch from Chief of Base, JMASH to COS, Havana (Info: Chief, WH Division): "1. Havana Station's attention is invited to ODACID (U.S. State Department) telegram number 1604, dated 5 October 1960, dealing with Major V. Paneque (AMRUG-5), aka Commandante Diego. Enclosed herewith is a report on subject prepared by AMPANIC/1 (Jorge Eduardo Mallo Cardisi), resulting from conversations between the two individuals. 2. AMPANIC/1 first reported on Paneque about mid-September 1960. At that time, subject was staying with Dr. Francisco Boch, 818 SW Third Avenue, Apartment 3, Miami, phone FR-7-4212. 3. According to AMPANIC/1, Paneque had been in contact with the anti-Castro groups in the Escambray area. Subject stated that these guerrilla forces were broken down as follows: A. Frente Camilio Cienfuegos, whose chief was the late Captain Sinecio Watts (note: probably Sinesio Walsh)...B. Second Front of the Escambray, led by Alfredo Pena and Commander fnu Antola. Another group, known as the Escambray Libre (EL), was preparing to go to the hills to join the Second Front. Subject stated that Plinio Prieto was with the Escambray Libre group...Lowell H. Lunger."


11/23/60: Cable from JMASH to Director: "1. Per HQs telecon request Lunger contacted Carlos Hevia, former president Cuba 24 hours, night 22 Nov. Lunger used name Hokinson, employee ODYOKE (U.S. Government) security agency and said given Hevia name by ambassador Kongal (?). 2. Three hour conversation covered Cuban situation in general, coming with Lunger request SUBJ indicate his ideas or suggestions how best solve problem. 3. Hevia stated he willing contribute any manner which his services could profitably be used. Prefers work in background if anti-Castro groups both inside and outside Cuba are uniting and working together compatibly. Would then merely visit leaders of major groups from time to time for 'morale' purposes. If 'ODYOKE' not satisfied with efforts unite exile groups, felt he could contribute by acting as intermediary between groups in effort persuade their leaders see each others viewpoint. Said he personally acquainted with all major leaders, including AMHAWK (Tony Varona), AMWAIL (Justo Carrillo Hernandez), AMCHIRP/1 (Ramon Barquin Lopez), Martin Elena, Chibas and Manolo Ray (AMBANG-1). Stated many had worked for him in past, Chibas, AMHAWK and Ray specifically. Felt only difficulty would be with AMHAWK and he demanded bet on being new president Cuba and might (unintelligible) any overture Hevia part as attempt reduce (unintelligible) himself. 4. Hevia claims has absolutely no...political desires. Feels his best bet is maneuver behind scenes as mediator conciliator the respect he commands as one very few Cubans recognized as both military and political leader. 5. Plans contact Ray and AMHAWK within next few days merely establish rapport and fill self in on background of current exile set up. Promised call Lunger and report results. 6. Request HQs provide necessary guidance instructions future relations with Hevia."


11/26/60: Cable from JMASH to Director: "1. Manolo Vega Abril (AMESCORT-1), former HAVA agent, phoned Lunger 25 Nov asking for contact soonest. Lunger met same day and was introduced to Vega brother-in-law, Jose Ramon Villavicencio, lawyer. 2. Latter said worked closely with AMYUM (MRR - Revolutionary Recovery Movement) group HAVA and had managed leave prior being picked up. Stated AMYUM doing excellent job and increasing following daily. Felt essential that arms and explosives be delivered on regular basis, especially explosives, and that all possible support given AMBIDDY-1 (Manuel Artime Buesa) accomplish this task. Said AMRASP (FRD - Democratic Revolutionary Front) gaining strength basis this work. 3. Villavicencio leaving 26 Nov visit Venezuela talk to industrial leaders there behalf brother-in-law order gain support AMRASP fight Castro and Communism. Plans return about two weeks when will try obtain more detailed report."


12/07/60: Dispatch from Chief, JMWAVE to Chief, WH Division: "1. Carlos Hevia phoned Lowell H. Lunger at about 1500 on 3 December 1960 and requested a meeting that same day, saying he had a few items which he wished to turn over to Lunger. The latter agreed to meet Hevia at 1700...3. Hevia said that, since the last meeting, he had made other contacts with AMIRON (Frente Revolucionario Democratico - FRD) and MRP personnel, the two most important of which were Diego Vicente Tejera and Colonel Ramon Barquin (AMCHIRP-1)...4. Hevia told Lunger he had great confidence in Barquin as a military man. If Barquin indicated he had guerrilla teams trained and ready to do the job, then he actually had them. What he, Hevia, could not understand was the delay in supporting activities of this nature. 5. With respect to Tejera, Hevia stated that this individual was a political leader in Matanzas Province. He had a large following in this area and would continue to have this support. He also has connections in both Havana and Las Villas. Tejera's major dissatisfaction derived from his talks with AMDIP (Tony Varona) and with some unidentified Americans. He said that these individuals all listened to his story attentively but never gave him an answer...He knows Tejera, as well as Barquin, as men of action who will become more and more discouraged if they are continually put off and forced to wait...Lowell H. Lunger."


01/30/61: Dispatch from Chief, JMWAVE to Chief, WH Division (Info: KUDESK/ICD): "1. Manolo Vega Abril (AMESCORT-1), a former Havana Station asset, phoned Lunger on 6 January 1961 and requested a meeting that same day. Lunger met Vega during the afternoon, at which time the latter introduced Lunger to Luis V. Manrara. 2. Vega explained that Manrara was a former CPA in Havana, whose business had been confiscated by the Castro regime...Manrara said he had been in the United States about six months, fleeing Cuba after being branded a traitor to the country by the current regime. 3. Manrara pointed out that, as he became more and more aware of the evils of Communism and its increasing influence on the free world today, he became more and more determined to combat it in any manner possible...5. Comment. Although it is difficult to assess an individual in one short meeting, Lunger was impressed with Subject's sincerity and attitude. If Manrara is as devoted to his task as he claims to be, he could represent a fairly long term asset for KUBARK (CIA)...6. If Headquarters is sufficiently interested in Manrara, a PRQ, Part I will be obtained and forwarded as soon as possible...Lowell H. Lunger."

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