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Pseudonym: Little, Frank

One of the several pseudonyms for Frank Sturgis, born as Frank Fiorini

104-10167-10159: CABLE RE ZAMKA TRAVEL.

7/19/59 cable from Havana to Director: "Contact made by Zamka with REDACTED and REDACTED. ..either AMCONCERT (Pancho Varona) or AMCLATTER (Bernard Barker) take delivery of body without knowledge of true identity and transport body to ship. HQS take whatever action necessary prevent subsequent publicity in (US) as this would seriously prejudice US government interests (in) this area. HQS provide pseudonym for body use. Fiorini not be made witting under any circumstances as station considers him untrustworthy." John Newman writes in "Where Angels Walk Lightly" that this operation involved David Morales smuggling Pedro Diaz Lanz out of Cuba.


...From circa May 1960 to at least January 1961, Sturgis was living in the Miami area training a group of Cuban and American volunteers for a military invasion of Cuba. By October 1960, the FBI had determined that Sturgis' only activities in anti-Castro matters were in conjunction with the activities of Pedro Diaz Lanz (note: also known as QDBIAS and AMOT-5), who was one of the leaders of the anti-Castro group 'Liberation Alliance'. Reportedly, by January 1961 Sturgis' group was calling itself 'Brigada Internacionale', with variations of 'International Anti-Communist Brigade' and 'Anti-Communist International Brigade.'" One of the subunits of the Brigade called itself INTERPEN, headed by Gerry Hemming. The person in INTERPEN that was of most interest to Garrison was Lorenzo Pascillo, also known as Loran Hall. See 104-10406-10063, page 3: Note that the information in this memo about Pedro Diaz Lanz's relationship with Sturgis was systematically redacted for many years until 2018.

124-10350-10119: No Title

7/5/61, Gerry Hemming said he led about 20 men in INTERPEN, after serving in the Cuban government until August 1960 as member of the Cuban Revolutionary Forces and commander at San Julian Air Force Base at Pinar del Rio until several arrests and releases starting in the spring of 1960. Hemming was recently contacted by George Damon of MRP, residing at the Gold Dust Motel in Miami. Calling himself Colonel Damon, he was trying to purchase 50,000 pounds of explosives from DuPont. "Damon has recently been in contact with Frank Little, one of Hemming's men who is a member of INTERPEN. Damon reportedly told Little he was going to form a committee to rescue Cubans at sea..." Sheriff Al Tarabochia received a report from the Miami Fire Dept. that Damon planned to take dymamite to Cuba to engage in sabotage. Damon said he was not a US colonel but was in an army and could take any rank he desired. Damon claimed to have met with Richard Goodwin in DC, JFK's man in Latin American affairs. At least two men opined that Damon was confidence man.

124-10298-10264: No Title

8/7/61, George Finegan being questioned by Julian Sourwine of SISS: Finegan testified that Interpen was formed shortly before the Bay of Pigs. When asked who formed Interpen, Finegan responded that he wasn't certain, but he believed that it was formed by Sanchez Arango. At p. 31, he said that the group answered to Sanchez Arango and the junta known as "Cubans for the Liberation of Cuba". He identified the leaders as himself, Gerry Hemming and "Frank Little" (Frank Sturgis). The group lived at 1925 Southwest 4th Street, where the resident Mrs. (Nellie) Hamilton would prepare meals for them: http://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=44562&search=arango_AND+INTERPEN#relPageId=4&tab=page

124-10291-10433: No Title

8/10/61 memo from ONI, office 921-E (Counterintelligence): "Two airplanes were rented from Howe Aviation, Miami...these planes were flown to Davis Airport, where Gerald Patrick Hemming, Dick Watley, Frank Little and Orlando Garcia each made a parachute jump. Hemming, Watley and Little each belong to Hemming's organization, known as Intercontinental Penetration Forces. Orlando Garcia is one of the officials of the Revolutionary Junta of National Liberation. Also making a parachute jump was Leon Daniel, UPI Bureau manager from Knoxville, Tennesee." See 180-10104-10354, p. 7 - for the background on office 921-E - counterintelligence within ONI. "Contacts with both current and former NIS (Naval Investigative Service) knowledgable of both the services of both Op-921D and Op-921E during the period in question reveal no recollection of assignment of agents or other employees to maintain sources or otherwise investigate or monitor the Cuban anti-Castro groups in those cities. Their recollection was that the FBI and CIA did investigate such activities."

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